It’s Aries Season..

Happy Birthday Aries!

Today the Sun leaves the passive and observant sign of Pisces and enters the passionate and courageous sign of Aries.  Aries is a fire sign and is represented by the Ram.  Rams like to move, and move fast- under the Aries influence, there is this feeling of needing to get things done and the drive to be more assertive.  Perfect after the past few months we have been having astrologically!


Aries is a Cardinal sign-cardinal sign meaning that is an introductory sign to the new season upon us.  *There are four Cardinal signs, one for each element.  Aries is the cardinal sign for the element of fire.  ( Cancer for Water, Libra for Air, and we end with Capricorn for Earth).

Aries begins the Solar Season of Spring.  As a Cardinal Sign, Aries sets things in motion!  Aries is bold,  Aries is brave,  and Aries is a leader.  Most Aries tend to just fall into the role of initiating.  They like to get things done, and have hearts of gold although they are tough as steel and you don’t ever want to cross them!  They are RAMS after all! Ruled by the fiery planet of Mars, they are all about action and are very bold and determined.  Under the time of Aries, action is in store.  The ground shakes beneath us as we find our footing and charge towards our goals.  This meme below is perfect.

aries yep

                                      In the Tarot, Aries Rules The Emperor 


The Emperor is all about controlling his environment, controlling his thoughts, and controlling his emotions.  (The Emperor can also , and often does represent a Woman in a tarot spread.)  *Positive traits of the Emperor are that he is a leader and can always be relied on.  He knows what needs to be done and does so with complete precision. Extremely detail oriented, he tends to be overly critical of even the slightest mess.  On the negative side, The Emperor (and Aries) can appear too bossy and domineering.  It’s “my way or the highway ” with this guy and there may not be a middle ground.  One thing is for certain: you know where you stand!  As a “4”, the Emperor represents foundations and stability.

The time of Aries is all about getting out of your head and moving.  It’s time to initiate all of the new.  Just like Aries, be bold , be brave and be kind.  

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Happy Monday! A Reading For The Week Ahead

Good Morning Friends,

I’ve done a read for the next seven days, using my Thoth Tarot Deck.

                                          From left to right we have:


Art (Temperance in traditional Tarot), Defeat (Five of Swords in traditional tarot) and Princess of Cups (Page of Cups in traditional tarot)

For the week ahead it is important to keep your cool in the face of adversity.  Things seem hectic, and it may seem like circumstances beyond your control are messing with you-throwing everything out of balance.  You may feel like everyone is out to get you.  Take care: is this all in your mind?  Or is there really someone(s) you need to hash it out with?  The Sun goes into Aries tomorrow, making us all feel a little more active and perhaps aggressive (more on that tomorrow).

There will be a war going on inside of you as you will feel the need for great peace, but this is not possible without communication.  What was once seemingly in balance and in tune suddenly feels anything but, and personal clarity has come.  With that clarity will come the need for confrontation…but make it constructive!  It need not be all fire and strife.  At the end of it all there is love and forgiveness.  Answers are coming.

                                         Overall energy to wrap up the week :


Who do you need to forgive?  Is it forgiveness of yourself?  Of someone else?  Try and see other point(s) of view before communication can be made.  Ask yourself what these situations are trying to tell you, to teach you.  Remember: how you feel and how you react this week says more about you and your patterns.  Be easy on yourself, but don’t get stepped on.  Be assertive where you need to be, but keep your anger in check. Follow your instincts this week.  

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Full Moon In Earthy And Practical Virgo Today- The Energy For The Week Ahead

Good Morning Friends,

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!  This full moon occurs today at 10:53 AM EST.  Whenever the moon goes into Virgo, we tend to enter warrior mode!  It’s time to get aggressive with ourselves and our goals. Whatever we need to get done , suddenly the engines rev and we desire to get moving again!  This is not such a bad thing, except………

virgo full

This full moon sits opposite the Sun in spiritual and dreamy Pisces.  There are also still several planets in Pisces right now, so even though the intention is there to act and move forward, let’s not forget -Pisces likes to stay passive and Venus is retrograde as of eight days ago and still stirring s&^t up!  So expect to have a little anxiety as these two ways of being are at odds with one another!  

Virgo energy is quite calm , realistic , grounded and practical.  Virgo is an Earth sign after all.  However, because we are opposing Pisces at this time and Pisces is super-sensitive and slightly unrealistic, we may feel a bit of anxiety.  As we try to fight the flighty feelings of the Pisces way and get to the more organized and productive way of Virgo, we may experience an internal tug-of-war!  

Under this full moon, you will be feeling the need to address and take care of your physical body, your health habits.  What can you do to positively change the way you function, mind and body?  Want to start a new diet or exercise regime?  Nows the time.   Need to create healthy boundaries?  Again, you will be feeling this need stronger around this time. When we are under Virgo influence, taking care of our physical bodies becomes extremely important. We need to feel functional in all areas.  Virgo energy can be a bit obsessive, and at this time we will feel this way as well.  

There are still wounds that are coming up to the surface to be addressed and healed.  Full Moon energy tends to highlight these areas so take care.  The past two eclipses have been extremely intense for a lot of people.  If you have been affected then you need to do more work on yourself, more soul work.  See what you need to address and release.

There is a lot of clearing and purging of energy taking place at this time. The symptoms that many are experiencing are : cold, flu, headaches and even muscle aches as our emotional and physical bodies are clearing.  Try and stay centered and keep working on your goals and your souls expression.

                                          Reading for the week ahead:


In light of the Full Moon, I have used my “Sun and Moon” tarot deck today.  From left to right we have The Magician, The Universe (World) and Nine of Swords.…wow. So we have two Major Arcana cards, which always means intensity and karma!  Along with a Swords (mental) card, expect to feel very obsessive over the upcoming week!

The Magician is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication which also happens to rule Virgo.  The Universe (World ) is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of Karma and often a teacher for us.  Followed by the nine of swords….all mental energy.

This week expect to feel obsessive over the wounds that you have at a soul level.  There will be the desire for communication and action, yet rather than acting, there is a lot of thinking and over-thinking.  Situations will come back around to test us, to test our boundaries or lack there-of.  We tend to be quite hard on ourselves this week as we blame ourselves for everything that we feel is going wrong , or has gone wrong.  Anxiety is bubbling under the surface, although we may not know why.   We only know what we feel and that is confused.  Falling asleep and staying asleep will become a bit of an issue this week as quieting our minds becomes a near impossible task!  This week is not particularly a week for action.  Try and get out of your head and plant both feet on the ground.  Make your plan.  Plot your course, and if you feel you can communicate to others in a loving and non-threatening way, than do so.

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Intuitive Read For Venus Retrograde- What The Energy Of The Next Six Weeks Will Encompass

Another Week & Another Message,

First off, I’d like to share something that I’ve been informed of as of this past friday. To the right of this blog page here you will see an “award badge”.  I was notified that my blog was chosen as a Top 75 Tarot Blog On The Web!  Considering there’s a TON of them, I thought this was kind of cool :) and just wanted to share.

Onto other things….if you did not read the post on Venus Retrograde, please stop and scroll back one post and do so now.

As I was writing the Venus post I felt compelled to stop and do a card pull and an interpretation for this time period coming up.  I’ve pulled the Eight of Swords from the Golden Tarot and from the Angel Romance deck, I pulled “Freedom”.  Naturally as synchronicity would have it, these cards express very similar messages to each other and both fit perfectly with what this Venus Retrograde is all about.


For this next six-week period the energy we will be experiencing is all about freedom.  Yes, freedom.  Freeing ourselves from that which we feel bound to, stuck. This is about connections and limitations that need to be released in regards to people, places and things.  What are you hanging on to that is no longer feeling good? A lot of the time these are self-imposed “prisons” and as this tarot card is Swords energy (mental) this is all about freeing yourself from you and from the confines of your mind. 

Look at the above image.  Yes the woman is bound and blindfolded, but if you look closely you will see the ropes are loose enough to free herself from. Once she frees herself she is able to take the blindfold off.   That’s right- a lot of the limitations we feel or we think that we are facing are actually placed there by us, and at any time we can choose to free ourselves.  At the very least, we can certainly loosen the binds that tie us.

The reality is, we create or co-create our own “prison”.  We write our own stories and as hard as it may seem we can always redirect our energy to present to us a different outcome.  We can free ourselves from this madness- but first we truly need to look inside as to why things are the way that they are. What have we done to contribute to our current circumstances? This is all relating to once again, love and money.  The relationships we have with both- and how we handle (or do not handle)  situations regarding both areas.

Remember that everyone will be feeling these energies regardless of if they are choosing to acknowledge it or not.  It’s time to really go within and ask yourself some tough questions.  Check in with yourself and make sure you are living in your own truth, whatever that may look and feel like.  Everyone is doing this at this time and on some level.

You can always free yourself one way or another.  It’s time to take back your power and take back control over your own life.  If you are not liking your current story than it’s time to re-write the script.  The power is yours over these next few weeks…..

Love & Light,


Venus Is Retrograde As Of Today 3/4- What This Means And How To Work With It

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to mention that the planet Venus is officially stationed retrograde (backwards) from today 3/4-4/17. This happens once every nineteen (19) months. During this six-week period it is considered to be a very fated time.  Because this time around Venus is not making any major planetary aspects, it actually can be a very lucky time!  The fixed star Alpheratz is the only planetary influence and it is considered to be very lucky in astrology. Basically, any tough aspects surrounding a “normal” retrograde will be softened under this influence- phew!  Venus is the Goddess of love and beauty, after all.

venus in astrology

The planet Venus rules a lot of things, but it’s mainly about love and money.  Particularly at this time, these are the two areas that will be under scrutiny for everyone. You may notice that during this time former situations/people may come back into your life , and money issues may arise to be dealt with.  How do you spend your free time?  How do you spend (or not spend) your money? Who do you spend most of your time with and are you truly happy?  Who and how do you love and is that really working for you?  These are all major questions that will be at the forefront during this six- week period as Venus makes her backwards trek.

As I mentioned above, this is a fated period. Giving and receiving love can be more difficult as you navigate the confines of your own heart and soul.  Old friends or lovers may come back into the picture to help you sort out karmic issues you may have surrounding love and abundance.  The way that you recognize and deal with these topics will most definitely cause you to pause and think.

Relationships started at this time may have a very magical quality to them, and will likely serve some sort of deep purpose.  (This applies to both friendships and love relationships). Just make sure you are not being hasty,  follow your heart but make sure you take your head with you!  This is a time of introspection and reassessment.  Whomever or whatever you are interested in during this time will bring you joy and pleasure if handled properly. Destiny is at work here!  Soul connections can come seemingly out of nowhere. 

Venus does not always have to be about relationships with others, this also speaks about the most major relationship you have- which is relationship to yourself!  First and foremost make sure you are giving yourself the love and affection you deserve!  You can use this time to improve how you feel about yourself, how to love yourself more.  Think about what makes you happy, what you love to do, what makes your soul shine.  Use this time to reflect on patterns you have regarding love and money.  Find the reason(s) for issues in current or past relationships.  Work through them.  This is all Venus Retrograde.

close up of painting that was created by photographer

Be well!

Love & Light,


What Really, Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is about being true to your spirit.  Period.  It doesn’t matter what that looks like or feels like to anyone else but you.

A lot of people think that being spiritual means never being in a bad mood, never disliking someone or something, always being “zen”.  Well, that’s BS, simply put.  I saw a quote one time that sums me up (and many of you as well, I’m sure) – ” I am the most zen and the most easily agitated girl you will ever meet”.  Such truth to that!

Being spiritual is about honoring your soul, your needs and your spirit.  It does not matter what that looks like to anyone else, if you do or do not do yoga, if you meditate or not, what religion you follow (if any).  None of that matters. What matters is what that feels like for you.  Always be true to yourself , and doors will open even if some must close first.


It’s important to note that your soul wants experiences both good and not so good, sometimes downright bad, in order to attract to your physical self for the learning and experience it brings. Sometimes negativity will enter our space in order to teach us, to heal us, to protect us and to help us grow. As I always say, without pain there is no growth.  

We are all spiritual beings.  We are all stardust really, just energy.  We are souls and our bodies are the vehicles.  Every day we connect with others , with their energy.  Sometimes this feels uplifting and sometimes it feels draining.  Pay attention to these feelings and sensations as they hold a key to a piece of your soul.  That which we see in another will always reflect back to us a part of ourselves, good or bad.  When you feel a connection to someone or something, honor it as this to is brought to you for learning.  Perhaps this person or place holds a missing link for you to moving forward.  On the other hand, when you feel particularly drained by a person or a situation do not ignore this.  Take back your power and do not allow these people/situations to have so much power over you.  Look inside to see what this is trying to tell you.

As always, take good care of yourself as we are in very sensitive times.

Also important to note that planet Venus goes retrograde (backwards) on 3/4-4/17.  It’s a very important time.  This is going to cause everyone to examine their most intimate relationships very closely.  More about that later this week……

Love  & Light,