Live Your Life Your Soul Intended: My Story

This past week I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the past year of my life. Particularly professionally.

Many of you when we have a session will ask: “When did you start doing this”? “How did you know you had this ability”?

Well, I’ve known I’ve had this gift for years. But I always brushed it off. After all, society does not recognize this as the “norm” right? So I was embarrassed by it yet proud at the same time. So I stayed in the shadows, a “closet reader” I liked to call myself.

At the age of 21, I started my first “real” job as an administrative professional. It was ok at first. I had great benefits and a pretty darn good salary so all seemed cushy enough. Yet, I always felt like something was missing. I stayed at that job for five years. All the while I continued to conduct readings on the side, and in secret.

I definitely did not have a website at that time. I remember working fundraisers & events, and praying beforehand not to run into any of the professionals I encountered at my “real” job.
Ironically enough, these were the very people that were the most interested in what I did, but I digress.

Back to the original point: I worked three other office jobs between 2006-2015. Always feeling like something was missing and I was out of alignment with my soul purpose. Some of you will relate to this : that knowing deep down that you were meant for more.

When I give readings, I know I am helping people to transform themselves, or at least look at life a little differently. When I was at a desk job, I felt like I was rotting, and like my soul was suffering. This was not my purpose. I knew this. Something had to be done…but what? Could I really go into readings full time? Then the beautiful universe stepped in, but not without my help.

Literally every morning for a whole year, I would light a candle and ask for help. I would ask for direction, and some way out of my current situation and into reading full time. Then I went about my daily life. Every sunday like clock work my stomach would begin to drop around 4 PM and fill with dread thinking of the upcoming week. UGH- it’s almost monday. Then monday would come and it was always so difficult to get out of bed! I felt so stuck.

Then something beautiful happened…. I got laid off. At first I was sad, angry & depressed. I got LAID OFF. (Not in the most noble way either, but I’ve moved on from that. I am a firm believer in Karma and I will always allow the universe to work its magic).

I had NO CHOICE but to truly put all of my talents & abilities to use, and intently focus on my passion: my readings. I have never been happier and felt more fulfilled. Sure, I may not have a steady paycheck, but you know what I do have? A feeling of peace & a knowing that all will be ok. I am helping people & teaching people. This is where my soul is content. So for those of you struggling, just ask for a little guidance and be open to what the universe provides for you. I truly love this article and refer to it quite often , and I hope it helps you as well-

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Love & Light,

Tarot Card Of The Week 9/27-10/4- Nine Of Pentacles

Happy Sunday!

This weeks energy pertains more to the ladies, but, men will relate to this as well.

The Nine Of Pentacles


This is a woman that is proud of where she is right now. Does she have it all? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for certain: this woman is comfortable in her own skin at this point in time.

Keywords: Abundance, Self Reliant, Comfortable & refined

Flip Side: Aloof, superficial, Financial Setbacks

The Nine of Pentacles will often appear when we are going through a time of feeling like we are getting on just fine. Particularly financially, but also on our own two feet emotionally. If you are not feeling this way, the Nine Of Pentacles is urging you to go within and find what it is that can change your life for the better, mainly financially.

Do you really need that pair of shoes? Should you really go out to dinner every night next week with friends? On the contrary: If financially things are ok, then yes, you may very well buy that pair of shoes because you CAN right now.

This card is ruled astrologically by Virgo.
She brings a message of abundance, fertility & joy.

Everything you have done and learned is paying off big time. Take a moment to relax and enjoy your wealth. You’re not one to advertise your material or spiritual wealth at this time, nor should you.

This week, take some time to reflect on where you are right now. How far you have come and more importantly, how far you would like to go. Are you comfortable?

Love & Light,

The Full Harvest Moon, September 2015

September 2015 brings in a lot of energy & emotion.  So if you have found yourself gripped with unexplainable anxiety, a feeling of helplessness or just plain out emotional as all heck, The Full Harvest Moon coming is the culprit!  Also, Mercury is retrograde as of 9/17 and lasts through 10/9.

That’s right, that bright moon now in the evening sky is waxing toward a Harvest Moon on the night of September 27-28. A super Harvest Moon!  With a Super Moon comes Super Energy.


In astrology, the placement of the Moon in our chart depicts our emotional well being.  Who we are emotionally and our sensitivity. Which is why there is an increase in activity during the Full Moon phases.  Think about it:  how many times have you noticed extra crazy drivers and have thought to yourself: “oh right, it’s a full moon”!

The moon is our emotional core.  If your moon happens to fall in a water sign (Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio) it is likely that your emotional world is rarely calm!!  (I have a Pisces Moon). No matter where your moon falls though, during these moons the energy will always be heightened & intense.

* Side note: When you have a reading with me, I love to incorporate your birth chart into our session.  It is so fascinating to me to see how a persons birth chart always confirms the information I receive during our session.  To book a session please click here and in your email, specify you would like your chart done as well :)

The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly.  It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions.

Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Remember that whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified.

If you are angry, you will feel angrier or if you are happy, you will feel happier. During the full moon, the ocean swells and emergency rooms have more patients. There are more aggressive drivers. The energy is very powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intention.

Anxious, crazy energy as well as loving energy will be intensified. Knowing this is a huge opportunity for your emotional and spiritual growth.

Below are five tips from Feng Shui Your Life for using the energy of the full moon (two days before and two days after) in the most fortuitous way:

1. Refrain from arguing and getting angry. 

The full moon is the time to stay calm, let things go, breathe deeply through difficult moments and forgive others for their mistakes. Seriously, if you can’t let something go and need to communicate it (which I recommend), try to postpone sharing your upset until at least two days after the full moon. Whatever happens at this time is multiplied. It’s like having emotional fertilizer. Keep the energy moving in a happy, uplifting direction at home, work, in the car and in your every day interactions.

2. Think positive thoughts.  

We all know we should think positively as much as possible but during the full moon, you’ll have a wind at your back. Your positive thoughts will be energized and multiplied. Even if you spend five minutes when you wake up and go to sleep thinking about the positive things in your life, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

For example, you could write a gratitude list or a thank you note to the Universe for all you have. You could look in the mirror and say nice things to yourself. You could take a walk and notice all the beauty around you. Imagine that your positive thoughts are sprinkled with full moon glitter that makes them grow exponentially.

3. Envision your dreams manifesting. 

The full moon is a perfect time to do your manifestation techniques. Spend time imagining your goals and writing them down on paper. It’s also a great time to make a vision or manifestation board.” To do this, place pictures and words of your goals on a cork or poster board and place it where you can see it every day. Spending time focusing on your dreams during the full moon gives it extra juice!

4. Meditate by yourself or in a group. 

Since the full moon pours down so much energy, meditating during this time creates calm, mindfulness and stillness. You can do it by yourself in a sacred space in your home

You can also connect with other like-minded friends to meditate in a group. There are many spiritual centers, yoga studios and online groups that come together for a full moon meditation. It’s very powerful to meditate in a group.

5. Send blessings to people in need. 

Since you have the full moon power behind you, send healing energy, forgiveness, pink light and loving-kindness to friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. In addition, send peaceful energy to the places in the world experiencing strife, hardship, poverty and war. It has huge benefits for them and as a bonus, you create loads of good karma.

One of my favorite meditations to flush out negative energy and send blessings to others is called “Twin Hearts.” Read about it and listen to a free version here. The full moon is a great time to be of service and do acts of kindness.

Love & Light,

Tarot Card of The Week 9/20-9/27- The Moon

Hello everyone!  Hope last week you survived all of the intense emotional energy.  This week, will be even more amplified due to the Super Harvest Moon!  Ironically, for the week ahead I’ve pulled The Moon.


How fitting this morning!

Keywords : Exposure, creativity, Romance, Our shadow side, Animal Nature

Other Side:    Disenchantment, dishonesty, Lunacy

The Moon is the 18th card in the deck of Tarot.  Astrologically it is ruled by Pisces.

In Tarot The Moon is a Major Arcana Card, meaning it’s very karmic.  There are only 22 out of 78 in a whole deck.

The Moon is a psychological card of projecting fear into your present and your future, based on past experiences. The images, thoughts and feelings that you have repressed over time cause inner disturbances that are becoming overwhelming. As a result, you are now experiencing negative blocks within your personality, causing fear and anxiety. To remedy this, you need to go through a purging process whereby deep memories are released. This is a time when you need to go deep into your soul and dredge up your anxieties, fears, psychic blocks and personality disturbances. Many invisible things are coming to the surface including secret motives, clandestine information and ancient hidden truths. These newly discovered resources may confuse you but once they are brought to your awareness, they will no longer haunt you.

The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Vigilance and clear perception will be necessary to find that which is hidden before it is too late. If other cards in the reading are negative, then the Moon shows that not all is as wonderful as you would think and there are still hidden forces at play that may unravel your success. You may be idealising the situation, and ignoring the fact that potential for failure exists among success. If the other cards are generally positive, then the Moon suggests that you are letting your imagination run away with you, and that things are not nearly as bad as they seem. In both cases you must open your eyes and see what it really going on. Guard against accepting illusions as they may cause an error in your judgement.

Oftentimes, the Moon appears in a reading when you are not sure of your destination, or even of the path you are travelling but you travel nonetheless. You may have lost your way and are now left to walk in the dark, guided only by your inner light and intuition. You need to go on without a clear picture of where you are, where you are going or where you have been. The Moon is a card of intuition and psychic forces, so let go of your conscious mental blocks or negative self-talk, and allow your intuition to guide you. Your dreams, intuitions, and inner promptings lead you forward toward higher levels of understanding if you listen carefully and use your judgement to help interpret the veiled messages of the unconscious. Not only will the way forward be revealed but in many cases you will learn lessons about yourself that will be valuable in later journeys.

The Moon is the wild card of the Major Arcana.

When I get this card, I let the querent know they’re in for an emotional and mental rollercoaster ride. They’re going to be moody, sensitive, and a little irrational. They can do two things, either wander through this crazy, lunatic landscape howling at the moon (get drunk, wallow in depression, alienate friends and family with wild, antisocial behavior), or get in a boat and go through it purposefully. Meaning that they should probably take up painting, writing poetry or some other creative endeavor where they can transform all they’re seeing and feeling into something beautiful.

Use this weeks new moon energy to your advantage.  Out with the old & in with the new.

Love & Light,


Tarot card of the week: The Hermit

The Hermit is the 9th card in the deck of Tarot, and a Major Arcana card. The Hermit has something to tell you and as a major card, you have no choice but to heed his lesson, as it’s meant to be happening in your life. Astrologically the Hermit represents the sign of Virgo, and the number 9 signifies accomplishment, wisdom, the attainment of goals, as well as the search for truth. For the upcoming week, l  &  The Hermit ask you to go within to find the answers that you seek.  Recognize your gifts.


For those that know the way I teach tarot, I don’t believe there are positive or negative cards.  Rather, each card has its own unique meaning & story to tell.  It’s up to me as the reader , or you as the reader to interpret this to fit into your own life. Fascinatingly, these cards tell the story of us.  Sure, some cards are more somber and have a different vibe, but we can always re-direct (or try to ) the negative into a positive outcome if we choose.

Keywords : Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance

The flip side of the Hermit: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal (not always a bad thing!)

Either way, I’ve drawn the Hermit today, and he wants to tell us all something.  He’s a spiritual advisor, a wise soul who  has a light deep within that’s waiting to be exposed.  What are you waiting for ?  Are you going through a time of introspection?  The Hermit is asking you to go deep within to find the answers as they have been inside you all along, waiting for you to acknowledge them.  Alone time is good, even soothing for the soul.  Listen to the lesson the Hermit wants to teach you . He carries a lantern for a reason and he’s trying to illuminate your path.

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 Love & Light,


Spiritual Awakening. A.K.A. Ascension- Signs & Symptoms

You may have heard the term Ascension.  So what is Ascension?  Ascension is a Spiritual Awakening.  This can & will happen to many of us and at many different times.

Ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness which creates a shift in consciousness. When a particular life system raises its vibrationary state from one energetic state of being/realm of existence, to another higher one, it is ascending. Simply put,  it is like tuning into a particular radio station frequency-you can’t hear a particular radio station unless you’re tuned in to it’s particular frequency.

During the ascension process changes are occuring on all levels of your being. Ascension is a completely natural universal evolutionary process. As one shifts in vibrational frequency and as their awareness expands, symptoms are experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Your system is rebooting, being ‘tuned up’ or upgraded. Old patterns begin to fall away as one starts to embody much more light.  It’s a really amazing process as long as you embrace it.  I really wish I had known more about it when it began to happen to me.

During the Ascension process there is A LOT going on inside of you.  You must be patient & gentle with yourself.

As one moves through the Ascension process there may be periods where the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time; then suddenly these symptoms may abruptly cease altogether for awhile, or symptoms may suddenly change or shift in intensity or frequency. You may experience feelings of desperation , sadness, loneliness and depression.  You may even start feeling like you are losing your mind. The ascension experience is different for everyone and symptoms can vary according to one’s individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and even individual purpose on the planet.

Below is a very comprehensive list of Ascension signs & symptoms.  Let me know either in the comments  or by email if you have experienced any, or many of these.

Ascension Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness

Please Note: Not all of these symptoms can assumed to be attributed to the ascension process only. Please follow your own inner guidance, use discernment when necessary and consult a health care professional as needed.

You just ‘know’ or sense intuitevely that something is happening to your body and you start feeling different or having unusual feelings. Your body doesn’t respond as it did previously to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual patterns. Your body just feels “different” for reasons you can’t explain. You may feel like you are losing your mind or ‘going crazy’ at times and the strange feelings are hard to explain. Many things are changing and you sense you’re transforming. 

Changes in diet and eating habits and digestion. Fluctuating between feeling hungry all the time to complete lack of appetite. Food begins to taste differently. Cravings for particular foods you may not have liked before, especially healthier and natural foods; sudden aversions to particular foods you might have enjoyed in the past, and aversions to unhealthy or processed foods and chemicals. 

Body aches and pains throughout your entire body or in particular areas that come and go; soreness or stiffness in joints, muscles and bones for no apparent reason that are not due to injury, physical exercise or fatigue, particularly in the back, along the spine, neck, shoulder and head region. There may be general tension throughout the body and the aches and pains may be accompanied by other strange sensations. 

General changes in your vision. You may catch glimpses of sparkles or flashes of light in your periperhal vision. You may have dry or itchy eyes, or blurry vision from time to time, or see haze or static-like energy in air; all of this may occur even after eye problems have been ruled out. You may see auras or light around people, animals or objects. The Third Eye (inner vision) begins to awaken more.

Physical heart sensations occur as well as the expansion of the spiritual heart. You may experience spontaneous heart palpitations or flutters from time to time that are not related to physical exercise or exertion or medical conditions. Energy and strangesensations in and around the heart and chest area. The Ascension process opens and awakens the Heart Chakra. 

Pressure and pain in or around the head and face area, including skull, eyes, ears, sinuses, teeth and gums, often times shifting from one side to another. Frequent headaches; strange sensations in around the head or eyes such as pinpricks, electrical shocks, warming energy, tingles or spasm that come and go quickly for no reason. The Crown chakra and third eye awaken and energy activations take place.

Stomach ailments or changes in digestion that may or may not be due to changes in your  diet. Symptoms may include IBS, bloating, indegestion and gastro-intestinal issues, and; also swelling in lower abdoman and back. Issues related to the root chakra area are common during the ascension process and symptoms related to the release of toxins and other negative energies being released from the body.

Sudden or gradual weight gain or loss, especially in the abdominal area (developing a buddha belly). These weight changes may occur even if there are no changes in your diet or activity level. Changes in eating habits or appetite; feeling full or bloated more often; periods where there is lack of appetite for days at a time, or over-eating and sudden bouts of extreme hunger or thirst out of the blue.

Frequent headaches or migraines that don’t respond to medicine; Experiencing strange sensations that suddenly occur in the head/skull area, often in one particular spot or side, often alternating sides. Feeling of intense or uncomfortable head pressure, head stuffiness or pulsating heat, often at the skull/crown area as if your head is being squeezed; feeling jolts of energy, static electricity, pinpricks, pins and needles, tingles along the top of the head. (This was huge for me over a two year period & I was very thankful when the migraines stopped).

Experiencing more clumsiness or bumping into walls or objects more often; lack of coordination control at times; dropping things more often; Feeling lightheaded or dizzy especially when sitting or standing up suddenly; feeling jittery or nervousness at times. A sense of disorientation or being detatched from reality; living ‘in your head’ or feeling spacey or distracted easily.

Experiencing moments of audio dyslexia where someone is speaking but it is as if you can’t process the information or understand what they are saying; periods where words seem to lose their meaning or don’t make sense in the same way they used to; jumbled thoughts or trouble comprehending things;.

Moments of memory loss that may occur on and off or for short periods of time. Forgetting the names for common objects at times; forgetting simple words during conversations or forgetting what you are about to say or do moments after thinking it; forgetting why you’ve walked into a room; experiencing periods of brain fog or brain freezes, being toungue tied often; jumbled or scattered thinking.

Sudden itching all over or in various areas of the body for no reason; bouts of acne or hives, flushed face, skin rashes or other unusal skin changes that occur out of the blue. Changes in hair texture and even slight changes in color or highlights; may experience sudden thinning of hair or hair loss; other scalp issues such as dandruff and itching; Hair and nails may start growing at a faster rate than usual despite other issues.

Feeling unsual vibrations or a vibrating sensation within the body or in certain areas of the body; pulsating or vibrating waves or rushes of energy throughout the body; tingling sensations, ‘pins and needles’, static electricity, jolts or zaps of energy, twitches and muscle spasms; bouts of itching or limbs ‘falling asleep’, particularly the arms, hands, legs or feet,out of the blue. These energies and sporadic symptoms will be experienced in the various chakra centers depending on blocks/issues or when energetically being cleared or activated;

Periods of sudden nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apparent reason; feeling absolutely exhausted , often around particular people or in certain places; unexplainable worry, panic attacks or feeling overwhelmed; a feeling that you are going crazy or losing your mind; nervous breakdowns; experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’; soul transformations or trasforming events occuring all at once; sudden and unexpected changes and and feeling that you are spiraling out of control.

Unusual, intense or wild dreams or visions that can be pleasant, or even frightening; reoccuring dream themes or certain people appearing in dreams often; bizarre abstract dreams that are difficult to explain; prophetic or precognitive dreams; Periods where you can not recall any dream activity at all; increased lucid dreaming, astral projection or other unusual out of body experiences; experiencing various levels of consciousness or multi-dimensional perception.

Periods of extreme fatigue for no apprent reason that happens out of the blue, or upon awakening although being fully rested; needing to take naps more frequently or just close your eyes for a few moments and the fatigue suddenly passes; times where the opposite occurs, and you feel wide awake and energized despite lack of sleep, or being hyper-focused despite fatigue; periods of laziness or lack of motivation.

Changes in hearing or heightened sensitivity to sound; hearing unusual sounds or strange auditory sensations; ears suddenly popping or ringing in the ears, hearing beeps, pings, tones, frequencies, whoosing or pulsating sounds; Periods of extreme sensitivity where sounds appear louder than usual, and periods where sounds or voices become more muffled.

Cold/Flu like symptoms that appear and then dissapear without actually developing into a full-blown cold or flu; feeling stuffy headed or head pressure; sinus and allergy issues; problems with respiratory or changes in breathing; thyroid issues; lethargy and fatigue; periods of frequent sneezing or yawning even if no other cold/flu symptoms or fatigue is present.

Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature; sudden increased sensitivity or intolerance to either heat or cold; circulation issues; having chills or feelings of being cold all the time without reason, or periods of feeling extremely warm, hot flashes, night sweats and waves of heat throughout the body or in certain areas;

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity; an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other extra-sensory abilities; heightened intuition and the awakening of the third eye chakra or ‘inner vision’; prophetic or precognitive dreams or visions occuring more often; flashes of insight and inspiration; more intense or vivid dreams, unusual daydreams, visualizing or fantasizing more often.

Causing interference in electrical appliances; electronic devices behaving in an unsual way or malfunctioning within your presense, especially when you are in a heightened state of emotion such as anger or sadness; having light bulbs blow out or flicker when you are near; feeling more drained or energetically depleted near too many electrical devices or when around them for long periods of time; sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields and the ability to influence them.

Time seems distorted; unusual shifts in relation to the experience of time, events and memories; having the feeling or perception that time is speeding up, moving faster or an accelerated perception of time, and other moments feeling that time is slowing down or at a standstill; feeling that you can’t accomplish all that you want or that ‘time is running out’; experiencing a sense of urgency; a sense that ‘something is about to happen’ or that something is coming that you must prepare for; frequent deja vu and other similar experiences.

Changes to sleep patterns or erratic sleep schedules; sleeping in short bursts on and off or disrupted sleep. You may be more of a night owl or have increased energy at night and less energy in the day; frequent awakening often between the hours of 2 am – 4 am for no apparent reason. There may be periods of insomnia that last for days; experiencing sudden fatigue out of the blue during the day for no reason. Having strange or unusual dreams or dream-like visions during naps; increased astral projection or lucid dreaming experiences.

A feeling of detachment or wanting to withdraw suddenly from family, friends and coworkers, or the world in general; profound life changes, a sudden loss of interest in hobbies or interests that once excited you; not being able to relate to certain things and people the same way as before; feeling drained around other people or in certain environments or situations; wanting to be alone more often and needing to be in your own space or ‘sactuary’ and finding comfort in your ‘inner world’; becoming a hermet; more time spent in self reflection and introspection.

Emotional extremes or heightened emotions; bouts of crying that occur out of the blue reason or feeling sad for no apparent reason; more empathic or sensitive to the moods or emotions of others or even when observing something on the television or when listening to particular music; bouts of hysterical laughter out of the blue or or feeling silly or giddy for no apparent.

Looking out at your environment and feeling as if you are experiencing a dream world or alternative reality; Experiencing the external world as being ‘unreal’; things seem ‘fake’, out of place, distorted or unusal; feeling like you are in a daze or a trance; feeling, disoriented, confused, spacey or ungrounded; feeling detached, withdrawn or isolated; preferring to be in your ‘inner world’ and feeling more introspective.

Feeling as you don’t belong, as if you are invisible to others, or as if you are a total stranger. Strange moments where you feel others can’t hear you, or you can’t hear or see them; not relating to others in the same way as before.

A strong feeling that you are lost and don’t know ‘who you are’. A feeling of being someone other than you thought you were before and wanting to find your ‘true self’. Experiencing a loss of ego or personal identities, old belief systems and programs. feeling dissasociated or fragmented; Experiencing multi-dimensional consciousness. Just feeling overall different in general.

A sudden feeling of being connected to nature and animals like never before; an increased sensitivity to plants, trees, flowers; a deep understanding and appreciation of nature and animals, and more natural or serene environments; an overwhelming desire to be in nature or live around more natural and serene evironments. Nature begins to energize you and bring you peace of mind and expand your heart.

Abrupt life changes in job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments, or a sudden feeling of wanting to relocate or being drawn to a particular area. You may begin to resonate with certain geographical locations or a desire to travel in general; a desire for profound change or deeper meaning in your life; chance encounters with unusual people or meaningful people entering your life in synchronistic ways whom may chance your life in meaingful ways.

An Increase feeling of Divine and Unconditional love,  moments of gratitude and deep appreciation for life; increased peace, clarity, understanding and compassion; profound revelations and insights; a sense of Oneness and interconnectedness; feeling more connected with nature, other people, animals, the universe, Spirit/Source, God, the All, etc. Encounters with angelic and cosmic beings, and the awareness of the presence of non-physical entities or energies.

A sudden increase in synchronicity – meaningful coincidences that occur frequently when you least expect them. You may notice 11:11 and other repeating number sequences such as 111, 1212, 333, 444, 144, or other numbers that are significant or meaningful to you popping up in your day-to-day life in unusual ways whenever you ‘happen to look’; uncanny alignment of events or chance encounters; meeting people in synchronistic ways which develop into significant relationships. I wrote about 11:11 just last week)

Increased “self talk.” or inner chatter. You’ll find yourself talking to your Self more often. Inner dialogue that is sometimes clairvoyant or telepathic in nature. Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information or experience automatic writing.

Moments in conversation where you feel energized with extremely clear and profound speaking and then not being able to recall or repeat it the same way or with the same clarity, as if it were profound wisdom coming from your higher self or Spirit.

You may experience an overwhelming desire to just flee, but not quite sure where to.

At this time, a lot of people will come into and go out of your life.  Relationships will change and often times, with those previously closest to us. This is all a part of the process and is meant to happen as what no longer serves us (and whom) must be released.  Those that are meant to come in will do so in magical ways, almost fated.

Most importantly: Trust the flow, trust the universe and trust the process.  You are where you are meant to be.  It’s a beautiful thing to be so open ,although sometimes it is scary.  But the more you embrace it, the easier it becomes.

Love & Light