Ringing In 2016!

Good Morning Friends,

As 2015 comes to a close, I’m sure many of us are anxiously awaiting a fresh start to 2016.  New Years resolutions are at the forefront.  Typically, we make resolutions such as “I will stop eating chocolate”.  “I want to lose 10lbs” Or , “I am going to stop cussing” (that might have been mine last year 😉 )!

Why are our resolutions always about giving something up?  Let’s spin it differently this year and try to gain some more wisdom…after all, we are here to learn.  Below are some quotes that I love and that I feel are indicative of new beginnings and fresh starts.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.  We can help write that story by setting goals”.

-Melody Beattie

Love this one.  Instead of giving things up, set goals!  Get a vision board going of what you would like to accomplish in 2016.  This can range from learning Spanish to moving to a larger apartment.

(Sidenote: Melody Beattie also has a wonderful little book out that I have had for years, and still refer to daily.  It’s called “The Language of Letting Go”.  I HIGHLY recommend it for daily inspiration).

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.  Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself , changing your world.  You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something”.

-Neil Gaiman

The above quote is my favorite.  How can we ever grow and learn without making mistakes?  Geez, I’ve made plenty, but those regrets give us strength and wisdom. Nothing is worse than being stagnant.  So try new things, take a leap of faith.  You won’t always have the answers , things  won’t always work out magically and wonderfully, but at least you tried it and you will definitely learn something from it.

“Your success and happiness lies in you.  Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties”.

-Helen Keller

This is going to be one I refer to often.  It is so easy to allow the mundane, daily chores of life get in the way and drag us down.  Our emotions sometimes go through the wringer, but if we really try and remain positive and just stay happy, things will work themselves out.  This is not an easy feat, but I am up for the challenge!  Are you?

“To have the kind of year you want to have, something has to happen that you can’t explain why it happened.  Something has to happen that you can’t coach”.

– Bobby Bowden

This.  I love this.

I feel like a lot of that has happened for me in 2015, and continues to move into 2016, that I often stop and try to figure out the “hows”. It’s scary to not have a plan, to feel like every time we *think* we’ve got things under control, we receive another curveball.  To not know just how, why, where & when...but, it’s also beautiful.  So instead of stressing about it, I am embracing it and trusting the universe in where it wants me to go. Does that mean it’s right?  No. But maybe yes.  So try and do the same …drop those preconceived notions of what is “right” and what is “normal”..it’s YOUR path, and yours alone.


I will tell you mine.  This is my vow for the New Year, in the words of my wise father …he ALWAYS says to me:

“Lisa, it’s your life.  Just be happy.  Do what you gotta do , and don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks”.  Wise man, eh? :)

But, he’s right!  It is NOT selfish to do that what is right for you, and it does not matter if what’s right for you is not right for anybody else, or if they don’t understand it.  You can’t always explain what goes through your mind & your heart and guess what?  Most people will not resonate with your feelings anyway;   And that’s perfectly ok!  Shake it off, move on.  Easier said than done, BELIEVE ME, I know!  As long as it is working for YOU, they don’t need to get it.  It’s your path, and paths don’t often go straight to the destination. There are many unexpected twists & turns.  Embrace it, accept it, be happy, and don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks or says!  (I guess last years resolution didn’t stick so well about not cussing)!

Have a wonderful New Year!

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Love & Light,



Right In Time For Christmas- A Very Emotional Full Moon In Cancer

Hi everyone!

I’m sure we have all noticed heightened sensitivity these past few weeks.  After all, on December 11th the New Moon went into chatty Gemini, and now it’s been moving towards a Full Moon in the very emotional water sign of Cancer. This Full Moon is also referred to as ” The Cold Moon”.


Astrologically speaking, this has been a crazy lunar year.  We’ve experienced a Blue Moon, a Blood Moon, a SUPER Moon, a few lunar eclipses, and now, The Cold Moon.  (Which also happens to be the first time since 1977 a full moon has fallen on Christmas). I’m tired from just writing all that! Imagine how that all feels emotionally?!  (I know I have been exceptionally exhausted the past two weeks).

December Full Moons have been referred to as “Cold Moons” because at this time of year, it’s well, you know, COLD.  Dark, long & cold nights.  (I’m going to try & keep this short and sweet because I can talk about the Moon for days).  😉

The Moon is at home in her own sign of Cancer so the traits of this sign and the Moon herself are strongly emphasised at this festive & active lunation. The Moon is our emotions, our feeling nature. The Moon is the inner child, our long history of emotional experiences, our habits, our gut instincts. She shows how we need to be nurtured and our nurturing style. The Moon is what we need and in Cancer, we need to be held and comforted.  This is what this Moon is all about. Cancer is one of THE most emotional and feeling signs of the zodiac. As Cancer is a water sign, the moon will be reflecting everything back at us and we can try and look away, but our emotions will not hide. Not only will we be  radiating loving feelings, we may also radiate the lows that are associated with our shadow emotions, the ones we usually prefer to deny, the ones that are usually hidden by the light of the Moon.

At this time,  intuition is heightened and we are extra aware of our surroundings and what’s truly going on under the surface.  Feelings are heightened, our sensitive side is showing. This is perfect for spending time with those we love but with the Moon opposite the Sun in Capricorn and bearing in mind Full Moons can be about crisis just as much as culmination, there is a suggestion that any fractures in family relations could be emphasised by this overly emotional Moon.  So please tread lightly.

For those that are missing a loved one, or just don’t have any family to spend the holiday with, this can prove to be an extra emotional holiday, so try and not be alone if you can avoid it.  You need to be nurtured.

This may sound negative, but it does not have to be…Full Moon energy is always beautiful.   It’s about accepting the roles as they are – even just for one day. It’s about showing unconditional love, even if your sister/friend/lover/in-law or child is driving you crazy.  It’s about remembering that we are all different, we all have our strengths & weaknesses,  and to keep communications positive. It’s a time to forgive and forget, live and let live and nurture peace.  That sounds wonderful to me!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Peace, Love & Light,


Tarot Card Of The Week! 12/20-12/27

Happy Sunday & Warm Wishes For The Upcoming Week,

I hope this week finds everyone well.  With all of the running around right before the holidays, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and run down.  Make sure to slow down & take some down time.  :)

Onto our card of the week.

This morning, I have pulled the Ten Of Cups


Keywords: Happiness, Completion, Harmony, Alignment

Flipside:  Broken Home, Disharmony, Unhappy Children

Look at this card. A man and woman stand holding each other while two happy children dance around.  They are looking out to the horizon, happy with all that they have, feeling a sense of harmony & completion.  Their souls are in alignment & content at this time. It definitely took some work and patience to get here, but they are there!  This , I often refer to, as “The Happy Home ” card.

Cups are represented by the element of Water, which governs our emotions  This card is also number Ten (10) of the Minor Arcana, in the suit of cups. Tens in Tarot (10’s) always represent completion.  The Number 10 is seen as the end and also the beginning. The Number 10 has gone full circle and thus returns to the original state of 1 or in the case of Tarot, The Ace.  So when we see the Ten of Cups pop up in our reading, we can rest assured that we are, or soon will be, in a happy place where our soul will be content. We have completed our journey from the Ace all the way through to the 10. :)

For the week ahead let’s remember to count our blessings, and look at how far we have come.  Let’s look ahead to the New Year with a renewed sense of hope & optimism. Perhaps you feel as though your house has not sold quickly enough….or your child did not do as well in school as you had hoped.  But you have a home and you have healthy children :), and that’s what truly counts.  Maybe that promotion you were hoping for has not happened as of yet.  Guess what?  With the Ten of Cups here, it’s time to look at this a little differently.  Look at the blessings you do have.  In the New year, good things are in store. 

As always, I must touch upon a potential negative aspect to this card.  I do this because it is hard to remain objective if reading Tarot for yourself. (Sidenote: I rarely, if ever read for myself.  It’s just too damn easy to spin a reading to our benefit, particularly in a trying situation and nothing is ever black & white).

So you are doing a love reading for your friend/client and she is asking what she needs to look out for in her new relationship.  She goes on to tell you that she feels that her man is lying to her, hiding something, and she feels it is something big.  Also, he never invites her over, and has yet to introduce her to anyone.  It’s been eight months and things seems to be going well otherwise. So you do a quick spread and all cards seem to be “negative”, but then right in the middle is the Ten Of Cups.  You scratch your head because this card screams “happy” right?  Well, yes & no. The man in question was very happily married to someone else & had two children with her! So, you see how multi-faceted the Tarot is?  This is why I love it!  I hope that scenario gives you an idea of how all cards mean multiple things in regards to multiple people.

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Love & Light,




Wednesday Musings, Gift Ideas & More!

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I would like to briefly touch upon self love and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve our growth.

I read for a LOT of people, a lot of amazing, magnificent women/men alike that tend to minimize their greatness.  This happens in life for several different reasons.  Perhaps as a child they were never told they were wonderful and now they have a hard time accepting a compliment.  Perhaps they were not the “smart” child, when in all reality they are now the successful CEO of their company, and yet they still suffer from feelings of unworthiness.  Or the beautiful woman that had a rough upbringing and never feels good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.  Whatever the case may be, drop that baggage!  Let it go!  It’s a New Year, New You, no exceptions.  2016 is the year to shine!  So don’t worry about what anyone thinks EXCEPT YOU & ACCEPT YOU , Get it ?  :)  Shine on….



Also, the holidays are right upon us, and what better time of year then to give the gift of insight?

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Also, right on Christmas Day we will be experiencing a Full Moon in Cancer!  This will make for an extra interesting Holiday :)  But more on that next week….

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Love & Light,


Tarot Card For The Week Ahead 12/13-12/20

Good Morning Friends,

It’s that time, for our card of the week :)

This morning I have pulled The Page Of Pentacles


Keywords: Manifest, Study, School, Opportunity, New Job

Flipside: Lack of planning,  Lack of Focus, Stalled progress

Pages come to us as messengers. Pentacles represent the element of Earth, which speaks of the grounded, stable nature of this page.  Earth element signs are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.  Earth signs are grounded, feet firmly planted, and are ready for anything.

When I teach Tarot, the Page Of Pentacles typically shows me that the querent is studying something, or planning to.   This is my “going back to school card”, the card of higher knowledge & study.  They are in the process of collecting more knowledge, but this is something  that they are seeking, whether it be conscious or unconscious. They are not being forced to do so, they want to. 

This page is presenting an opportunity, an opportunity being granted to the person this reading is tailored to.  Always a welcome card, in my opinion.

This week, this Page is asking that we move forward with these new plans.  That course you’ve been thinking of enrolling in?  Now is the time!  Don’t be surprised if a new job opportunity comes to you this week, as this Page also brings job opportunities, seemingly out of nowhere!!  If asking about a persons feelings for you, this Page is saying that yes, you are looked at in a positive light.  You are being “studied” in a sense, and they like what they have uncovered so far.  Lots of potential there.  You see how you can apply this card to several different areas?  Consequently, it can be interpreted negatively. ( Example, I once had a woman come to me feeling that she was being watched by a co worker, and tattled on.  In her reading amongst many other cards, this Page kept popping up.  I told her that yes, she was right, and the employee in question was indeed studying her, taking notes & reporting.  That is exactly what was going on.  I am telling you this to show you that cards are so multi faceted & personal to each person. )

Sidenote: keep in mind, readings are 80% intuition, 20% literal card meanings!  So that little booklet that comes with a deck of Tarot cards?  Look at it once quickly, and then put it somewhere out of sight!  I promise, you will learn more from your own intuition about the cards.  The cards will speak to you a certain way.

What better time than the New Year to take up a New course of study or a New job opportunity?  Whatever it may be, the Page Of Pentacles is on your side, encouraging you.  You have all of the tools necassary, so move ahead!  Now is the time.

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ALSO- Many of you have commented on really enjoying the Card of The Week, and for that I am thankful.  However, in light of  The New Year, (and our friend the Page of Pentacles 😉 )I am looking for a new “Card of The Week ” idea.   So if you have anything you would like to see me post/teach on Sundays, Email your suggestions to me here!  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love & Light,



New Moon In Sagittarius 10:29 AM Today !

Good Morning & Happy Friday!

Today the New Moon goes into our freedom-seeking friend, Sagittarius.  This new moon is all about addressing limitations & wounds that are obstructing us from our goals and our freedom.


So what happens with a new moon?  New Moons are the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle and signal a fresh start for the following month.  At the new moon, you will not see any light on the Moon, but simply the very beginning of the light as it slowly starts to increase again, becoming more visible over the upcoming days.  This is known as the beginning of the waxing phase, which lasts until the next Full Moon and is associated with growth, expansion & clarity.

In relation to growth ,  this time is the time to set our intentions for the positive things we wish to manifest or expand over this next little while.  (Remember: New Moon = manifest, Full Moon = Release)

As each New Moon switches astrological signs, so do our moods and intentions. Sagittarius is a passionate fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It is associated with higher education, truth seeking, traveling, philosophy, spiritual beliefs, and the ‘big picture.’ Sagittarius is about freedom, expansion, big goals, and exploring beyond limitations.  Under this New Moon, look at the big picure in your life.  What do you most desire at this time?  Do you wish to travel to another country?  Are you seeking more freedom in your current relationship?  Are you becoming more spiritually aware and seeking a higher purpose? Whatever it may be, under this New Moon, write that shit down & manifest it!!

Sidenote: tonight, I am getting together with girlfriends, my “soul sistas”, for a holiday gathering.  I told them that I am conducting a New Moon manifestation ritual.  Reason # 205 that I adore these women: they all were very open & excited about this and more than willing.  So here is what you will need if you choose to do this with your tribe .  Candles, Sage, paper & pens.   Optional: Crystals & essential oils and that’s it!

Gather around and write your intentions down on paper.  Go around the circle and speak your intentions aloud (if you are not comfortable doing this, than you are with the wrong people!)  Then, light some sage and throw the papers in the fire. (I like to do this outside) That’s it!  Some of you may be reading this and thinking it sounds “hokey”, but really, it’s fun and what do you have to lose? :)

Love & Light,



Tarot Card Of The Week 12/6-12/13

Good morning,

For the week ahead, I have pulled the King Of Swords


Keywords: Intellectual Power, Clear Thinking, Authority, Truth, Fair

Dark Side: Manipulative, Tyrannical, Abusive, Lacking Empathy, My Way Or The Highway

The King Of Swords sits on his throne very well aware of what is going on around him, but remains logically detached.  This is my least favorite of the Kings, although he does have his strong points.

Swords represent the element of air, which are mental.  This card is also ruled by the planet Saturn, furthering the serious tone of this King.  Saturn is the planet of responsibility and the King of Swords is certainly responsible and level headed.  King Of Swords rules the signs of Gemini, Libra , Aquarius.  This King rules with his head & not his heart.  It does not mean he does not have any emotion, but it often appears that he does not !  He comes to swift conclusions based on facts, and he will always do what he feels is the right thing for him to do logically.  This is an extremely intelligent man, although it could represent a woman depending upon the rest of the reading.

For the upcoming week, the King Of Swords is suggesting that we take a very stern,  but fair role.  You have clarity and can see the truth right now, so it’s time to take the lead and provide an objective point of view.  You are in a position to judge the situation appropriately while identifying the limiting behaviors of both ourselves, and of others, that are getting in the way.  This is a time when you will need to leave your emotions out of it and remain objective & rational.  You may need to reason with others and be quite direct about what you are observing. You may be concerned that you are not being particularly caring or sympathetic but at this point in time, this detachment is what is needed most. ( If you are not normally a “King of Swords” type person, this will be extremely difficult!)

Similarly, the King of Swords encourages you to use your logic and intellect to navigate your path ahead. You will need to get to the heart of the matter, make firm and well-researched decisions, and ensure that you are firm but fair in your dealings with others. You need to be able to take any situation, look at it with total objectivity, and then come to a decision that is both fair and insightful.

So this is the energy for the upcoming week. Look at the situation, acknowledge and appreciate the facts from all angles, and come to a fair resolution.  Do not be attached to your emotion in regards to this situation, ,rather, remain objective and do what is right. The King of Swords encourages us for the week ahead, and has your back!

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Love & Light,