New Moon In Leo Tomorrow- Time To Get Creative!

Good Morning Friends,

Tomorrow, Tuesday 8/2 at 4:44 PM EST,  we have a New Moon entering the vivacious sign of Leo.  The New Moon occurs, marking the beginning of a new cycle. The Cancer New Moon cycle ends, and the Leo New Moon cycle begins. I would also like to mention that in numerology, 4’s are indicative of structure, stability, setting foundations for future endeavors, and creativity!  What does this mean?  It’s time to tap into our creativity to move calmly towards our goals.

This moon is not a particularly potent one,  and that’s not a bad thing considering the craazzyy lunation cycle we’ve been experiencing these past few months!  Even so, it is still a time to set your intentions and get ready to manifest!

Sidenote:  new moons are for setting intentions and manifesting what we hope & dream for.  From the time of the new moon straight up until the following full moon, it is all about manifesting.  Once the full moon hits, it’s about release.

In Tarot, Leo rules the Major Arcana card  “Strength”– and that’s no coincidence.  Leo is strong, possesses insane willpower to get done what they feel is important and needs to be done.  Leo is a FIRE sign, and fire is hot.  Leo also needs to have fun.  All of these characteristics are what we need to be embodying under this new moon.  Be creative, be bold, be energetic be YOU and most importantly, have fun!

I have several Leo friends, and they all possess the same wonderful traits.  Big hearts & big mouths (in a good way)! :) Also, the women tend to have big, beautiful hair- almost like a lions mane.  It’s quite interesting actually!  If there is one friend that can get you out of the house for an adventure- it’s a Leo!


Leo is ruled by the Sun.  The sun sits right in the center of the sky and it shines BRIGHT.  Just as the sign of Leo, the sun is the center of it all.  Leo is a fun sign with a big heart- it’s bold, bright, courageous, commands attention, lovable & vivacious.

I think of my little niece who is three as I write this, and she is a TRUE little leo, and I love her to pieces. :)  She is fearless and has a commanding presence.  She walks in the room and you KNOW.  She’s a little doll, and she loves to sing and is a little comedienne that always cracks everyone up.  She is definitely shining in her lioness power!  She can brighten up your day in an instant. I always cooerlate the sign of Leo with her, because she truly describes the sign to ” a T”.  May she always stay that way <3

*This is a wonderful new moon, and the perfect time to use happiness as the fuel for the intentions you are about to set.  If you are a Leo especially – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  This is YOUR moon!  Also- if your rising sign is Leo, this is very important as well, and you have a way stronger Leo influence than you realize perhaps even more than your sun sign!  If you would like a reading specifically focused on your major astrological placements, let me know.  It’s quite eye opening and enlightening.

Fun little ways to perform a new moon ritual:

You can do this by yourself or with others, it doesn’t matter- either way is effective , although I find it more fun to do with others.

I like to set up a small altar with my stones & crystals that represent the sign the new/full moon falls under.  Since this is the sign of Leo, I intend to use my fiery colored stones. The red, orange and yellow colored ones, my favorite being Citrine– this one is most powerful for manifesting and it possesses a beautiful  array of colors in the gold/orange /yellow family.  Others I will be using are amber, carnelian, agate and garnet. (I always use selenite as well-as it’s the strongest for angelic protection).


Remember: you do not have to use crystals, I just work with them and love to use them.  If you are going to go out and get any specifically for this new moon, I recommend Citrine (pictured to the right).

I like to light and burn some sage as well.  Write down your intentions and either sit with them under the moonlight, or burn them under the light of the moon.  There is no right or wrong way, just do what feels right.  The moon is magic.

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With Love,