Are You Waking Up? A.K.A- Ascending?

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As we enter the Age of Aquarius, there is a noticeable shift happening.  More and more of the collective are “waking up”- or experiencing the spiritual term for this, which is referred to as “Ascension”.   By formal definition, Ascension is: the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.  This is where we experience an awakening of the soul.  In a more descriptive way, let’s talk about the process as I am sure many of you reading this have likely begun to experience this phenomenon.

Disclaimer: make sure your physical  health is ok before you chalk anything up to ascension.  A lot of these symptoms of “waking up” can mimic medical conditions.  Make sure to get yourself checked out before you decide your symptoms are in fact , ascension related.  This is not in lieu of medical advice or attention.


As I stated in the first paragraph, ascension is all about getting to a higher level.  When we ascend this is exactly what happens but on a subconscious and intuitive level. We begin to feel “weird” or “off” as our frequency changes, and we begin “tune in” to the energies around us in a much different way.  We don’t know exactly what is going on, and it can be really freaky!  You will feel a longing for a deeper purpose, you will feel connected in a way you have not experienced before.

You will begin to look at everything differently, and truly start questioning reality and your existence.  But I”m here to tell you that it is ok, and you should embrace the process as you are becoming more in tune with a higher realm.  More in touch with your higher self, your soul.

After each Reiki Attunement (certification) I have received, my vibration would rise and I would feel more connected to spirit,  and my head would buzz for days.  I would feel like I was on another planet basically, and it’s difficult to be in the the 3D “real” world.  Yes, that may sound crazy, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  When you ascend “the old way” just doesn’t feel right anymore.  My psychic impressions go off the charts, and I need to sometimes pull back and rest.  It’s exhausting!

Holy Shift

When we ascend, our senses sharpen and heighten.  Your intuitive impressions come faster and can startle you, especially if this has never happened to you before. You may have an increased sense of taste, smell or both.  Foods that you used to love you now might not be able to stomach.  Your digestive tract becomes more sensitive, you begin to have much more vivid dreams, and you become way more sensitive in general. Physical sensations can begin and make you start to question your sanity.  You may get nauseous out of nowhere, experience headaches and sporadic hot flashes followed by the shivers.  Your perception and vision will change – you will see colors, shapes and orbs that appear and disappear just as quickly.  You may also feel random pressure in your head, your sinuses, and it can shift quickly from one spot to another.

In 2010 I experienced a major bout of Ascension, and for me I would get awful migraines about once a week!  I would see flashes of light, and the headache would start. I also experienced tingling sensations in my extremities.  (This tingling still happens). Face, arms and feet.  This sent me to the doctor naturally thinking the worst, but intuitively I knew I was fine.  Your ears may pop,buzz and/or vibrate. You may see flashes and orbs out of the corners of your eyes,  smell things that aren’t there, the list goes on and on. (All of the above are what I experienced, but everyone is different).


Anxiety is also a common trait of the ascension process.  Your heart may palpitate or flutter.  It may race and seem “irregular”.  Again, this is your heart chakra opening up! (Make sure you check this out to rule out anything medical first). Your scalp may itch or tingle.  Your crown chakra is opening up, getting ready to receive information from a higher source.  As all of your chakras begin to open up and expand, these physical sensations may begin and progress rapidly.  ( If it is too much for you, just ask spirit to kindly slow the process down as it’s too much at once. I do this and it works).

SO what starts the Ascension process?  Good question.  Typically, a major life change will precede a major spiritual shifting period.  You lose your job, you experience the death of someone very close to you, you yourself have a near death experience, you get divorced, move across country, etc.  You get the idea.  It does not always have to be this way, but usually it is.  When this happens you may feel all alone.  Lost, scared and/or confused, you subconsciously call on your higher self to step in and guide you.  Then you begin to ascend…..(remember , you don’t know this is happening on a three-dimensional  level!)  You begin to question and experience things on a different and deeper level.  You lose friends, you gain friends.  Some think you have gone crazy…who cares??  The S&*T has to happen in order for the shift to happen- and that’s the way it is.   Just be you and take good care of yourself.  It’s the only way!  Eat well, get more rest, honor your body and your soul.  If you find yourself wanting to be in solitude most of the time, that’s perfectly normal as well.  It’s all a part of the process and should be honored .

Your sleeping patterns and habits will likely change during this shift as well.  Perhaps you were always someone who needed a full ten-hours of sleep and yet now you can get by on four or five.  Or it could go the opposite way- where you get plenty of sleep yet you still are exhausted. Insomnia is a part of this as well.  Sounds joyful, doesn’t it ? 😉  Actually, it is pretty damn cool when you think about the fact that you are ready to go deeper towards your purpose, to journey deep into your soul.

The positives about this process feel and are great as well, once the physical symptoms pass. (Remember, not everyone will experience all or any of the physical symptoms).  The positive experiences and feelings you may experience throughout this process are as follows

-You will feel have an overwhelming feeling of just letting things be, rather than trying to force or coerce any issue or circumstance in your life

-You may find yourself smiling for no reason, and quite often

-Feeling a sense of connection with others and with nature that you might not have ever experienced before, truly understanding that everything and everyone are all connected

-Overwhelming and sporadic feelings of gratitude and appreciation

-Learning to enjoy each moment becomes a focus, being and staying present

-A total loss of interest in conflict.  You just let everyone be and want to just be as well.  A feeling of total acceptance

-A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others

-A loss of interest in judging others and a loss on interest in judging yourself

-Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything in return-unconditional love

Throughout this awakening process, stay strong and stay true- find others who share your interests and your passions.  Never lose sight of who you truly are. You are magnificent and unique, remember that!

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