Oh Wait, You’ve Been On Edge?! Perhaps Today’s Full Moon In Sagittarius AND The Summer Solstice Will Ease The Tension!

Good Morning!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, 2016 has proven to be quite energetic thus far.  It will continue to be so, however, today’s full moon in Sag AND the summer solstice should have you feeling some relief (at least I hope)!


I’m particularly excited for this moon!

This moon is all about: embracing your intuition, clearing out the old to prepare for the new, expanding beyond your comfort zone, strengthening your inner connection, expanding through higher learning and letting your light shine!  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Also, happy Summer Solstice!  Tuesday 6/21 is the first official day of summer AND the longest day of the year :)  I don’t know about you but that makes me very happy!

Sidenote: this year’s summer solstice coincides with the June full moon, which was nicknamed “the Strawberry Moon” by native American tribes and is known in other cultures as the “rose moon,” the “hot moon” and the “honey moon.”  They called it this because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit.  Strawberries are not grown in Europe, hence the other nicknames.

Full Moons are a wonderful time for release. Mutable signs will be the most sensitive to this particular moon.  Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces.  You don’t necessarily have to be any of those particular signs to benefit from this moon however, you can simply have some of these signs transiting through other areas of your chart to have the energy amplified.

Unfinished business is the theme of this full moon. Tying up loose ends.   Any problems that occur will simply seem to be background noise.  In other words, the influence of this full moon should have you feeling a wee-bit calmer once it enters Sagittarius at 6:02 AM on Monday 6/20.  You should be feeling lighter and as though troubles that may have been plaguing you this month will seem to lessen.

Sagittarius Full Moons are exciting and restless ones, often bringing a feeling of wanting to move, whether through a change of home or work, or environment and scenery.

Sagittarius likes to have fun.  This is where the background noise/frustration factor comes in to play.  You may be wanting to just get to it, but circumstances or annoyances will not allow you to be as free as you may wish.  Nevertheless, the energy is not too heavy, but the desire for movement is there.  If you can do it, then go for it!!

This is the 2nd full moon in a row in Sag, and this months moon has a bit of a stronger influence then the one we had in may,  as it prepares to make its final exit.

The two pics below are my fine photography during last months full moon in Sagittarius :) .











Bright blessings to all under the Full Moon & Summer Solstice.

If you would like to know your astrological placements based on your time of birth, set up a session with me here.

Love & Light,







Intuition Nutrition

Good Morning All!

Under this new moon I am feeling compelled to discuss nutrition, as lately I have been really focusing on it and the universe has been sending me many people in need of some nutritional guidance.

For those that don’t know I am also a CNC- “Certified Nutritional Consultant”.  I trained with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, but also self trained with many years of my own experience with food, diet & exercise.

Working out is fantastic, but nutrition is WAY more important.  Think: 80% nutrition 20% exercise – this is truth.

For years I was performing high intensity workouts (kickboxing, martial arts, kettle bell training, etc) and while I was “solid”, I just wasn’t really shrinking or having much visible muscle definition.  I was definitely gaining muscle, but I felt I was looking more solid and not really toned if that makes sense.

 I completely revamped my eating (notice I won’t say diet as it’s truly a lifestyle change, a conscious decision to just overall feel better) and only then did my muscles become more visible!

By cutting out all processed foods (that means basically anything from a package!) and refined sugar, and by adding a lot of greens, I lost excess weight and the muscles started showing. But most importantly, I felt great!  My mind was more sharp, I was sleeping better and I felt so clear!

My story in a nutshell if you’re interested:

So who am I? Besides being an intuitive reader/tarot reader/instructor,  I am also a holistic health & wellness coach as well as a certified nutritional consultant, and a foodie.

Aside from my training at The Integrative Institute of Nutrition (IIN), I am also self trained from many years of my own curiosity and experience.  I am also very passionate about food and love to cook.  I am constantly tweaking recipes with all of the amazing natural herbs and spices that the culinary world has to offer.

I grew up in a large Italian household where the emphasis was always on (you guessed it ) FOOD!  Food was love.  I grew up chunky.  It got increasingly harder for me as I got older.  I always felt like the “fat girl”.

Then one day at the the age of 22, I decided to get it together and figure out why my low calorie approach and “healthy” diet just was not working. Something was wrong- Why could I not shed the weight and keep it off?  I was simply eating just to eat, never thinking of the value or consequence of what I was putting into my body.

I started reading a bunch of different diet/nutrition books , used some aspects from several different sources and my intuition, and I lost 50 pounds in SIX MONTHS!

But while I looked healthier (or so I thought) I really did not feel good and even ended up in the hospital with a bit of a scare…you see,  I had a little knowledge on what worked, but I applied it improperly.

Now I am in my mid thirties and have managed to keep all of that weight off (and then some!) and feel like I am in the best shape of my life physically, mentally and spiritually.  And you can feel this way too!  It’s all about discovery & recovery.

Food is love, yes, but only when it’s the kind of foods that are nourishing your mind, body and soul, but also, they must taste good!  You just won’t feel good when you are eating anything.

I would love to share more with you and help you on your journey to eat well, live well and BE WELL!

Having said that I strongly believe in the concept of bio-individuality – meaning one persons pleasure is another persons poison and the same eating style won’t work for everyone- you need to play with it and tweak it to see what helps you & your body. But more importantly , what helps to keep your mind sharp?

Health Coach Card Back

I’ve always been highly intuitive but if my nutrition suffers or gets neglected for too long , guess what happens?  I feel fog-brain, run down and depleted.  I feel like I am not functioning properly and I am not vibrating optimally.  This is not good, and I try to avoid it at all costs.

I have learned over the years to really practice intuitive eating-or as I like to say-intuition nutrition.

Eat for nourishment but also eat what you are craving within reason.  That means: don’t just eat to eat.  Listen to your gut more :) 

I try to avoid dairy as much as possible.  I LOVE cheese, but when I consume it, it lowers my vibration.  I feel fog brain, stuffy and just overall icky.  So I try to limit it as much as possible , and I certainly will not eat it right before or during the working day of seeing clients.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth (thankfully) but when the mood strikes, I go for some dark chocolate (70% 0r higher if you can tolerate is best).  I’m a sucker for 80% and higher,  I genuinely enjoy the taste plus there are some major health benefits to dark chocolate.

OR- I will bake a treat omitting sugar and just using a little honey or unsweetened maple syrup and that does it.

If you are craving salt your sodium levels are likely a little depleted especially if you exercise heavily and/or sweat a lot.  We often don’t realize how some cravings are literally our bodies way of getting our attention- “helloooo-  we are lacking and I need this”. 

I promise,  by just becoming more conscious of what you are putting into your mouth and why, you will start to feel just overall healthier!

If you’re interested,  here is a link to the man and book that changed.my.life– literally.  If you want to feel amazing , perform better at the gym and at life in general, sleep more soundly and just feel more alive- check him out and try it out.

If none of this interests you -at least try the concept of intuitive eating.  If you REALLY want that donut, stop and ask yourself: “do I really crave the taste of this donut? Is this donut adding value to my life or am I addicted to the sugar high that comes with it”?  If you do eat the donut, really pay attention to the hour afterwards and how you feel, and if you don’t eat the donut pay attention to how you feel- and the answer will come to you as to why you feel you need that donut.  This is the place where your intuition will kick in.  I get it, sometimes you just want the donut. More than likely- most of the time-it’s not about the donut.

If you would like a session strictly about your nutritional needs, contact me here and we will set up a time to chat

Love & Light,



New Moon In Gemini Saturday 6/4 = Energy Explosion!

Happy June !

The cosmic Gods are really having fun with all of us this year!  If you follow astrology than you are very well aware of the intense energy 2016 has brought this far, and will continue to bring.  Spirit is urging all of us to PAY ATTENTION as intuition is very heightened at this time.

This saturday, 6/4/16, the New Moon enters the sign of the twins, of duality: Gemini


Do you believe everything you hear and see?  Do you listen to your head and heart?  How o you perceive the information you are receiving?

This New Moon in Gemini puts your perceptions, assumptions, projections and values to the test. You may be challenged to defend what is important to you or even change your mind about some things. Gemini is known for being in two minds about things.  

Sidenote: The tarot card “The Lovers” is ruled by Gemini, the twins, and represents love yes, but mainly choice.  There are choices to make under this New Moon.  The old way of doing things will be tested.

Having a New Moon cycle that takes off in Gemini means that the next four (4) weeks have an underlying theme of encountering fresh ideas, recycling old ones and finding various ways to express and convey them to others and to ourselves. But this won’t always feel clear.

With this New Moon , comes time to manifest our desires and wishes.  Out with the old and in with the new is the theme of New Moons.

Add to this that Venus, the planet of love & beauty is also in Gemini, there will be even more of an emphasis on love and friendship. chance encounters, and the desire for lighthearted fun.

Our inner translators or internal compass I like to say  (or intuition to be simple), often get clogged with information overload and need to be “cleaned out” periodically.  The New Moon is the perfect time to do this!

Clear your receptors, by getting away from external frequencies when you can.

This particular Moon is a great one for recharging and rebooting.  Unplug the devices, get away from all of the external frequencies.  Get outdoors, go for a run, get to the water, go hiking.  It’s a great time to really get in touch wth nature.  Believe me, your soul needs it and will benefit from this now more than ever!

Main Themes Of This New Moon

  • Recharge, reboot (remember Gemini is ruled by the element of Air, so this is mainly a Mental Reboot)
  • Play, have fun
  • Accepting major diifferences, both in ourselves & others
  • Laughing at the sheer madness of the universe and the humor in all of the synchronistic events you may be experiencing
  • Updating your style, adding something others might think is out of character ( I LOVE to change my style often, must be because my rising sign IS Gemini) :)
  • Swift, exciting changes, seemingly out of nowhere
  • Fun & stimulating conversations
  • Talking to people from all walks of life
  • The desire to get out there and try something totally different
  • Impulse to learn, collect, gather, exchange knowledge

It’s a Good Time To

  • Speak your mind confidently, while being open to change
  • Make others laugh with your quirky humor
  • Use all of your sources to convey your information
  • Give descriptive life to your imagination (writing, drawing, dancing, painting, performing).
  • Have a small party
  • Attend parties!
  • Have FUN 
  • Get in touch with nature
  • Reach out to an old friend/family member and “clear the air”


Do you perform a New Moon Ritual?  Below is a link to just one way of doing it (this is a lengthy article so feel free to skim through and tweak the ritual however it works for you)


Remember: Rituals/ceremonies can be as long/short as you need them to be, and as elaborate or as simple as you wish!  There’s no “right” or “wrong” way here, just do as you feel.

Contact me here for a New Moon Reading

Love & Light,