See Ya Mercury Retrograde, Hello Full Moon In Sagitarrius!

Happy Monday!

Whoa- today Mercury finally stations direct.  The effects of the retro will still be felt as we are in the “shadow” phase for the next few days but for the most part, it’s over!  Thank goodness as this one was particularly rough!


SO- now that the little B*#$% is moving on out, what does this mean for everyone?

There are a few important things to note as Mercury Retro ends:

First, most important is our Full Moon In Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of good luck, fortune & abundance.

Basically, now that we are out of Mercurys spell of uncertainty, it’s time under this full moon to follow our leads for exciting new developments. It’s time for action and manifestation of our goals and wishes. It’s time to face the truth and shed old belief systems that are holding us back.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is NOT time to be moving forward with new plans, but rather a time for reflection and reevaluation.  Now that we are out of it, it’s time to review our choices more carefully and move forward in the direction we wish.

Most importantly- it is time for transformation and rebirth.  The way you have been feeling the past month is no accident!  Something must fall away to make way for the new.  This could be career related, personal relationships , whatever- but it’s time for transformation on an internal or external level does not matter which, but transformation is the name of the game.

Now let’s talk about the Full Moon


This is one of TWO full moons in the same sign back to back!  (This is an extremely rare occurrence so find Sagittarius in your birth chart and see where you are supposed to be transmuting your energy and GET AFTER IT).  The cosmic forces are in your favor!
Know that whatever is happening right now either on the global scale or in our individual lives is likely to continue to be played out until the next full moon in Sagittarius on June 20th.  Rather than allowing a sense of finality around this full moon consider it the first act. There is more to come, a continuation that’s for sure.

So what is this full moon all about?  TRUTH.  Shedding old skin, making way for the new and finding the courage and the strength to face the truth and act accordingly. You will shine from doing this…it does not mean it will be easy or stress free, but the most growth occurs during times of discomfort.

Sidenote: For those of you that perform full moon rituals, if you have not done so yet tonight is a wonderful time to do so, as Mercury cannot mess you up now!  Full Moon Blessings to all!

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Love & Light,


Some News & Card For The Upcoming Week

Good Morning!  Hope this Sunday finds everyone well.

Before we talk “card of the week” for all of my NY friends, I will be participating in a really cool & exciting event tomorrow (the 16th) evening in NYC.  The world famous psychic medium Thomas John and Radio host Laura Smith are doing a LIVE psychic event for their radio show “Above & Beyond with Laura”.  It starts at 6:00 PM and will also feature four (4) readers that will be walking around giving two-minute Tarot readings!  I will be one of the readers…if you are interested, please click here

Also- I will be hosting another three-hour Tarot workshop this Thursday 5/19 at The Temperance Center in Eastchester , and there are still a few spots left!  The last few were a LOT of fun, and enjoyed by all.  If interested , please contact me here

For this weeks card pull I have used the Mystic Faery Tarot.

The card of the week is the Nine of Wands


Upside: Courage, Resilience, Persistance

Flipside: Hesitancy, Paranoia, Defensive

“You cannot change the past. You can only change the way
you allow the past to affect your present
and your future.”

This is pretty much what the Nine of Wands is here to tell us.  When we see this card we are reminded of how far we have come, yet there is still more to be done.  While we have accomplished a lot, we sometimes feel we have accomplished little.

Often times, we are very close to completing a task or project, and then a setback or minor annoyance occurs, pushing us back a step.  Rather than looking at this as frustration (as we often do), lets look at it as an opportunity for growth and expansion. After all, we only learn from experience, and  experiences are not always wonderful.

If there is a specific goal or project that you are working on/towards this week, the Nine of Wands is here to tell us that  after one last test or challenge, you will reach your ultimate success!  As long as you stand firm & strong, you will achieve your goal.

The obstacles you have experienced may have left you feeling distrustful of others or even yourself. The turning point will come when you are able to leave the past behind you and to cultivate a more open mind about the future. While you have experienced losses in the past, it does not mean that you have to experience further losses in the future. Turn a new leaf and push on.

That is what the Nine of Wands is here to tell us this week.

Love & Light,




I’ve Been Quiet, But Now Let’s Talk Card Of The Week!

Happy Sunday & Happy Mothers Day To All of The Beautiful Mommies Out There!

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, so apologies for that!  BUT- I have been working on several exciting projects and working a LOT which has been taking up most of my energy.   Plus, I don’t know about all of you but these retrograde planets have personally been kicking my ass, compounding anything else that might be going on!  My mantra has been “I Just Can’t”. I can’t handle anything extra, and I urge all of you to take a break and rest as needed as well.  Don’t take on more than you can handle these next few weeks as the planets are not really being very supportive!

Now onto our card of the week.

For this weeks meditation and card pull, I have used my deck,  Tarot Of The Old Path.

I have pulled: Seven of Swords

Keywords: Futility, Theft, Greed, Trickster

In Tarot, Swords are the suit of the mind.  Remember, swords can cut.  Swords are ruled by the element of Air, and astrologically Swords represent our Air Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.


For those that have taken my workshops and/or sat in on a session with me, you are well aware that I do not read Tarot the conventional way at all.  However, this will always be one card no matter what deck or how it comes out in a reading, that I will always be leery of!  Just look at this picture!

A man is stealing swords and looking behind him.  Has he been caught?  Has anyone seen him?  Should he go back for the three swords he has left behind?  I urge to go deep into your psyche, and apply this card to where it needs to fit in YOUR life at this time.  You will need to be creative, but I guarantee you will intuitively know where/how to apply it for you this week.

Given that Mercury is retrograde right now, and we are also under the influence of Mars retrograde unti the end of June, this is not a time to begin anything new that has the potential to be tricky.  This is a time where things can & will go haywire.  Particularly in our communication with others, so take care. (To read more about the wonky retrograde planets, just scroll down to the post before this one).

Most importantly, what our friend Seven of Swords is here to tell us is that it will all be brought to light.  That’s right- so if you have been up to no good personally, professionally, or both- it likely that this week will bring in some enlightening moments, or some big ones depending on the severity of the situation.  That which is has been hidden will likely come up to the surface once and for all and will need to be addressed.

On the other hand, if there have been things hidden away from you, things you have not been able to find, facts that remain to be uncovered to you, than expect some answers to come your way this week.  This can  pertain to any situation or even objects that you have not been able to locate.  The moon cannot keep everything hidden forever, and now the Sun will shine the truth(s), like it or not!

Most importantly- try to remember to NOT be like this man in the card.  While it is always good to come out ahead, it is not good to do so at the expense of anyone/anything else. Honesty & integrity will always win, even when it throws your world upside down temporarily.

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