New Moon In Freedom Seeking Aquarius Today-Time To Figure Out A Different Way

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I like to always bring attention to what’s going on with the Moon.  I love the Moon.  The Moon is very powerful in astrology as it represents our gut-emotional instincts and responses.  It is who we truly are at our core, how we perceive what happens to us and around us, our emotional world.  *Our sun sign (zodiac sun) and moon sign (our emotional nature) are typically not in the same sign.  Some people , however, do have the same sun and moon sign, but most do not.  It all depends on your exact time of birth.

Just as we all have our own moon sign, the moon constantly travels through different signs and goes through different phases.  Dependent on the sign, the energy will always be and feel different.  That is why some full moons are felt very strongly and others are not.  Same with new moons.

aquaris new moon

Today 1/27, we have a New Moon entering the sign of Aquarius as of 7:07 PM EST.  

Sidenote: 707 in Angel Numbers is a message to continue to focus on your spirituality; to keep working on your soul mission and life purpose.  A change in consciousness and a change of direction will assist you in creating a positive new reality for yourself along with a renewed sense of well being.  Pretty cool, huh?  

Along with this new moon, we have a few planetary aspects enhancing the feelings we may be experiencing. (I don’t know about you, but to me the energy has felt pretty “off” these past few weeks)

*Mercury Retrograde is leaving his shadow phase tomorrow as well, and there is a Venus-Saturn square alongside this new moon.  Venus is the planet of love and beauty while Saturn is the planet of lessons and restrictions, and they are at a square which is considered a difficult aspect in astrology, just to give you an idea.  So the planet of love is up against the planet of restrictions and a little karma.  Need I say more?  That is the flavor of this new moon.

Basically what this means is that nagging and neediness are at the forefront at this time, yet the neediness can also feel a little like loneliness.  We feel irritable and we have the desire to change and shake up our lives.  The two areas that this lunar flashlight are shining upon are our relationships and our finances.  Also our relationship with and about our finances!  It is time to get real about what is not working, it’s time to try a new way of doing things.  Who cares if it seems crazy?  If the old way is not working then it’s time to shake things up- and Aquarius is very good at that!  Aquarians are very innovative and always have a back-up plan,  they are always thinking and saving for a rainy day. 

Another underlying theme with this new moon is in regards to loneliness.  How do you deal with feeling lonely and with being alone?  Aquarius likes its space but at this time you may feel that in your solitude you are unsupported by your loved ones.  This is likely not the case but it’s how you feel.  Do not be afraid to reach out, to express yourself and your needs.  This is typically not the Aquarian way but you may feel compelled to truly express yourself under this new moon!


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is the planet of change and eccentricity.  Uranus represents a new way of looking at things, a sense of originality. Aquarius dare to be different, they tend to be original thinkers and are often a little detached emotionally. Not to say the emotions are not there, they ARE there, just not as easily accessible to them and to others.  Again, this is the flavor of this new moon. 

When we are under the influence of a New Moon, it is a time to manifest and bring forth that which we would like to see come to fruition.  Our goals and aspirations.  Since you are likely to be feeling lonely, it is the perfect time to get in your quiet space and set some intentions under this new moon!  If you are an Aquarius this is an especially auspicious moon for you, so get manifesting!!  All air signs in fact, so this includes Gemini and Libra.  Also if your moon is in an air sign it’s considered a very lucky new moon for you as well.  

The Tarot Card that Aquarius rules is The Star, Number Seventeen of The Major Arcana 


In a tarot reading, The Star is typically a welcome card, a breath of fresh air.  This card shows us hope, faith and optimism that everything will be just fine.  While its meaning is not always necessarily wonderful and can also allude to distance (depends on the context of the reading and the sitter) “The Star “ is still a beacon of light that tells us that healing will take place-it is a time for rejuvenation in the near future.

The Gemstones I like to work with under the Aquarian New Moon are pretty much all of the blue stones, which also represent the throat chakra.  At this time I am favoring Kyanite, Sodalite, Celestite and Aquamarine.  Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst are always staples for me as well and Aquarius birth stone is Amethyst, so you may like to use this stone.

This is the post that never ends 😉  Here is a quick way to do a nice little manifstation tonight under this new moon…hopefully where you are it’s nice and clear and you can see and do this under the stars.

*If you can do this outside comfortably-great,  but if not indoors works just the same!   Again these are just suggestions- always follow your intuition to what feels right.

Light a candle ,and set up your stones if using.   Set your intentions on paper, silently or out loud to the universe; it’s your call.  Start with ” I wish to manifest”- write down all you wish to manifest, to cultivate your dreams. Remember: the universe does not do subtlety and the clearer you are the sooner you will receive :)  Once you have finished and you feel nice and calm, fold up your paper and tuck it away someplace safe.  (I like to put it underneath my pillow – but this is up to you ).

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Do You Meditate? How And Why You Should Incorporate This Practice Into Your Life

Good Morning Friends,

Today everyone is always so busy, often speeding through their day from each task to the next.  Not really ever feeling present where we are because hey- you can’t stop thinking of everything else you need to accomplish in the next eight hours!  Rarely do we ever have the time to just stop and reflect, and if we do it is short-lived with all of our endless to-do lists, demanding jobs, etc.  Bringing meditation into your life has so many amazing benefits and could truly help that feeling of always being in go-go-go mode.  Before you decide “not for me”, read on.  That is how I used to feel about it as well.

There are two categories:  those who meditate and those who don’t 😉 There is no in between. If you fall into the latter category of those who don’t meditate , I TOTALLY GET IT!  Coming from a person who cannot quiet her mind, who cannot typically sit still, and who can’t just turn it all off, I understand the frustration and intimidation about meditating.


My first time meditating could have been a part of a comedy. You know what was running through my mind?  It went like this:   “Am I supposed to breathe?  Shit, I’m holding my breath, I’m hungry, Nothing is happening, This is not for me, I can’t sit still, Was that the Doorbell?  What should I make for dinner”.  I didn’t know much about the practice , but I knew it should not leave me feeling frustrated! However, the first few times it did.

Over the past two years, I have become an avid meditator, so obviously it got easier and it has changed my life.  For real.  Was it easy?  Heck no, especially not the first month.  But when I realized how beneficial it was for me mind, body and spirit- I made it a point to keep up with it.

Some Benefits Of Meditation

Increased focus and concentration in every day life

A sense of peace and calm, you can and will handle anything that comes your way

Quiets the outside chatter so you can go inside and receive guidance

Keeps you feeling more grounded, centered

Keeps you present in the moment

There’s many more, but I won’t list them.  There’s not much “Scientific” evidence to be found on the topic, but once you start meditation, you will see for yourself!  Some that I did find, however, was right here in this article

*Infographic below by Emily Seppala, Ph.D*


(You can click on it to Zoom)

I  love her point about the amount of time we spend on social media. Think about it: if we take just a little of that time to be quiet, be present and be still, it can and will have an amazing affect on the brain!

Sidenote: there is an amazing GUIDED meditation at The Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY, two times a week, every other week.  The next one is this coming Monday, 1/23 and again next Friday, 1/27 from 7:15 -8:15.  It’s run by the owner & operator of this amazing center, and she guides you though a very relaxing meditation.  She’s also a channel for messages, so this is not just a “sit back and be quiet” meditation, but it’s VERY soothing and you will come out of there feeling like a million bucks!  Here’s a link to the website , just click on “schedule”.  It’s every other week, and SO WORTH IT!  $15.

Meantime, Here’s a few tips to get started on your personal meditation.

Start Small!  Set your timer for say, ten minutes.  Think about it-that’s nothing!

Don’t get fancy –there’s no need.  I personally use the Buddhist “Zen” meditation method. I use this small pillow, and I sit in the corner legs crossed, eyes closed, sometimes light background music, ( running water, birds chirping, etc) sometimes I sit in silence.

Don’t be afraid to take it outside if you don’t think you can sit still!  I love going for long quiet walks/hikes in pretty, wooded areas.  The natural sounds of nature are enough to get the insights coming.  Bonus : the scenery is better out there than the corner of my living room! 

Keep a pen and paper next to you.  After you finish, write down any and all impressions you receive.  Could be random thoughts or ideas that pop into your mind, music, whatever.  Just write it down even if it seems unimportant.

Do this for one week- and then look back and reflect.  See how you feel.  Is this something you can do more often?  If so, GREAT!  If not, it’s not for you and that’s OK.  You tried it.

If you keep up with it-  in time you can get fancy if you wish.  You can make an altar with your crystals of choice, some sage and some essential oils (I wouldn’t know anything about that ) 😉 


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Tomorrow Is Our First Full Moon Of The Year-In The Very Sensitive Sign Of Cancer

Full moon in Cancer tomorrow, 1/12- Get The Tissues Ready Friends!

I kid, I kid- well, kind of 😉  For real though, Cancer is one of , if not THE most sensitive sign of the zodiac.  This Moon is referred to as the “Wolf Moon”.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is in it’s natural element at this time.  Naturally, emotions around this time are heightened.  It is said that the signs that will be most affected by this full moon are Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn.  Basically all of the signs that are of the Earth and Water element.  Even so, it should still prove to be a little bit of a challenging one for every sign of the zodiac, and its currents should be felt the most in the few days leading up to, and the few days after the 12th.


As this is the first Full Moon of this year, it naturally sets the intentions, and sets the steps on our journey for the next 12 months into motion. Pressing and important situations in our lives are at the forefront for review. We can’t get around it- circumstances come to a head, decisions need to be made, and clarity is found.  Expects some “aha” moments at this time and insight as to where to go and what to do next.


Rule of thumb: every Full Moon is a time when our emotions rise to the surface more readily.  This could not be more true at this time of the Full Moon in this super-sensitive sign!  The energy of the sign of Cancer is feminine and watery.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, after all.  You cannot possibly get any closer to your emotional side then at this time.  For those who are typically not this way, it can be a very uncomfortable place to be. Yet the more you try to retreat back into your shell,(like our dear friend Cancer, the Crab)  the more you will feel provoked.

Let Your feelings be your guide.  At this time, we are being asked to honor all that is true in our hearts & souls.  Go easy on yourself, and make time for self-reflection.  There is a lot of energy swirling around and it can be quite confusing as to where it should be applied, or where it is coming from!  Relax, breath, and work through it.  There is also a tendency to over react at this time, perhaps to act hastily. Again, relax, breath and work through it.  It is tense, it is reactive, it is volatile as far as feelings-but remember: we do have control, we do have choices, and more importantly-remember that what we feel does matter!

Sidenote: if you have your birth chart info, look to which house Cancer rules and you will get a better idea of which area of your life is feeling the most affected at this time-where the most attention and emotion is being directed.

The Tarot Card that is ruled by Cancer is The Chariot.  The Chariot is all about controlled progress. This is another theme under this Wolf Moon.  Notice on each side of the Charioteers shoulder, sits a crescent moon.  It’s all connected: Cancer is ruled by The Moon, and the Chariot represents Cancer.  The Charioteer is galloping towards its target, but each sphinx are at odds with the other.  One wants to go full steam ahead while the other pulls back a bit but ultimately, the charioteer holds the reigns.  Much like you, in the game of your life remember you hold the reigns.  You hold the key to your emotions, and you always have the power to change.


Under this full moon, make sure to set your intentions for the next 12 months.  Full Moons are also a great time to release that which no longer serves us.  Release and manifest.  

If you work with crystals, under the light of the Full Moon is the best way to recharge them. My favorites to work with for this moon are Moonstone and Red Jasper, Selenite , Amethyst and Garnet.  But let your intuition guide you.

Happy Full Moon!

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How to Feng Shui Your Space For 2017

Happy 2017!

Hope this New Year finds everyone feeling great!  2016 was a “9” year numerically.  “9” is the number of karmic endings, and wrapping up of a cycle.  Hopefully for most of you, these endings although necessary, were not too painful.  If they were, this too shall pass .

As we enter 2017, we are entering a “1” year.  “1” is the very beginning.  A brand new cycle is upon us.  Fresh possibilities, and a fresh mindset is what matters.  It’s time to drop the baggage that is no longer serving you!  Mind , body & soul- It’s time to cleanse!

Whenever I feel scattered and chaotic I know it typically comes from an internal place.  I’m likely suffering from burn out and overload. Then the internal translates into the external, and I began to clutter my environment,  I become more careless- it accumulates, and then I become more frustrated.  See the pattern here?  I’ve adopted some cleansing practices for myself and my living space that have improved this issue tremendously, and have given me a more sense of calm, peace & serenity.  I will share them with you- perhaps you will find something here useful.

First things first- when I say “your space” , this includes any place where you feel at home and at peace.  It can be your bedroom, your office, your garage.  It doesn’t matter, but it should be a place where you can go and just be.  Here a few tips to get you feeling spiritually lighter.

Sage- sage- sage! (Or Smudging, as some refer to it)


Did I mention Sage? :)  I am quite sage happy.  White Sage is the one to get- you can even go with a spray if you live in a space where burning sage is not an option.  A little goes a long way.  Simply light the sage, walk around your space and let the smoke waft through all corners of each room or just your room.  Then sage yourself.  Repeat as often as you need to or when you are feeling particularly bogged down energetically.  Once you sage your space, it should automatically feel lighter.



I am a sucker for crystals.  Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they have amazing healing properties.  There are so many, and they each have several purposes.  Here’s a small cheatsheet I found online.  Aside from which stones you are pulled to on your own, to cleanse your space I would most definitely invest in Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.  (I work with , and wear , many many more so if you have specific questions feel free to shoot me an email).

Clear Quartz-  creates calm and brings clarity.  I have several pieces scattered throughout my living space.  Any time you are feeling lost, scared or confused- simply pick up your Clear Quartz and hold it in your hand.  Meditate and stare into it and you will literally feel the fog lift .

Black Tourmaline- this stone is wonderfully powerful for protection.  I keep a large piece next to my bed, near my front door, and I also wear it as jewelry or keep a piece on me somewhere-  (pocket, bra, purse, etc ) This stone keeps us from absorbing any negative energy whether it be from a person or an outside force.  It repels the negativity and helps keep us protected.  If you are performing energy work on others, you are particularly sensitive to absorbing energy and should always have Tourmaline on you, in my opinion.

Rose Quartz-this pretty pink stone aids us in unconditional love.  It’s unconditional love of and for others, but more importantly, love for oneself.  It also helps attract positive energy.

Amethyst-this stone is wonderful for developing and trusting your intuition more.  It is very beneficial in assisting to open up the third-eye.  This amazing stone also helps with insomnia.   Keep a small piece under your pillow for more restful sleep;  I sleep with a small bunch of stones under my pillow every night.  I swap them out accordingly depending on circumstance. 

Invest In A Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp


These lamps are not only beautiful, but very beneficial to our health as well.  I have several of these placed throughout my home.  These are natural air purifiers- they help aid with coughing and clearer breathing.  They look pretty and are very soothing and calming, and help us to fall asleep. These can be found online, but I have also started seeing them in Whole Foods Market in the supplement section-the best part?  They are relatively inexpensive.

Diffuse Some Essential Oils- Aromatherapy Really Is Therapy!


I love to diffuse essential oils.  There is just something so calming and soothing about the smell of Eucalyptus or Lavender in the air. Cinnamon and cedar too- there are so many, and they all give a different vibe and flavor. I keep a small diffuser right next to my bed. When choosing essential oils to work with, quality over quantity is best.  I prefer to go with Young Living Essential Oils, or Plant Therapy. Both are organic and a bit more expensive, but you are paying for the good stuff!  Also, a little goes a long way.  Try it !  I’m sure if you do, this will become a habit.  I love it and it helps put me to sleep!

Free Writing (Journaling)


I started doing this two years ago, and it has really helped me with self reflection. Sometimes we don’t realize how much certain things effect us, unless we can actually go back and see it from a different perspective.  How often do we have the opportunity to do that?  I don’t know about you, but for me, hardly ever.  That’s where “free writing” comes in, or journaling.

Typically when I first wake up, that is when I am the most inspired and have the most in my mind and heart.  I will just pick up my little journal and write.  I don’t think about it, I just write.. about that day, the night before, my feelings – whatever comes to me, I write.  No sensor, no filter, and for nobody else’s eyes but mine.  I can not even begin to tell you what I have learned by doing this!  Try it-it’s pretty darn interesting, especially when you read entries from six months back!

Invest In A House Plant or Two


This plant to the left is my personal favorite- it’s called a “Snake Plant”. These plants need very little light or water to survive so they are a great choice for any corner in the home. (I have one in the corner of my bedroom). These plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the night (while most plants do this during the day) – so adding one to your home will give a nice clean-air boost.


Last but not least: get rid of the “Stuff” that you don’t need.  The exercise bike that is now a coat rack, those shoes from two years ago that “you may wear one day”, the books, toys, clothes you can donate.  Whatever you can do to declutter your space and have it look and feel clean- whatever that looks like for you, do it.  Also, incorporate white for more purity.  White walls, white furniture, etc….something about the all white look is very pure and soothing, and just naturally commands less clutter!  Here’s to a healthy and happy new year!

Stay tuned as this month I will be starting weekly predictive readings….

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