Happy Birthday Gemini!

Happy Saturday!

It’s Gemini time! (Party time!)

Today 5/20 the Sun leaves slow, steady and stable Taurus and moves into fun, creative and stimulating Gemini!  Energy feels high right now under the influence of this sign, and we are more ready to get out there and have some lighthearted fun.  *Special shout-out to my brother Joe who turns 40 today!  He’s a double Gemini, Sun and Moon- Yikes!   Just kidding about the yikes, well, kind of, HA!  He’s one of my favorite people and I wish him the most wonderful day and year ahead <3


Gemini energy is vivacious. Geminis are smart, Geminis are witty, Geminis are savvy and convincing- they are fun and typically the life of the party!  Many sales people and comedians fall under this sign.

They are great conversationalists as they are ruled by the planet Mercury which is the planet of communication.

Gemini falls under the element of Air- meaning that they are quite intellectual and if you are trying to seduce a Gemini, then you need to seduce their mind first!

Some people mistake Gemini for being flighty, but they are not, it’s just that they are young at heart and have a very restless spirit.  Gemini does not stay in one place for very long! They are quite chatty and love to make people laugh-at a party, that man or women with a circle around them slapping their knees in hysterics?  They are likely a Gemini!

The zodiac symbol for this sign is that of the twins. Two.  It is said that Geminis can appear to have a ‘split’ personality.  While this is true, it is not necessarily a bad thing. They can’t help it after all!

*If your moon or rising sign fall in Gemini, you will embody a lot of these traits as well. You can obtain your placements for free by going to Astro.com.  If you would like to go more in depth about your chart, placements, planets and how they shape you, schedule a session.  Also important to note that not all Geminis will fit the description of a true Gemini. The whole birth chart needs to be taken into account, along with the planetary aspects and angles*.

Gemini is what we consider a mutable sign in astrology, meaning,they pretty much go with the flow at all times, and can appear non-phased when things go awry. (Other mutable signs are Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Just when you think you have a Gemini figured out, they switch it up leaving you wondering if they are a magician!   Again, they cannot help this and the key to truly understanding the Gemini (or Geminis) in your life is to understand that they are easy going and they tend to change who they are from one day to the next!  Although they love to be of assistance to others, on the negative side Gemini can talk out of both sides of their face, promising much then delivering little.  While this is not typically done out of malice, it can be one of the Gemini downfalls.

The mind of the Air Sign Gemini is always going, restless energy.  Sports are a great outlet for all of that energy!  *It has also been proven by studies done that a lot of ADHD childhood cases fall under this sign more than any other sign!  So if you have a strongly influenced Gemini child, take comfort in the fact that they are super intelligent and because of all of that mental energy, their focus is often scattered*.

Gemini’s are masters at having two things going at once, and in fact, function better when there is a lot of variety!  Boredom of any kind is the kiss of death to this sign!

In the Tarot, Gemini rules card number XI (6) – The Lovers 


This card portrays Adam & Eve, the true lovers.  Eve was created from Adam’s rib after all- talk about fated and feeling connected !  The number ‘6’ is the number of harmony, soul contracts, partnerships.  It’s no wonder it rules the ‘Lovers” card in the tarot, and that this card is represented by Gemini (the twins), as well!  Tarot, astrology and numerology- see how they are all connected? 

As much as the Lovers is representative of what else- love- it is just as much about choice.  Sure , that puppy staring at you through the glass window is adorable, and you really want to take him home.  But once you take him home, you have to walk him, bathe him, feed him-basically, invest in him.  You may realllly want that puppy, but are you psychologically and psychically ready for it?  The Lovers card is much like this.  Adam & Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit- forever altering their life path.  

Take the example of a male or female of interest you meet. You know and sense on a soul level (6) (the number of soulmate connections) that this person has the potential to change your life in the best way possible.  You know that if you leave them behind you will definitely regret it, yet if you take them with you, your life path is altered forever. What do you do?  This is the Lovers card.  So yes, it’s love but with a choice attached. Soul, spirit, sixth sense.  That’s all wrapped up in the energy of this card.

Over the next month as we are under the Gemini influence, expect to feel ‘spellbound’ by someone or some-thing!  You may meet a person that completely throws you for a loop, or something unexpected may come to you (with the potential for something great, but it will require you to make some major changes).  This will require you to make a choice.  Do you move forward into the unknown with hope and possibility?  Or do you stay rooted in your comfort zone?  Neither way brings a guarantee, remember that!  Also remember to get out and have some fun!  The way this energy has been lately, it’s way too easy to be a homebody (well, at least for me)!

Also, we have a high- energy new moon in Gemini coming up at the end of this week!  If you are ultra sensitive and have Gemini placements in your birth chart, you are likely already feeling the energetic build up!  More about that later on…..

Have a great weekend and stay well!

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Love & Light


Full Moon In Intense & Passionate Scorpio Today!

Hi All,

Today 5/10 as of 3:42 PM EST, we have a Full Moon in passionate and intense Scorpio. So what does this mean for all of us?

“A Full Moon in Scorpio can be an experience of emotional catharsis…facing the truth, we confront the shadow of our grudges, compulsions, obsessions, and, ultimately reclaim our darkness as part of who we are. We reclaim our wholeness through loss. We take back our power”.  -Christine, Zodiac Poetry

For years Full Moons have been tracked and talked about, and within good reason! When the Moon is Full, the tides roar, oceans surge, and energies collide. It is no coincidence that people tend to act more “cuckoo” under Full Moons! Farmers still tend to their crops in accordance to Moon phases- so why would this affect humans any differently? As the Moon moves through a different sign every 2 & 1/2 days, so do our emotions and reactions!

Storm on the sea. Composition of nature.

The Moon rules our emotions, our instincts, who we are at our core.  Astrologically speaking, when the Moon is in Scorpio, it is considered to be in its ‘detriment’- meaning, not very comfortable.  This is because Scorpio emotions are very intense, and often times difficult to understand and express in a healthy manner.  Scorpio is under the element of Water, the heart and the guts of the psyche.  

Have you been more emotional lately? More sensitive? It is definitely due to the extreme and karmic energy of the Scorpio Full Moon!  Letting go becomes essential at this time, but this will not feel comfortable!

The planet Pluto rules Scorpio- Pluto is transformation, security, our shadow side. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. This is not necessarily physical death, it’s more of a metaphorical meaning. The death of the old self, shedding the skin to make room for the growth of something more, something more workable, better.

Pluto likes to take out the ‘garbage’.  Pluto wants to transform from the inside out and won’t let up until successful. Emotional pain is often part of the process before the healing.  You cannot heal what goes unacknowledged and unexpressed.  

In the Tarot, the card that Scorpio rules is ‘Death’ card number XIII (13)


This is a card that when people see, they shudder in fear.  Death.  Sounds so ominous, doesn’t it?  I actually like to see this card as it shows a deep transformation.  Like I said above, it’s metaphorical, not physical.  Look at the imagery on the card: death comes in sweeping away the old, stomping it out to make way for the new.

Scorpio is deep, Scorpio is passionate, and Scorpio loves intensity.  In fact, without depth and without passion, Scorpio cannot relate. Interesting it is, that whatever Scorpio rules seems to always be hidden- just beneath the surface. If you look for it, you can see it, you can feel it. But you have to be willing to succumb to the energy, and not many are prepared.

That is what this Full Moon is all about. Succumbing to our shadow side, releasing and realigning with what we desire.  Everyone is feeling this particularly in the areas of finance and relationships!

Most important to remember: there is a treasure on the other side of our pain. Most times we tend to ignore the parts of us that we perceive as ‘dark’, the parts that are not pretty, the parts we might not like or even admit to ourselves. But they are a part of us nonetheless, and need to be embraced.

Remember: Full Moons are a time of release.  Sit in silence for a moment- be honest with yourself.  What beliefs, people, emotions, habits are really not healthy for you?  Are not serving your growth?   What about others irritates us?  Remember: it always stems from inside of us, it’s never about anybody else.  That which aggravates us is actually here to teach us!  Do not suppress these emotions.  Relax, release and realign.

*I like to manifest under Full Moon energy as well.  So while it’s great to release what is no longer working, it’s also a great idea to put out to the universe that which you would like to receive*

Full Moon energy is magical!

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Love & Light,


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Happy Sunday! Two Pieces Of Exciting News To Share

Happy Sunday Friends :)

You know how I always write about growth and change, and how it is all connected? (Which it really is blah blah blah I get off my soapbox now …. 😉 )

Well, it’s time for some growth and change for me!

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First Change: For those of you that work with me , you are very familiar with the fact that I don’t simply just “read tarot cards”.  I love my Tarot, but it is not all that I do, and it’s time for a facelift 😉   My new website will reflect all of that.   Therefore, my new & improved site will now be where you are directed  http://lisasalvatore.com

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Second Exciting Change!  This Sunday 5/7, as in TONIGHT 7:30 PM- will begin hosting a monthly radio show called “Get Grounded With Lisa”.  It will air on AM radio in NY, on the 1st Sunday of each month.  http://www.wvox.com/ WVOX 1460 AM, 7:30 PM.

I always strive to deliver spiritual insight and knowledge in the most grounded way possible, and this is the overall premise of the show. The mind, body, soul connection is essential to overall health.

Being spiritual, being connected to a higher realm, and being highly intuitive does not mean you are weird or “woo woo”.  It means you have a gift to share with the world.  A gift of love, light and healing.  With this show, I strive to bring all of that to you and more…this will be an overall spiritual health & wellness show where we keep it real!  And hey- every now and again you might get to call in for some insight as to whats in store for you!   There is WAY more to life than what we can simply “see” in the physical. Everything is truly connected and everyone is truly connected.

*In the meantime, this website will still be running, but mainly for all things Tarot related and you can still reach me through here…

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Lots of Love and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and kind words!  <3