Lunar Eclipse /Full Moon In Pisces Today- Get Ready To Be Sensitized!

Happy Friday & Happy Full Moon In Psychic Pisces!

As I’ve mentioned before, September 2016 has a lot of astrological energy going on. Today being no exception!  We have a Lunar Eclipse, AND it’s a Full Moon in the highly intuitive & sensitive sign of  Pisces.  Also -we are still in the mist of Mercury Retrograde, so expect the effects of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to be heightened even more so.


From how I was taught about eclipses, in a very watered  down description, Lunar Eclipses are a smaller scale eclipse.  Not nearly as powerful as a Solar Eclipse, but yet still powerful in their own right.  The energy is still felt very strongly.

This Full Moon is in Pisces.  Pisces is a very psychic sign, and is all about spirituality and what is just beneath the surface, the otherworldly.  What we feel, but might not necessarily be able to see.  Who we are on a larger scale, and how we wish to contribute to the world and to society.

This Full Moon in Pisces is about change and opportunity.  Intense events may come up that need to be dealt with.  Psychic  “aha” moments will also likely occur.  Emotional wounds are being poked at, wanting us to let go and release our past.  Even though it may feel quite emotional. there is also a sweet,  tender  &  empowering component to this Pisces Full Moon.  

There are all sorts of emotions that are likely to be coming up to the surface to be addressed under this Eclipse/Full Moon.  Remember: the moon governs our emotional world, and where the moon falls astrologically is the emotional current we will be riding.

Pisces is hands down ,the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and the Moon is there right now, so guess what?  Everything is sensitized!  The Moon governs our emotions & Pisces is a Water Sign!  Other water signs include Cancer & Scorpio.  Some think Cancer is the most sensitive, as it is ruled by the moon, but I disagree and I will tell you my logic: Cancer is the crab, and Scorpio is the Scorpion, while Pisces is the Fish.  Crabs & Scorpions have an outer shell, in which they can retreat when wounded to protect themselves.  Pisces is simply a Fish!  So where do they go when wounded?  Underwater into their own world.  That’s a sensitive Pisces.  Pisces can’t hide its emotion, so if you are feeling super sensitive under this Full Moon- well, you may want to stay home!  (I kid, I kid- but seriously, you need to honor your feelings under this Full Moon).

Astrologically, Pisces is ruled by the planet of Neptune, which is the planet of illusion, disillusion, and boundaries.  So again, under this Full Moon, expect boundaries to be tested, some being put into place, and some being dissolved to allow greater growth and experience in.  If you have been seeing a certain situation or person through rose colored glasses, (as Neptune can often do) well guess what?  During this time those glasses might come off, and the truth will be revealed.  Whether that is positive or negative depends upon how you react to the truth and how much you trust your intuition.


In Tarot, Pisces rules the Major Arcana Card, The High Priestess.  The High Priestess is all about intuition, whats being felt and not seen, the underworld, spirituality. This card is Second in the Tarot- so likely these energies will be felt around the area of partnerships and relationships of all kinds.  The High Priestess teaches us to follow our gut, do what feels right and good to us, and above all to trust ourselves and be true to ourselves. Not always an easy feat, but just because you don’t see it, does not mean it does not exist!

*Those that have a water moon, or a water rising sign in particular should really feel their emotions ramped up under the influence of this Moon.

I have a special love for this Full Moon in Pisces.  I am a Moon in Pisces person, so I can truly relate to this one, and have been feeling it for the past week or so.  I don’t know about you, but typically a week before a Full Moon especially depending upon which sign the Moon is in, I have trouble sleeping, I experience body aches, and become overly sensitive & emotional.  I feel like everything is heightened.  As long as you acknowledge it and honor what you need, you will be ok.

*Below iis a picture I took last night- wasn’t that Moon AMAZING?!


Remember, while Full Moons are all about recognition & release, they are also about manifesting that which you desire.  

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Take care this month and remember theres is a LOT of shaping & shifting going on.  This is the biggest energetic month of 2016 so use it wisely.  Let’s not forget that Mercury is still in retrograde, but getting ready to turn direct, so watch your communication.

Love & Light,





Today Is A Day of Significance- 9/9/16 – Everything Is Amplified, AND 2016 is a “9” Year…..

Good Morning Friends!

This is my first post in quite a few weeks.  Several of you have kindly reached out to see if everything was “ok”.  Yes, it is, thankfully.   I was simply suffering from burnout.  I was doing WAY too much and my body kind of revolted and hit a brick wall.  I was super drained, and working on too many projects while trying to keep everything running smoothly .  But alas, I am back to business and I thank you for your concern. <3

Today is a day of significance astrologically AND in numerology – 9/9/16


First, let’s talk about the fact that 2016 is a 9 year.  9 being the end of a cycle lasting 9 years.  This year, we are called upon to take inventory of the last nine years of our life.

Take a good look at what you have obtained and what you are proud of.  Likewise, look at what you have not achieved but perhaps wish you had.  Now is the time to plant seeds for the next 9 year cycle.   Some objects/people/ way of thinking , etc. – might need to be left behind on your journey in order for your greatest growth to occur. With this enlightenment you will be able to move next year into a new cycle of life lighter, but also more conscious of what you have become.

The year 2016 has been a delicate year for many.  A year of re-evaluation of where we have been, and where we are headed.  Loss is a big one for this “9” year.  But every loss does not have to be sad, and will pave the road for new beginnings IF you reflect and heed the lessons the universe is trying to teach you.

Now let’s talk about today- September 9, 2016.

9 is the number of the soul.  Think of an old soul here.  This is a day of power and everything is amplified.  (Not to mention the fact that there are TWO major eclipses this month as well.  One already occurred on 9/2 in Virgo, and our next one is 9/16 in Pisces).

We should all be feeling a lot today and this month in general.  Those that are particularly sensitive, especially light workers, have already been feeling the rumblings of all of this energetic shifting for quite some time.  We are also in the throes of mercury retrograde, although this one seems to be overshadowed by the crazy lunation cycle we’ve got going on.  Mercury will station direct on 9/22, providing some relief.

9 is also all about the three C’s- completion, culmination & celebration.

Complete- contracts with others, whether it be personal, professional, karmic or all three!  It’s a time to “wrap it up” so to speak, and be your own alchemist!

Culminate- acknowledge the phases in your life over the past years and above all, be grateful for the lessons even when they were painful.

Celebrate- whatever it is in your life that makes you happy & grateful, celebrate it !  This could be anything or anyone. Whatever gives you joy, acknowledge and celebrate it.

We will have 3- “999” days of power this month: Sept 9th, Sept 18th, Sept 27.

These three days are days of spiritual power.  Everything is amplified, energized, magnified. These are days that it would be wise to just take a step back and center yourself.  Really go deep within and find the light, the good.  It’s always there.

Most important,  watch your state of mind. If you are living in a state of fear, it’s time to change things!  You don’t want that amplified. Be in a high vibrational state.

Take some time to surround yourself with people and objects that bring you joy.  Light your favorite scented candles, open that expensive bottle of “whatever”, take a bubble bath. Whatever it is that lights your soul, go do it!

So mark your calendar- today, 9/18 & 9/27.  Leave sticky notes on your fridge to remind you if you need to.  But on these three days, remember the three C’s: Completion, Culmination & most importantly, Celebration!

I hope you have an amazing September!

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Love & Light,