Dreams, Or Are They?

Today we are talking about dreams.

Often, people message me or ask me during a session to help them understand a specific dream that they had.  Two very common dream scenarios I hear often are : “why am I dreaming of my dead grandmother, is she trying to tell me something”?  OR “I dreamt all my teeth were falling out- what does that mean”?

Some people tell me they never dream, while others (such as myself) dream pretty much every night, often lucid dreams and very vivid.  In my opinion, dreams always mean something-even and especially the ones that you wake up thinking “what the heck was that about”??

If you look up “dream” in the dictionary, this is the meaning: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.


While this is true, I will say that I feel that dreams are our souls talking to us, our higher selves being accessed while we are open to the information without bias or judgement.  

When we are sleeping, we are technically in a trance.  Information can get through whether it be from the spirit world or our subconscious letting us know it’s time to act , or to acknowledge some discomfort we may be experiencing in our waking life.  This does not mean that all dreams are exactly how things are-but parts of the dreams will always represent parts of the subconscious, in some form.

There are several layers of dreams, so let’s talk about a few  (I will use examples of mine)

Type 1- a regular old dream with flashes of random people/events. You wake up and maybe you remember it, maybe you don’t.  “Oh yeah, I dreamt I was at the race track  last night” flashes in your conscious state , and you continue on about your day.  Nothing out of the ordinary there….

Type 2-a premonition or a psychic dream, where you receive information about yourself or someone else, and you feel the need to relay the message.

Often times the dreams are relatively normal & deemed unimportant by the dreamer.  Other times, we receive information of an event or events to come, a premonition.  Here’s a real example of one I had happen a few months ago.  I will call her “maggie”…she is a woman I have read for many times, but only by telephone, so I have never actually met/seen her.

One night, I had a vivid dream of a woman with a short, blonde haircut.  I acknowledged that this was Maggie, even though I don’t know what she looks like.  In the dream, Maggie looked very skinny & sad, and there were mountains behind her.  We were also standing on sand.   She was walking towards me, and I said “Maggie what’s wrong”?  As she opened her mouth to speak, she screamed.  The scream startled me awake.  I woke up with my heart racing, I felt the need to reach out to Maggie.  I did not feel she was in any danger though, I just felt bothered and that I *should* reach out.

I emailed her at the end of that day and then we spoke .  She was actually planning on reaching out to me that very same day.  Turns out, she had just found out her husband wanted a divorce, she had just cut her hair short & dyed it blond, was moving near the mountains to be with her family, AND was not eating due to her anxiety…..now that was my higher self letting me know that Maggie needed me.

Type 3- and this is my favorite “dream”- when someone who has passed comes to us in a dream, and it’s SO real and SO vivid that you could swear you really saw/spoke to this person…well, that’s because you did!!!!  This is THE most common way our family & friends in the spirit world try and communicate with us.  You will KNOW when you’ve been visited or had one of these experiences because you will remember every detail.  Every sight, smell and emotion -it will be real.  

Often times it’s described as an out of body experience and you may even get a glimpse of the afterlife!  I feel blessed to say that I’ve had several of these.  

One particular one was several years ago about my maternal grandfather.  He passed when I was just three years old, so I don’t really have any memories of him but have always felt connected.  I think of him often also, and how I wish I could have spent more time with him.  I had an experience with him, I guess you can say it was a dream, although I know better :)  – he visited me.  We walked to the supermarket and were cashing in bottles for coins, having the best time.  I remember at one point looking at him and saying “Grandpa- don’t you have to go back now”?  He looked at his watch, looked me in the face and said “Nah, I still have some time”.  I woke up from that dream with happy tears.  I knew Grandpa had come to say hello and spend some time with me.  He knew at that time I was thinking of him and feeling “shortchanged” of spending time with him when he was in the physical world. 

I got even more confirmation/validation of Grandpa’s visit when I told Grandma about the dream.  She started hysterical laughing and said “Oh he would cash those damn bottles in every sunday morning”.  I did not know that, so I found that more amazing that he chose to visit this way….

So for those of you that question these “dreams” from sprit, I’m here to tell you, YES ,those are real visits!  Our loved ones are always communicating with us, it’s up to us to open our hearts and our minds to let them in.  We are all energy and we are all connected.  Death does not change that.

Type 4- “I dreamt I was naked”.  This is so common!  This is quite literally, you feeling exposed somehow, or being afraid of being stripped naked for all to see, for all to bear. What would happen if you let everyone see what’s really going on?  What are you afraid of?  These are questions to ask if/when you have this dream.  It’s also important to note *who* else is in this dream and what they represent to you.

I would also like to address dreams about teeth…I often have these , not sure I should admit that :)

You know, you dream all your teeth are falling out?  Or my most recent one, I dreamt my teeth feel out and I was choking on them! I actually woke myself up thinking I was choking. Teeth dreams are VERY common particularly when you are feeling anxious.

When you dream about your teeth falling out, don’t panic. Even though this kind of dream tends to fall in the category of most common nightmare, it is a sign that some important changes are in the works  in your life. Change often causes anxiety- so this makes sense.  Change is constant and unavoidable at times, and often out dreams will reflect our fears to us.


Nurture Yourself-New Moon in Cancer Today

Happy July 4th!

cancer moon

The new moon is in Cancer (the crab) today.  In tarot, cancer rules the Major Arcana card, the Chariot, which is all about victory.

The moon is very at home in the emotional, watery sign of cancer.  Emotions are not foreign here, and need to be felt, nurtured and released.  Like the shell of the crab we may feel the need to protect our vulnerability from those we do not feel closest to.  But for those that we are close with, it’s time to show some vulnerability so that true peace and healing can begin.

The sign of cancer in general, along with its planetary ruler the Moon, represents our personal connection to the world around us. It is our feelings and emotional needs, which are rooted in our childhood and our past.  In fact, in astrology the moon is governed by our mothers.

Now that Mars is direct as of 6/29- we are more free to build and manifest under this new moon than we may have been over the previous months. At least ,it will seem that way.

When Mars was retrograde it was not a time to act.  Mars is all about our drive and our will to get things done, our passion.  So when it’s retrograde (backwards) we tend to stand still, or at least we are meant to.  Now that Mars is set forth once again, it’s ok to get in touch with our truths and take action.

This is a time where a lot of us will be feeling heightened sensitivity and emotional intelligence that can bring forth a lot of healing -IF-we are prepared to deal with it.

With this new moon in Cancer, it’s time for a new step forward. This moon most definitely is offering a nice opportunity for evolvement.  After the previous month of challenges and scatteredness, this upcoming lunar cycle is very healing, loving, and potentially uplifting.

This new moon aligns with some fairly positive aspects to venus & mercury- allowing us to feel love, express our love, and communicate!  In fact, you are encouraged to do so.

The New Moon, along with Venus and Mercury, is also in an opposition to Pluto. This can represent a time of purging what is necessary as a result of what has transpired in recent weeks or months. For some people this is a time to more easily deal with what we would prefer to keep hidden- our shadow aspects.  There may be some heavy emotions but considering all of the other aspects, there is great opportunity to achieve a new sense of joy as a result of the changes we are making.  Remember- Pluto only wants to get rid of what’s not working, making room for major change and growth- rebirth.

I hope you enjoy the energy of this new moon and use it wisely to manifest.

Sidenote: The best time to set new moon intentions and/or perform new moon rituals is within 24 hours of the new moon, being as close to the actual time as possible.  Today’s new moon was at 7:01 AM EDT.

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