Full Moon In Taurus

Last nights full moon fell in my sign, the sign of Taurus.  I’m sure many of us felt and still are feeling the full moon energy.

(BTW- I am not getting another tattoo, but if I were it would be of this below, I LOVE it!  Full Moon In Taurus)


What are so special about full moons?  Well, the full moon is great for manifesting what we would like to bring into our lives, but more importantly, what we must release.  So get your white candles ready & set those intentions.  I love working with the synchronicity of the Moon Cycles.

Below is a link to one of my favorite websites for horoscopes, so check yours out…this is particularly geared towards the full moon in Taurus week ahead. (So this week starting the 26th).

You will notice you will have two different horoscopes.  One will be for your sun sign (your Zodiac sign) & the other will be for your rising sign (your ascendant).  If you do not know your rising sun, just go by your birth sign only.



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Tarot Card Of The Week 10/25-11/1

Happy Sunday!

For the upcoming week, I have pulled The Six Of Cups


Sidenote: Some of you have asked which deck I use.  I read with different decks, but I teach with the traditional Rider-Waite deck.  The images of the cards I post each week are from this deck.

This card just looks Nice, right?

The Six of cups keywords are: Innocence, nostalgia, soulmate connections

The not so wonderful sides to this card are: stuck in the past, naive, unrealistic, childish

Dependant on the nature of the reading & the circumstance, you will be able to apply the card where you see fit.  Either way, there is something very pure about this card.  Often times my clients come to me in regards to the most intimate relationships in their lives. When I see this card, I know it’s an important relationship & often times we are dealing with a soulmate when this card comes up. (That is also dependant on other surrounding cards).

Remember, we have many soulmates in this lifetime.  Some come to us in the form of best friends, pets, lovers, children.  So not all soulmates are romantic.  In fact, I would argue that this card means a soulmate from a past life. A kindred spirit.  You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click?  More than likely you feel so comfortable because you know this person from a past life and your souls recognize each other!  Pretty cool, huh?

The Six Of Cups lesson for this week is about nostalgia. Think about that one person that  you have not spoken to in awhile, but often think of.  Whether it’s a long lost friend, family member,  even a former co-worker.  Send them an email or give them a call.  Perhaps buy a friend flowers that is having a rough time.  Whomever you are thinking of fondly, they need to know and this is the week to reach out!

Another lesson from The Six of Cups for the week ahead is heartfelt honesty.

 I often tell my clients “the only way to get out of something is to go through it”.  Now to do this takes tremendous courage and a willingness to look at all parts of a situation. Particularly the uncomfortable parts.  So ,we follow Judgement’s wake up call from last week, and this week let’s be real & honest.  Who or what are we missing?  What have we discovered about ourselves, another and/or a situation? 

It’s ok to look back this week in order to move forward :)

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Have a wonderful week.

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Sensitive Souls & Why We Should Treasure Them

My mid-week Musings :)

This week, let’s talk about sensitivity.

I have heard this too many times in my 30 -something- years on this planet than I care to count.  I’m sure that many of you have as well.  “You are just so sensitive”.  “Gosh, I was just kidding.”  Relax , don’t take everything so personally”. Or my personal favorite: “It’s not always about you”.  (As if I really think everything is always about me?)

Truth of the matter is YES I am highly sensitive & highly aware of that fact.  I often used to wish I weren’t so damn sensitive!  Wouldn’t life be so much simpler?  Not to constantly second guess if you have hurt someone’s feelings?  Being able to walk into the mall and not be overloaded by other peoples energy?   Not always worrying about everyone & everything else, often times neglecting myself?  Check, Check, Check.

I recently stumbled upon this quote, but there was no author attached.  It has quickly become one of my favorites:

” No, I’m not insulted at all when people call me sensitive.  Feeling things deeply is my super power.  I’m an empathetic badass.”

Yep, this quote above sums it up perfectly at this point in my life.

I do realize that it is both a blessing & a curse.  If I were not this sensitive, I would never be able to do what I do.  It’s wonderful to feel things deeply, but it’s also not so wonderful to feel things so deeply that you wallow in them.  Obsessing over them and not being able to move forward.  I know plenty about that!  But here’s the thing: I am not going to apologize for it anymore and neither should you!


There is something so raw & beautiful about those of us who allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions & deal with them.  I don’t know about you, but no matter how painful it may be sometimes I prefer to analyze my reactions & emotions to certain situations.  That’s all a part of being sensitive;  it’s allowing yourself to feel, even when painful.  That is what heals us.  Avoidance does nothing but build up toxicity in the body & the mind.  That’s a yucky feeling.

And I will leave you with another favorite I recently stumbled upon:

” Be gentle.  You are meeting parts of yourself you have been at war with.”

So don’t berate yourself for your sensitivity.  Embrace it.  The world needs more sensitive souls.

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Tarot Card Of The Week 10/18-10/25- Judgement

Happy Sunday!

Today, I have pulled Judgement.

Judgement is a Major Arcana card, which means this is a strong message for the week ahead.  As always, take this advice and apply it to where it fits into your life.  If you look deep, you will know what it means for you.


Judgement is card number Twenty (20) in The Tarot.  As there are only 22 Major Arcana cards, when we pull Judgement we can bet our bottoms that the time is coming to make some final decisions!  No more fence sitting when we hear the calls of Judgement.

Judgement is ruled by Pluto, the planet for transformation, and its element is fire. Pluto represents the subconscious forces and rules everything hidden in the depth of our minds. It represents endings and new beginnings.

If you look at this card you see Archangel Gabriel blowing the Trumpet.  Beneath him, stand those that have heard the call.  It’s an epiphany of sorts.  The time has come for decisions to be made.

There is something final & irrevocable about this card.  It’s a card I like to see in readings. If someone is asking about a current love interest and how they are as a person, if they pull this card it shows me that the person is trustworthy & fair as well as a good judge of character.  If someone asks another’s feelings for them romantically and I see this card , it tells me that this person feels alive again and has found some purpose. A nice feeling! Judgement is always a wake up call.

Consequently, depending on the spread and the nature of the reading, Judgement could mean that we need to look deeper and trust our own Judgement more.  So if you are feeling that you cannot trust someone, Judgement is here to tell you that yes, you are correct and need to trust yourself!  So depending on the nature of your inquiry and the tone of the reading, Judgement takes on different meanings.  The one  constant though is that Judgement is the final Trumpet call.  The old ways are no longer serving us and it’s time to make decisions.


What are you avoiding?  Are you sitting in wait?  Are you constantly worried that others are  judging you?  Whatever it may be for the week ahead remember: you know that now is the time and it cannot be avoided any longer.

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Astrology, Your Sign & Why You Might Not Fit The Description

Happy New Moon in Libra everyone!

Today I would like to talk a bit about astrology.  Yes, I am a Tarot Reader.  I know Tarot very well.  But I also have a passion for Astrology and have studied it in detail. While I am most certainly not an Astrologist, I do know quite a bit about it an will often incorporate astrology into my sessions.

I have used my own birth chart to study and have become quite fascinated at all that goes into our personalities!  You may be a Gemini based on when you were born, but your personality is really that of a Pisces.  How can that be, you may wonder…..it’s all about the placement of which sign is in which planet at the EXACT TIME of your birth. This is why it is imperative that when casting a birth chart an exact time is needed.  If off by even a minute, something may change.


Quick summary:

Your Sun Sign is your astrological sign. So if your birthday is 11/18- You are a Scorpio. That’s your sign.  But not every person born on this day is a TRUE Scorpio, or is the same as the next Scorpio…you follow? I have two close friends with this birthdate, and while they are somewhat similar, they are very different people.

Your Moon sign. The moon is our emotion.  Who we are and how we relate emotionally. So if your moon is in Gemini for example, you most likely have very fickle emotions that change daily.  Where as if your moon is in Cancer, you will be super emotional & sensitive, as well as moody.  (At this point some of you are probably having an “AHA” moment as to why you may not fit your sign emotionally) .  It really is about the moon!

Your rising sign also known as your Ascendant in the Astrological world, is really how you present yourself to the outside world.  This is how people truly view you.  So if you’re rising sign is Sagittarius, you are seen as a bit eccentric.  Someone that does not follow the pack, marches to the beat of your own drum and a little bit difficult to get to know.

Mercury is the planet of communication.  This is how we get our point across to others, and how we relate.  So lets use the example that you are a Gemini by birth. Gemini’s are VERY chatty & communicative, often jumping from topic to topic, sometimes appearing to have ADD. ( I am a Gemini rising hence the longer paragraph here,LOL). But let’s say your Mercury is in Capricorn.  Well, Capricorn is the serious one of the Zodiac. Not one to really talk about “feelings”.  Yes, Capricorns have feelings, but they are always very protective of them and it takes a lot to get them out of their shell.  However, when Capricorns NEED to communicate, they get their point across very quickly & bluntly.  So as Gemini with mercury in Capricorn, you will communicate as a Capricorn….you follow?

This is just a small example of what truly shapes our souls. I hope you found this informative & interesting…

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Tarot Card Of The Week 10/11-10/18- Four Of Swords

Happy Sunday!

Last week, was the Four Of Cups, this week , I have pulled the Four Of Swords….


It is no coincidence that two Four’s came out two weeks in a row.

Four’s in Tarot represent stability & consistency. Swords in Tarot represent the mental level of consciousness , that is centred around the mind and the intellect. Swords mirror the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  Swords in Tarot are also ruled by the Element of Air.

The Four of Swords is a card of waiting for the moment to strike, secure in your knowledge, confident of your point of view.

Positive or negative, rest assured that you  have attained the knowledge that you need for the moment, and it’s ok to not do anything right now. Time for some well deserved rest.  This is not a week for action, but reflection.

Trust the flow of the universe.  All is well.

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Energy Vampires- Who Are They & How To Protect Yourself

Today I would like to talk about Energy Vampires.  You may or may not have heard this term before.  First, what exactly is an Energy Vampire?


Energy vampires are emotionally immature individuals who have the sense that the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person’s perspective. They often lack empathy.  I will add to this and say that despite our best efforts, we are all Energy Vampires at some point in our lives and to certain people.

We may not strive to be, but hey, S%&^ happens right?  WRONG.  You do not want to be an energy vampire. Nobody should ever be anybody else’s dumping ground, I don’t care how close you are to the person.

Energy vampires can be your family, friends, clients, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, lovers, or even strangers. And they come in all types…

Read The Article Here

It’s good to fine tune our relationships once in awhile, we shall call it purging.

Here are some things to think about as you decide if a relationship is draining or uplifting:

  • If your relationship with a person has changed, did it get better or worse?
  • Can you wholeheartedly trust that person with your dreams, fears, secrets, or your heart?
  • Do you feel valued, loved, balanced, and supported?
  • How would you describe the quality of energy exchange? Is it an equal exchange or one-sided?
  • Can you truly be yourself without fear of being judged, mocked, or ridiculed?
  • If someone drains you, explore the root cause of your attachment and ask: Can the relationship dynamic shift?
  • And then you’ve got a decision to make: keep the relationship going… or not?

If you cannot rid yourself of the relationship for whatever the reason, then in that case, you can learn to cope by creating “energetic boundaries.” By doing so, it can help you interact with them easier while keeping your energy intact.


Here are seven ways to cope with energy vampires:

  1. Take a deep breath and let that s%^& go!! There’s no need to allow their words or actions to linger and take up space in your heart and mind.
  2. Recognize when their words or actions are unacceptable. Don’t give them permission to leech your energy.
  3. Keep things light and change the focus. Learn not to react on impulse; instead, go with the flow, and tactfully bring the situation back to neutral ground.
  4. Remind yourself of the purpose of your bond or connection (e.g., why is this person in your life, how are you associated with them?), and know that you are allowed to walk away.
  5. Take a step back by putting their words or actions into perspective. Their behavior is a reflection on them, not you.
  6. Visualize a protective light around you, like an energy shield. This can help you remain energetically neutral without letting their words or actions cut or affect you. I always do this.  I call it “My Igloo”.

I hope this piece has given you some insight!

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Tarot Card Of The Week 10/4-10/11 – Four Of Cups

Happy Sunday!

For those of you new to my blog, every Sunday I mediate and pull a card for the upcoming week for some guidance.  I will explain a bit about the energy of the card, what it means and how to direct that energy for the week ahead.  If you enjoy learning the Tarot….I also teach in depth workshops please contact me here for more info.

Four of Cups


Look at this image.  A man sits with his back to the tree.  Completely closed off to what’s being handed to him, seemingly out of nowhere.  He has three cups in front of him.  But he’s so busy focusing on closing himself off that he cannot accept the gift being given to him.  He appears to be in deep contemplation.

In tarot, the suit of Cups represents our emotions.  The number four (4) represents the planets Saturn & Earth and is ruled by the astrological sign of Cancer, thus furthering the fact that this is an emotional card.  There’s a bit of a serious tone to the 4’s in the Tarot.  This card in particular, is quite an emotional one.

This card often feels uncomfortable because the individual on the card usually looks like he’s just not happy or is dissatisfied with just about everything. Being cups, it is dealing with emotions and relationships, and this guy is taking time to reevaluate his own feelings.

He’s sorting through what he has in his life, relationship-wise, feelings-wise, and is coming up rather empty. He’s just not at all sure what he wants. A cup is being offered out of the blue and he seems unaware or unwilling to accept this offer. As the four stems from the three, it is a natural rebound response to the abundance of the Three of Cups. The fullness of emotions and cooperative relationship seen in the three has him pulling away for time to himself and his own emotions. While fours may appear to be a time of little or no activity,  this guy is NOT numb emotionally. There really is a lot going on, but it’s under the surface. You know that little hourglass on your computer that flips around? Processing…processing…processing. That’s what happens in the fours and in this case it’s emotional processing. On a very mundane level, he’s had enough of others, the houseguests have overstayed their welcome and he just needs a break.

On a deeper level, it could mean a time of really scrutinizing how one feels in a romantic relationship and realizing it isn’t meeting one’s emotional needs but being unsure what exactly to do about it. The relationship may feel a bit stagnant and boring after the excitement of the two and the high of the three and the realization that he farts in bed and she picks her nose is settling in (HA)!

This week, let’s reevalute where we are and instead of focusing on our irritation at what we have, let’s look at what is being offered and how to turn that energy around.  Let’s not be closed off to our emotions, but embrace them and move forward with confidence.

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