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Maybe it’s an unbiased viewpoint into what’s going on in your life; perhaps you just need a bit of clarity to help you through a sticky situation, you keep hitting roadblocks along your path, or maybe you’re craving some insight that you just can’t seem to find. Whatever the case may be, you’d be surprised what a short reading could provide for you.

I’m not quite sure when it started, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to “read” energy. Early on I would tune in to it, and at times I would try to brush it off as a “fluke” –  but the older I got, the more I realized that too many coincidences were happening to just dismiss things. Instead I embraced the gift, and through tarot and angel cards,  began giving readings. Many will find that my readings are more of a “psychic” nature.  I like to say that I am just a down- to -earth woman that happens to be highly intuitive!  A reading with me is more like a check-in with your soul, with your higher self.  If you are interested in a reading, contact me at lisa@tarotbylisa.com. And if you aren’t sure if a reading is right for you, rather than take my word for it, see for yourself what my clients are saying in the testimonials. I hope you’ll contact me if  you’d like a glimpse into whats in store for you.

*Please visit me at my new home on the web http://lisasalvatore.com/

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Please keep in mind that I’m not a fortune-teller because the future is not predestined.  I provide insightful guidance , offer you advice and help you to act within your best interests.  Circumstances, human behavior, and free will decisions can influence or determine results and outcomes.   It is unethical for me to make any promises or guarantees.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

Please note that all readings are non-refundable.


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  1. Lisa is awesome, really spot on with what she does you won’t be disappointed… I just meet her, I was amazed, that I can tell you. Give her a try and you tell me if I was wrong, okay???

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