Tarot Card Of The Week 11/29-12/6

Hi everyone!

If you are new to the blog, every Sunday I do a tarot card for the week ahead.  It serves two purposes.  One is to give you an idea of the energy that swirls in for the week ahead, and two is to teach you a little bit about the card itself and the art of the tarot.  I pull the card and explain a little bit about it, and then it’s up to you to implement it in your world at the present time.  I read with several different decks, but for simplicity purposes I teach with the traditional Rider-Waite deck.  I hope you enjoy :)

Onto our card for the week ahead: Temperance


Keywords: Balance, Moderation, Blending, Patience

Potential downside:  Imbalance, Impatience, Excess, Lack of Long Term Vision

Temperance is card number Fourteen (14) in the deck of Tarot, and is also a Major Arcana.  (Fun Fact: “Arcana” means “inner vision”, pretty neat huh?)

As a Major, the message carries utmost importance.  Temperance is ruled astrologically by the sign of Sagittarius and the element of fire. Whenever I pull this card two words always come to mind: Balance and Patience

Notice on the card, we see a winged angel with one foot in the water and one foot out, although not quite on the ground.  This angel is actually a hermaphrodite (the child of Hermes & Aphrodite).  “Why is she telling me this”? you may ask.  Knowing that the angel is a hermaphrodite furthers the balance aspect to this card, as a hermaphrodite is a balance between two genders.

We see the angel exchanging water between the two cups;  hoping to blend everything together nicely and just right.  As I mentioned, Temperance is ruled by the element of fire. Here we also see water: can we get the right blend of fire & water here to have the “Magic potion”?  Perhaps.  Patience will be required.

The Temperance card asks us to have a clear , long term vision of what we hope to achieve.  It asks that we have patience and not rush things along.  Take your time so you can do the best job that you can.  Your inner voice is guiding you gently to the right outcome and you are patiently listening and following. You have a very balanced perspective on the situation at this time and you are in a very good position to make the right choices.  Keep this in mind as we may often feel that things are not moving fast enough!

Temperance asks you to be patient so that you can act with timing and precision. Patience and moderation will result in good management of all things. Do not feel that you need to rush, just let the situation evolve at its natural pace.

In our relations with others, Temperance represents adaptation, coordination & tempering of external influences.  You are able to work in harmony with others and there is a heightened level of co-operation in your activities with others. You are able to combine forces and join with others in order to bring it all together. There is a beautiful synergy at work that brings about the right mix of talents, experiences, abilities and skills.

(If you are not feeling this way, hopefully the week ahead will prove different for you, or Temperance is simply here to remind that everything is “A-OK”)

Temperance , to me, also acts similarly to the Hermit card.  This can also be a time of self reflection, of retreat, alone time.  Turning inward to seek a greater balance, and to search for a higher meaning and/or purpose in life.  Throughout this time, you may also experience a clash between the old and the new you, sometimes feeling confused about which direction you ought to take and what is really important to you. You will evaluate seclusion, detachment and retreats as methods for accomplishing great things. You will avoid pain, conflict and distractions and lessen your stress and anxiety. Looking inward will re-charge you. There is nothing to fear, it is part of the process and without it change could not occur.  This is somethings I always stress to my clients in times of turmoil.  This is where the most growth occurs, even though it will feel shitty at times!!

So for the upcoming week, harness the energy of Temperance.  Turn inward, spend some time alone, reflect on all you have accomplished & all you hope to accomplish, realize things are happening with divine timing, and relax!  This is not a week to rush around carelessly.  (There will be plenty of time for that over the next month with the holidays)!

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Love & Light,



Full Moon In Gemini TODAY!!

Hi Friends!

HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE (one day early)  :)

I am sure many of us have been feeling the full moon energy.  I know I have for the past two weeks! (My rising sign is Gemini so that’s no surprise!)

If something normally aggravates you, during this time it will be unbearable.  If you are having issues with someone or something in your life, it is likely that it seems insurmountable.  But alas, Gemini is an air sign & all about communication.  SO- during this full moon time, some open & honest communication to clear the air is very much at the forefront.  But be careful how you word things as the full moon can also cause some strife between people.


The moon goes full into Gemini today at 5:44 PM EST.  So what does this mean?

This full moon is all about : de-coding language both conscious & unconscious; observing social trends and potentially changing social circles; wearing many hats; the view from all angles; shaking up reality; playing tricks with perception; fascinating fragments of style & culture; (Aunt Hilda may show up at Thanksgiving dinner wearing a completely OUT THERE hat!); getting the cosmic joke (universe playing tricks on you); being contradictory

This full moon really illuminates: all viewpoints of a discussion; how truth is revealed in humor; the value of collecting ideas; streak of consciousness thinking; quick speech that can dance around the surface of an issue; having many different conversations at once

(If those of you reading this do not feel affected by moon cycles, than you are lucky, but I’d be hard pressed to find a whole lot of people that DON’T get affected).   During this time it is very important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Air signs will be most affected (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius,)
  • Expect to feel a little bit of antsy Gemini energy. They have a tough time settling down, they often feel like something is just not right. You may feel this as well.
  • Sleep cycles totally disturbed. Falling asleep & not staying asleep, racing thoughts at night
  • You will be particularly skilled right now at decoding messages and texts, emails and any words that come your way. Gemini is all about words and communication, so use your higher intelligence to figure out what people are really trying to say. The Full Moon will give you all the light you need. AND, if people aren’t coming across with clarity, you don’t need to be confused. Cut them out, you deserve better. If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t authentic. Move on.
  • Gemini is represented by the Twins. Contradictions will be abundant, and deciphering the two sides to every story will become difficult. No you aren’t losing your mind, people just don’t make sense, and some of them will be trying to confuse you on purpose for their own personal gain.( Perhaps that family member you only see once a year on thanksgiving!)
  • Keep in touch with the family, or whatever support system you call your family right now. Talking, talking, talking, will remind you what really matters when nobody else makes sense.
  • Watch something that makes you laugh. This is THE best medicine to ease anxiety.
  • Catch up on correspondence. Who is that person, or those people, that you keep saying, “I’ve GOT to send her that email today!” but then life comes along and interferes.

The full moon is also a great time to release those negative thoughts, patterns and/or behaviors that are no longer serving us & our growth.  So by the light of the full moon write down on a piece of paper what you wish to release.  Then light some candles and some sage  & BURN IT!  (I like to do this outside , under the moonlight).

And there it is! We have abundance in gifts from astrology this month with the Full Moon in Gemini. And these are gifts that you can take advantage of no matter WHAT your zodiac sign is. But as I said, it can be an uncomfortable one, because Gemini, as much as we love them, can be a little edgy at times. Your test will be to get through this period with grace and elegance, and manage the stress as efficiently as possible.

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Love & Light,


Tarot Card Of The Week 11/22-11/29

Happy Sunday!

Another week has flown by.  Is it me, or is time completely speeding up lately?!  I was under the impression we were actually one week behind and I still cannot believe that this week is thanksgiving!!

Anyway :)

Onto our card for the upcoming week.  I have pulled the Page of Swords


The pages in tarot typically come to give us messages.  Since we have pulled a page & not a knight, king or queen, the message still carries clout, but is almost child like in it’s delivery.  We can still change the course when we see the Page of Swords.  I refer to the Page of  Swords as “swift delivery”.  You see that sword?  It cuts right through the BS.

Sidenote: the full moon is coming up on 11/25. It is a full moon in Gemini.  Gemini is all about communication.  A lot of my clients have called recently and during their session have explained to me that they have felt a lot of anxiety.  Also, a lot of messages are in wait, a lot of people are waiting to hear back about jobs they have interviewed for.  So it is very fitting to me to see a swords card here, and a messenger card to boot!

Swords in tarot are all about the mental , the element of air.  Gemini is also an air sign.  You see how there is such a science to all of this?

I also see the Page of Swords as my social media card.  So if someone asks me if they are going to hear from that employer, my answer would be “yes but more than likely through email or social media”.  I also would go on to say that the message would be somewhat abrupt.  Like a simple “yes” or “no”.

As a person, the page of swords would represent someone a bit younger, and/or perhaps very immature particularly in the way of communicating.  They are not truly gifted in that department.  Think of this as your blunt younger brother.  Furthermore, I see this as a person that is very technology savvy and spends much time on social media, preferring to communicate that way.  This is a mental person. (Not mentally ill, there is a difference!)

For the upcoming week ahead, expect some communication.  If you are waiting to hear back from that employer, this will be the week.  If you are wondering if you are going to hear from your ex, this will be the week and I will even go as far as to say:  if you have suspicions that you are being media stalked, you are right, so get your settings on private!

Also,  we are moving towards a full moon so everything is heightened.  Both the good & the not so good.  The moon is all about Lunacy after all.  Try and stay grounded with all of the electric energy swirling around.

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Keep in mind, I will need your exact time of birth to cast your chart.  Between this and some plain old psychic tarot, you will love this type of reading :) 

Love & Light,


Ten Signs That Your True Self Is Waking Up

Good morning,

I hope this week finds everyone well.

I have been doing a lot of reflecting these past few months.  One thing I had struggled with for quite some time was accepting my “true” self.  You know, the girl that worked a “normal” job and just played with metaphysics for fun.  But no, that is not truly who I am!

I am a free spirit that loves to connect with people,  I can talk for hours about many different things, and have realized that all that truly matters is our health & well being.  Our spirit & our soul.  It does not matter what other people think about us, it matters what WE think of & feel about us.  That’s all :)

I really love this article!  # 2, 5 & 8 resonate with me the most !


Enjoy :)

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Love & Light,




Tarot Card Of The Week 11/15-11/22

Happy Sunday Friends,

I first need to address the senseless tragedy that occurred in Paris this past weekend. Words cannot express the heaviness I (and everyone) are feeling in their hearts.  I will continue to pray for Paris and for all of our safety.

Our card for the upcoming week: Nine Of Cups


Positive side: Wishes fulfilled, abundance, relaxing, good times

Potential negatives: Over abundance, selfishness, gluttony

Sidenote: I always give you the potential negative side to the cards because as I have mentioned, all cards mean all different things to all different readers.  They also take on different interpretations depending on the querent (the person having the reading).

I love the nines in the tarot.  The number nine is indicative of coming full circle, attainment & completion.  The completion of a cycle on our way to the ten’s in tarot, but knowing that with the number nine, comes a time for renewal as well.

I love the nine of cups.  To me, this card always grants our wishes.  If you are looking to know if you are going to get that new job, and we pull the nine of cups, more than likely your wishes are to be fulfilled.  However, is it your true wish to get this job?  Or are you simply taking it to appease someone else?  In that case, your subconscious takes over.  Your higher self does not really want that job, therefore, the nine of cups is saying you won’t get that job.  Pretty interesting huh?  Remember, the tarot explores our higher self.  Often, we do not realize what truly resides in our heart & soul.

On the flip side:  a client comes to me in regards to their recent weight gain and asks “what am I doing wrong”?  I pull this card and automatically I see that this person is drinking & eating in excess and they do not realize it.  Too much of a good thing can be bad!!

(When I teach my workshops I always say “the tarot is only 20% cards.  It’s 80% intuition”.  This is most definitely true.  The cards will speak to you in a special way as you go along.)

For the week ahead, I urge you to look within and ask yourself “what am I really hoping for”?

Ask that question and know that your wish will be granted.  Right now, I am wishing for world peace.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Love & Light,


The 7 Chakras- What Are They And Why They Are So Important

What are Chakras?

I love talking about Chakras.  I have read many books on this topic and have also had mine worked on by some gifted people in an effort to remove some blockages at certain times.

Chakras are, in very basic terms, seven energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness or aches and pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.


Refer to the above picture.  We work our way from the bottom up.

The 1st Chakra is our Root Chakrathis is our foundation.  When we feel rooted & grounded, this chakra is in balance 

Emotions linked to this chakra-   financial, emotional & family stability, survival instincts

Location: base of the spine/tailbone area

The 2nd Chakra is our Sacral Chakra- this represents creativity, sex and the ability to allow & open up to new situations & relationships in our lives 

Emotions linked to this Chakra- sense of pleasure, enjoyment, abundance & sexuality

Location: lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel

The 3rd Chakra is our Solar Plexus Chakra  –  in order to keep this Chakra clear, we must exercise trying to maintain a positive mental attitutde, particularly in regards to ourselves 

Emotions linked to this chakra- confidence, thoughts & feelings, our ability to be in control of our lives

Location: upper abdomen/stomach area

(Ok so how many of you are reading this and feeling better about stomach issues you may be experiencing at the present moment?  Because really, how often do we feel we are in total control?)

The 4th Chakra is our Heart Chakra–  this represents our ability to love and to be loved, and also to truly enjoy what/who we love

Emotions linked to this chakra- joy, love, compassion & inner peace

Location: centre of the chest, just above the heart

Side note: I recently read for a friend I had not seen in awhile.  As I was speaking, she stopped me to tell me that she was feeling strange sensations in her chest area, but that she wasn’t nervous.  I explained to her that her heart chakra was opening, allowing her to feel some emotions she had been blocking.  I tapped in and together we released.  Pretty cool, huh?

The 5th Chakra is our Throat Chakra-  this is our voice, our ability to commnuicate clearly & to speak our truth

Emotions linked to this chakra- communication, self-expression, expressing your truth, creativity

Location: the throat

Side note: this was my one chakra that tended to get blocked the most often. Notice I speak in the past tense here.  It really works to have our Chakras worked on to clear up blockages.  I feel so much more able to communicate clearly & express my truth over the past few years.

The 6th Chakra is our Third Eye Chakraour inner vision resides here.  Our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing & insight 

Location- on your forehead in between your eyes

Emotions linked to this chakra- ability to think clearly, intuition, wisdom, imagination

The 7th Chakra is our Crown Chakra- our ability to connect with our spiritual selves, our “higher” self

Location- at the crown of your head (the top)

Side note: how many of you often get chills at the top of your head out of nowhere? This is your higher self trying to catch your attention, so LISTEN

Emotions linked to this chakra- bliss, inner & outer beauty, our connection to our own spirituality, divine wisdom

Now that we know which chakras are which, let’s talk about why they are so important.  In order for our bodies to function optimally, all 7  of our chakras need to be balanced and allowing energy to flow smoothly through our bodies.   If one energy centre is not functioning well, then the others will not function as well as they should. Some of them can even work too much or too hard.  ( Example being the third eye chakra, which is often overthinking).  This sends our bodies and our emotions into a free fall.

So how do we keep our chakras in balance?  Meditate!  Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s time to start.  Take ten minutes a day.  I prefer first thing in the morning.  So create a nook for yourself somewhere, even if it is in your garage.  Set the mood however you like!  Light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, whatever works for you but just do it.  I could never quiet my mind until the past two years….now I am an avid meditator.  It’s essential for your well being.  Mind, body & soul & it keeps those chakras in check.

Drink lemon water first thing in the morning.  Warm water preferable.  This ensures that everything gets moving & flowing before you add caffeine or anything else to the system.

Eat those fruits & veggies!  Diet is SO important in keeping those chakras (never mind everything else) in check.

These are my suggestions for keeping our energy centers functioning optimally!  I’m sure everyone has their own methods but this is what works for me.

I hope you find this helpful!

Love & Light,







Tarot Card For The Week Ahead 11/8-11/15 AND Some Cool News

Happy Sunday & warm wishes for the week ahead!

First, I’d like to mention that tonight I will be doing a small segment on the radio called “Two Minute Tarot”!

The show is called “Above & Beyond With Laura Smith” and it’s on 770 WABC Sunday evenings at 10PM EST.  Be sure to tune in to hear the fabulous Psychic Medium Thomas John, and yours truly will have a spot in there as well :)  The number to call in if you’d like to get a reading is 1- 800-848-WABC.

This picture below is from my first appearance on “Above & Beyond” which was May 10, 2015.


Onto the card for the upcoming week…..

Seven of Wands


Keywords: challenge, competition, perseverance

Flipside: overwhelmed, overprotective, giving up

The number seven in the tarot  indicates the wait for something we imagine. This number also represents a coming delivery of what we were waiting for — even if it is not quite what we thought it was.

Look above at the card.  The man is laying a foundation.  We see a look of frustration on his face yet he’s determined.  He already has six sticks placed into position and we can see the spot where the seventh stick should fit.  However, if we look closely we also see that it will take some maneuvering to get that stick in the proper position.  Of course the seven of wands is not necessarily speaking to us about laying sticks.  It is up to you to apply this to your unique situation.

How does this card speak to you today?

I particularly feel this energy as I am trying to make all of the pieces of the puzzle fit lately!  It takes hard work, perseverance and the willingness to realize that while we may not always get things exactly as we want them, they will materialize with some hard work and in their own time & way.

So keep up the hard work.  Eventually you will be rewarded.

Love & Light,



Focus On YOU

Good morning my friends,

I’m keeping it short & sweet on this Wednesday morning

My thoughts for today:

1). Johnny Depp is AWESOME & I love him

2). This quote strikes a cord with me and makes total sense.


We all need to heed his wise words as life takes twists and turns and we are constantly being bombarded with countless distractions.

Really, at the end of the day this is all that matters.  People will say things about you and judge you and your decisions anyway, so keep on keeping on and be who you are and most importantly, remember:


Love & Light,


Tarot Card Of The Week 11/1-11/8

Happy Halloween Weekend & Happy Sunday!

Can you believe it is NOVEMBER already?!  Scary.  I am constantly intrigued at the intuitive pulls I am getting when I choose the card of the week.  This morning is no different.  I have pulled the Death card.


Why is this so fitting?  Well, for starters it’s Halloween weekend and a spooky time. This card looks spooky, but in reality it is not.  This is not about physical death (although it can be).  This card is all about transformation.

Keywords: Endings, beginnings,transformation & transition

Flipside: Resistant to change, negative outlook, refusal to let go

Death is card number 13 in the Tarot & a major Card.  It is ruled by the astrological sign of Scorpio which is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is the planet of transformation.

(If you want to get real scientific & nerdy, Pluto has been disregarded as a planet as of August 2006, Yep, more Death)  You can read that article here if you care to.  

You see how this all fits?  Pretty neat huh?

Around this time of year , like it or not Halloween is sometimes referred to as “The time of the dead”.

Much like Halloween, Death is bringing in a clean sweep.  Look at the image on the card. We see a skeleton soldier riding in on a horse.  The horse is White, representing purity, lessening the impact of Deaths blow.

Notice that the horse is trampling over what is in its way.  This is what Death is here to tell us this week.  Out with the old & in with the new.  Stop fighting the changes.  If we don’t accept the change and go with it, the universe will step in and take care of it for us.

This week , ask yourself “what am I holding on to”?  It might be an ex lover, friend, or even just a belief system that you must learn to let go of.  Some of us are starting new jobs ,new relationships, or moving. Maybe getting married or getting divorced. All major changes and scary!   Transitions are imminent when we see this card.

I will go one step further as I truly love the Death card. ( After all , we are here on this planet to change & grow.  Without growth, our souls will suffer).

Death, as I mentioned, is ruled by Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto.  Pluto is also the planet of transformation.  In one’s birth chart, if Pluto is transiting their sign, you can bet that they are feeling some major shifts going on both in their internal & external world.  Personal transformation.

So look at this card positively and apply that energy for the week ahead.  Let’s make those changes that promote our growth regardless of how scary.




Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Love & Light,