Pushing Away Pain And Why We Should Embrace It Instead

Sounds strange right?

Not so. I am referring to emotional pain right now, which when left unaddressed, will eventually lead to physical pain.  Pain sucks.  Pain is inevitable. Pain is crippling. Pain is human.  Pain is also, necessarily painful.  It needs to be present to teach us something.  No matter how lost, scared, alone or afraid we feel at certain times, most people wouldn’t even know it because, well, we stuff it down!  We stuff it down further and further until one day, it all comes bubbling up seemingly out of nowhere, and we can literally feel like we are drowning.  Or worse yet, we project our emotions onto others as a means to justify and ignore the pain.  But it’s still there, and sometimes it’s that one little raindrop that leads to the biggest storm.  Except it’s not really about that raindrop. That storm was brewing for awhile.


Guess what?   We are all wounded on some level.  We all have emotional junk that we tend to wish we could just forget about, so we choose to push it away and ignore it.  But it’s always there, and often it creeps up on us at very inopportune times. It does this to remind us that we should really acknowledge it.  Suppressing it does not help, it only builds toxicity in the body.

The next time you find yourself immersed in , or crippled by some painful emotion(s), stop for just one moment ; rather than stuff it down, embrace it and dissect it.  Seriously.  Sit there and acknowledge it.  Ask yourself “why do I feel this way”? “What is it about this person/situation/event that causes me to feel this way”? Chances are, the answer lies within you.  You will grow leaps and bounds from practicing this.  It’s a work in progress, but it does eventually result in progress, and I can attest to this.

We can never work on something unless we work through it.

Pain sucks.  Pain is inevitable.  But remember, pain is growth.  Pain is wisdom, and oddly, pain is often worth it.  Some of the best results come after working through pain. You will look back and realize that you have learned from it.

“If you only knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow”.-Katy Perry


Love & Light,




Full Moon In Leo A.K.A- “Wolf Moon”

Good Morning My Friends!

Last night into today, the Moon went Full in the sign of Leo.  This Moon is referred to as the “Wolf Moon”, and interestingly enough, is also referred to as “storm moon”!  How fitting for this weekend.

wolfmoonThe Farmers’ Almanac tells us that January’s full moon is known as the “Wolf Moon” amongst the Native Americans- amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages.  Thus, the name for January’s full moon.  Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon after Yule.  Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next moon.  According to the Wise Witches Society, this moon is knows as the Storm Moon, which as I mentioned, could not be any more fitting for this weekend’s moon!!

This moon is also knows as Ice Moon, Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, and Cold Moon.  This moon was said to warn hunters of falling ice from the trees.  Under this Full Moon, it is a time for introspection.  Save your energy, stop worrying about others , and concentrate on yourself.

Full Moon Dates & Times

Los Angeles-Saturday 1/23, 5:46 PM PST

New York-Saturday 1/23, 8:46 PM EST

Chicago-Saturday 1/23, 7:46 PM CST

London-Sunday 1/24, 1:45 AM BST

This is the first Full Moon of 2016 and is very illuminating.  This moon brings with it the potential to offer great insight into where we stand with our independence, mastery & wisdom.  Themes of this Full Moon in Leo are: standing apart, courage, letting go and seeing the unseen.

Here is an article that talks more about Full Moon cleansing rituals. I really like this one, and hope you find it useful.  Full Moons are always a great time for purging & releasing. http://healing.about.com/od/moon_magick/a/full-moon-ritual.htm

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Thank you!

Just a little note to all of you wonderful souls that keep referring my services, and keep coming back to me.  It is truly appreciated and respected, more than you may know.  <3

Many of you have expressed feeling “lighter” after seeing/speaking with me.  That is exactly what I strive for and love to be known for.  Healing & peace.  Remember-

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Card For The Week Ahead 1/17-1/24

Our Card For The Week Of 1/17-1/24/16

For this week I have gone ahead and used my personal favorite deck to read with , the Thoth.  This deck is by Alister Crowley, who was considered a “psychic mastermind” in his time, and was often accused of black magic.  Some tend to shy away from this deck as it is super powerful.  I happen to love it…..:)

This weeks pull: The Magus (The Magician in Standard Tarot)


Keywords: Craftsman, Skilled, Manifestation, Power, Having what you need

Dark Side: Manipulative, Greedy, Trickster, Deceitful

The Magus (Magician) is the very 1st card of the Major Arcana.  As a one (1), this card is about the beginning, the start of something fruitful.  This can quite literally, describe magic. I find it amazing that I pulled this as the First card of our New Year card of the week, as it is a one :)

The Magician is urging us to step out of our comfort zone when he appears.  We are armed and ready to take the steps to create that what it is that we seek.  He is here to show us that there is no better time than now, and you have the skills required to step forward.

If you have been struggling on if you should go back and get your Masters Degree, the Magus is here to tell you that this is your calling and you should get right to it.  The Magus does not sit around, he (or she) makes things happen!  You should too, as it’s inside of you waiting to be woken up.  There is a special talent or skill that it is time to take note of and manifest some magic.

When it comes to personal relationships, the Magus is here to tell you to take the Bulls by The Horn and get to the heart of the matter.  You have the knowledge you have been seeking , and more is to follow when you take the first steps.

If you are asking about a relationship that “just doesn’t feel right”, than the Magus is here to confirm your intuition.  The Magician can literally perform magic and enchant & manipulate you.  He can sweep you off your feet, steal all your money & disappear just as quickly as he appeared!  Remember, the Magus is all about Magic 😉

No matter the situation this week, The Magus is giving you the “green light” to own your power and manifest what you are hoping for.

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Moving Ahead In January- Mercury Retrograde & The Energy For The First Month In 2016

Good Morning Friends,

We are now halfway through the first week of 2016!  I hope everyone has survived the holidays unscathed :)


Astrologically speaking, this month proves to be more of the same as the second half of 2015-intense astrological energy!  If it seems like I have been discussing this a lot lately, well, it’s because I have ,and with good reason.  Fortunately and sometimes unfortunately, the planets traveling through certain signs at certain times MAJORLY influence our everyday life here on earth.  Believe it or not, it is true, and January proves to be no different.  But there are some positives in here, I promise! 😉

Let’s first start with the fact that Mercury the planet of communication, has begun it’s first journey of 2016 going retrograde (backwards) beginning on January 5th and lasting until January 25th.  Expect lots of communication breakdowns and shake ups, lots of unforeseen issues and delays.  This influence usually begins to be felt about 5-10 days prior of the actual retrograde and lasts 5-10 days after.  You will always notice electronics fail more at this time, websites will not load, phones drop out more.   Keeping track of the dates of retrograde can be very helpful to you.  To read more on that, fabulous astrologer Susan Miller talks about it here.

At the same time as mercury retrograde, and in an ironic twist of fate, Jupiter the planet of luck also will begin it’s retrograde motion tomorrow 1/6 and will stay there until May 9, 2016.

Jupiter Retrograde is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months and lasting for about four (4)  months. Transiting Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. During the previous months since Jupiter entered the retrograde zone, you will have been dealing with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness and success.

Jupiter retrograde means that whatever area of growth that you have been developing that is so important,  extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything is in order before you continue. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to receive the good fortune, new romance, or increased wealth you seek.

On the other hand, it could be that a negative Jupiter behavior such as greed or addiction has been getting out of control. In this case, the Jupiter retrograde months will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur in order to shake you out of your complacency or ignorance.

By the time Jupiter turns direct, you should have come to terms with the important issues and be prepared to fully embrace contentment & positive movement forward.  Sounds intense right?  Well think about how this all FEELS!  In fact, as I write this I reflect on 2015 and Jupiters influence on me during the retrograde period. Pretty accurate and amazing.  Definite soul growth!

Lastly, there’s a New Moon entering our friend Capricorn on Saturday, 1/9. This my friends, is a beautiful New Moon with wonderful, lucky energy if directed properly.

This New Moon in Capricorn comes in bearing nothing but good vibes, thank goodness!! First off, Capricorn is a very work & goal oriented sign, and what better time at a New Moon AND at the beginning of the year to set goals & intentions for ourselves?  New Moons are always the perfect time to manifest what it is we truly are seeking.  All you need to do is make a plan, and under this New Moon, it’s time to get moving!

This is also a great time to revise & rethink a plan as well.  As mentioned above Mercury is going backwards at this time also, so over thinking things and revising them is HIGHLY recommended.  Can never be too careful.

One more little heads up: under this New Moon love & money are at the forefront, so any wishes involving these two areas will prove to be VERY fruitful so get those New Moon rituals and wishes ready!!

You can read about New Moon rituals right here, great article :)

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