Words Are Spells

Words are spells.  They really are.  What we think, we can literally create.  Where attention goes energy flows.  I am sure you are all familiar with the law of attraction to some extent.  Well, the same applies to the negative side of that spectrum.


We all have days that we look in the mirror and not like what reflects back at us.  It is so easy to walk around with that thought attached to us.  “I look & feel awful today”. So the universe gets your signals and begins to project that back to you.  You are sending out that vibration.  Think about it: what about those times you feel great? That energy also projects outward.  These are the times you will notice everything flows effortlessly.  You get that promotion, you attract new friends, you are sending out the vibes that you know you are worthy of love & affection, therefore you receive it!

We really are all just energy.  We all vibrate at our own frequency.

Sometimes, our frequency will attract others, and sometimes it will repel them.  If you walk around believing that you are worthy of receiving abundance, and grateful when it happens, then you will continue to attract that.  If you walk around with a “why me” attitude, well, you will continue to receive less than stellar circumstances.  Manifestation is VERY real & powerful.

“Don’t believe everything you think”- Unknown

As the picture above states in Shamanic understanding, words are spells.

What is Shamanic Understanding? Shamanic understanding is understanding things on a deeper spiritual level.  Shamanism is the healing practice within the animistic worldview that recognizes everything as being spiritual, therefore, sacred.  It refers to a wide range of practices regarding communication & collaboration with- as well as a tremendous respect for -the natural and spiritual worlds.  These various practices aim to maintain the balance (health) amongst all members of a community.  Human and non-human alike.

There’s A LOT more to Shamanism, but I won’t write about all that today.

The bottom line is that Shamanism teaches us a healthy lesson that is worth learning.

“Words are spells.  Everything you think or say manifests into your reality.  When you repeat to yourself that you’re just not that smart,  beautiful, worthy or deserving, you are literally cursing yourself.  You send these thoughts and energy out, which in turn bring to you situations and outcomes that prove the thoughts.  Be mindful of your word and become aware of how they affect your body, mind, spirit and life in general”.

Love & Light,


Card For The Week Of 3/20-3/27

Hi :)

For this weeks card, I have used The Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.  I have a few of his decks and they are all beautiful in their imagery and tell a brilliant story. For this week, I have pulled The Queen Of Wands.


Attributes of This Queen: Loyal, Fierce, Aggressive, Sexy, Vibrant, Warm, Goes after What She Wants (I typically see her as Dark Haired/Light Eyed but this will vary depending on the reading)

Negative Traits Of This Queen: Aggressive, Bitchy, Manipulative, Too Forward

The Queen is a court card and she rules the element of fire which governs the signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius , our Fire Signs.

The Queen Of Wands is fierce.  She goes after what she wants, and she does things her way.  She does not sit back and wait for fate to come knocking at her door, she makes it happen!

As the suit of wands rules the element of fire and fire burns, you can bet your ass that this Queen is passionate. :) 

Whether her passion is for the greater good, well, that remains to be seen.  Just as she can be passionate about what she wants , she can be just as passionate about what she dislikes!  Hell hath No Fury if you challenge her!  This woman is ready to stand her ground and speak her truth, whether you like it or not. This is one of her biggest attributes;  her forwardness and her ability to get her point across, like it or not.

For the week ahead, you may be challenged to stand your ground , stand in your power to protect your truth.  Perhaps your bitchy co-worker decides to make up yet another false story to your boss to make you look bad and you’ve had enough.  NOW is the time to speak up, stop taking the nonsense!  Be like the Queen Of Wands and let it rip.  She does NOT take anybody’s BS, but she does so in a tactful way.  She’s not curt like the Queen of Swords, too sweet like the Queen of Cups, or too placating like the Queen of Pentacles. She’s feisty, she’s authoritative, and people know that they can’t mess with her.

If you are the Queen of Wands in a reading, this is a good thing!  Particularly in a love reading.  This shows that you are seen as sexy, smart and a woman that speaks up. So the advice for this week ahead is that regardless of the circumstance, use your voice, be the Queen of Wands.

If you are Fire Sign but feel that you act more like an Air Sign, than your rising sign will tell more of the story.  If you are interested in having your chart done, email me here to set up a session.

If you are interested in truly diving into the tarot, my next three hour, interactive workshop will be held Thursday 4/7 in the evening.  Email me here for more info.  There are only a few spaces left!

FYI-There has also been crazy moon energy swirling around all of February pretty much through all of March.  This is due to a lunar eclipse happening, and it’s in the sign of Pisces.  As Pisces is THE most emotional sign of the zodiac, this is responsible for the shift within many of us and our emotions this past month. We will talk more about that this week!

Have a wonderful week!

Love & Light,


The Art Of Tarot And Its Expression

Really, what is Tarot?  Tarot, by textbook definition –playing cards, traditionally a pack of 78 with five suits, used for fortune-telling and (especially in Europe) in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trump.  That’s the “textbook” definition…


LISA’S DEFINITION :) See below..

Tarot is a means of soul expression. This is a tool we use to tap into our higher self.  This is what lies in our subconscious, our innermost feelings and insights that we may not even recognize until explored.  This is where our soul speaks to us.

So- what can the Tarot do for me, you may ask?

Well, this depends.  Are you helplessly repeating the same negative patterns over and over and over, knowing full well that something needs to change, yet feeling powerless about it at the same time?  Then Tarot can help you to explore your blockages.  A lot of blockages, believe it or not, come from past life karma.  (If you believe in this, you will understand what I am saying, and if you do not, then you can always email me to discuss a session specifically focused on your karmic purpose & past life karma.)  We can use the Tarot to explore our behavior, and look deeply into where we can redirect our energy and find our karmic purpose in this life.  We all have one, a Soul Mission.

Tarot is also very artistic in its own right.  I own Thirty-Two (Yes, 32) different tarot decks. Each one is beautiful and intricately designed.  Each deck has its own unique personality, and the artists and authors personality shines through each one in a different way.  My personal favorite of all time is the Thoth Tarot, by Alister Crowley, who was known as a “psychic mastermind” back in the early 1900’s.  I find this deck oddly fascinating, and the MOST powerful one that I have ever worked with.  The insight I receive with this deck is so overwhelmingly powerful , that I will intuitively only use it when I know the client needs this kind of reading, and is ready to receive it.  

Who should get a tarot reading?

Anyone that is in need of some insight, so basically everyone :)  Honestly though- there is no person that has had a reading that can honestly say they did not take anything away from it.  Sometimes, they may not hear what they want to hear, but rest assured, they will hear what they need to hear.  At least, that has been my experience!  Spirit always gives the messages that need to be delivered.

How to chose the right reader for you

This is crucial , as there are so many out there!  First & foremost, you need to feel a connection to the person that you will be exchanging energy with.  If you are not comfortable with the vibes you are getting, it’s simple- look elsewhere!  All readers will not connect with everyone , and that’s perfectly ok.  Always read reviews, and check the readers style.  Decide if you are ok with telephone or in person.  Energy is energy- and an authentic reader will connect with you regardless, it’s really about your comfort level.  Make sure you feel your reader is being honest with you too.  This is crucial.  I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve heard this EXACT statement: ” I hated you when you told me XYZ, but you were the only reader that told me the truth”.  THIS is important. Again, not always what you want to hear, but need to hear.  A good reader is always invested in their clients well being, even if that means wounding their pride short-term. After all, when you have a reading, you are hoping for and seeking answers and truth. Why would I waste your time with fluff and nonsense?

It’s also important to find out if there are other ways the reader taps into information.  For example- I know  quite a bit about astrology & the planets, therefore I will always incorporate that into my sessions.  Some readers will do strictly tarot or angel cards, others won’t use cards at all (which I often do not), so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the readers style beforehand.

Important factors that can make or break your experience

It’s perfectly normal to be apprehensive while having a reading.  A lot of the time while you are open to receiving the information, there is still an element of the unknown, and with that comes fear.  Also, during a reading sensitive information will come up, and sometimes as humans we tend to push away our true feelings to save face.  Well guess what?  A reading will more than likely reveal this.  So I truly feel that destiny comes into play here.  When someone is ready to face/hear certain things , they will seek a reading, plain & simple.  Also, don’t lie to the person who is reading you.  Nine times out of Ten, believe me, they  know it and it’s frustrating when someone will not acknowledge anything. You are messing with our ability to help you ,and as any authentic reader will tell you, this what we want!  To help & to heal.  There is nothing “hokey or woo woo” about having an energy reading.  When I read, I am simply accessing my higher self, which in turn, is accessing your higher self.

I also teach how to tap into your intuition, and even conduct your own tarot reading through a three-hour workshop called “The No BS Guide To Journeying Into The Tarot”. It’s very interactive & informative, and capped at 8 people.  The next one will be held in Eastchester, NY on Thursday, 4/7.  If you are interested, please email me here.  It is $150 for the three hours, and I provide you with your own deck of cards.

Love & Light,




Card Of The Week 3/13-3/20

Happy Sunday!

For the upcoming week’s card , I have used my Archangel Tarot Deck.  The card I have pulled is The Chariot.


The Chariot is a Major Arcana card which is often karmic by nature, and quite important in its message to us.  It is number Seven (7) of the Majors, and as a 7 the emphasis is on thinking, seeking for truth and not taking anything at face value.

The Chariot is all about controlled determination. You are driving the car this week, in total control. There is a goal here, and end in sight, but to rush full  steam ahead could be detrimental to the end result.  We want victory when the Chariot appears, and we will have it as long as we practice restraint.

This week ahead we will be feeling impatient and wanting those situations in our life to just move forward already.  But the thing is, waiting is often necessary to get to that desired outcome.  Use your intuition this week, and trust that the fire in your belly is real, and you will get where/who/what you need as long as you practice a controlled plan of action.

The Chariot is here to remind us to slow down, reevaluate, and then proceed forward confidently.

If you would like to learn how to read Tarot , then email me here to inquire about my next workshop “The no BS Guide To Journeying Into The Tarot”, held on Thursday , 4/7.  The last one was great!

Love & Light,



Super New Moon In Pisces Today…Dynamic Energy

Today occurs a very emotional & dynamic Super New Moon in Pisces.  Those even without Water in their charts will feel this shift.  Dreams really can come true under this astrological influence. ( My moon falls in Pisces, as if I needed another reason to be more sensitive) :)


New Moons are a time to plant the seeds for new beginnings, and to manifest what it is we truly desire. The energy is quite powerful at this time, and because it’s a Supermoon, it is even more amplified.

Combining this Pisces new moon with a Supermoon signifies that it’s not just a new beginning, but a new life direction altogether.

Wounds are coming to the surface to be addressed.  People are coming into our lives to help us take notice of what is wonderful, what is broken and what needs to be tended to so we can be in touch with our truth both internally & externally.  Almost every person I have read for over the last few days has been going through this shift, and they have been surprised yet relieved to see that it’s “normal”.  Remember: we were put on this earth to grow.  

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and embodies qualities of all the signs, yet she is most well known for being sensitive, romantic and in touch with her deepest emotions.

She is the underwater goddess that helps us to believe in the impossible.

Because Pisces influences our ability to dive deep into our emotions, we will become brave enough to finally face our inner wounds and heal them once and for all.  But this does not come easy!

Get outside tonight if you can and enjoy the beautiful moon.  Set those intentions & have fatih.

I leave you with this final thought- “People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them.” ~ Paolo Coelho 

Do not be one of those people, go after what you know you deserve.

Contact me here if you would like to schedule a “New Moon Session”

Love & Light,