Our First Full Moon of 2018 Is A SUPERMOON And It Happens On The First Of The Year!

Happy New Year Y’all!

What a way to get out the gates straight into 2018!

Tonight as of 9:24 PM EST – we have a Full Moon in the maternal and very emotional and intuitive sign of the crab- Cancer.


January is normally a dreary month due to the increased darkness and coldness.

This January, however, is special due to tomorrows Full Moon which is a Supermoon, and then on 1/31 we have another Lunar Eclipse/ Super Blue Moon in Leo that will really be intense energetically.

Due to the lunar activity of January, the night sky will really be illuminated!  Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Full Moons happen when the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces), in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.  This is why we feel more edgy and anxious around these times, sometimes not even being able to sleep.

Lunar energy is wild, after all!

So what does it mean that this is a ‘Supermoon’?

Below is from Space.com

A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal, although the difference is hard to spot with the naked eye. The last supermoon (the only one of 2017) happened on Dec. 3.

It kicked off a trilogy of consecutive supermoons; the next ones happen on Jan. 1 and Jan. 31. The Jan. 31 supermoon will also coincide with a lunar eclipse best visible in the western United States, the Pacific and eastern Asia.

The term “supermoon” has only been used in the past 40 years, but it received a slew of attention in late 2016 when three super moons occurred in a row. The supermoon of November 2016 was also the closest supermoon in 69 years, although a closer super moon will rise in the 2030s

It’s pretty neat, and the energy is definitely emotionally charged!

*This Moon is also referred to as ‘Wolf Moon’ as it is said that if you listen closely at night, you will hear Wolves howling and communicating with each other at this time of year.

Wolves are a very powerful and spiritual animal totem.  They are very intuitive as they rely solely on their senses to get them where they need to be, feeling their way through the darkness and stillness.

The themes of this Full Supermoon in Cancer are love, forgiveness and where we lay our head at night-our home life.

The sign of Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon naturally, meaning that the Moon is quite cozy when in this sign.

As the Moon rules our emotional nature and the Crab (Cancer) is highly emotional and under the element of Water- this time is particularly delicate and sensitive.  It’s basically a double-dose of heart-felt emotion.

Cancer also rules the 4th house in astrology which represents our foundation, our home, our security.  Our emotional foundation.

Expect these areas to be illuminated under this Full Moon energy.

This a very emotionally charged time as I mentioned above, so take this sensitivity and channel it wisely.

Keep in mind that Full Moons can leave us feeling a bit confused as polarities are highlighted, and we often do not feel clear about which way to go, which direction to take.  Helping us along is the fact that Cancer is a cardinal sign- an initiator.  Although this sign relies heavily on intuition (water), this sign also acts when it’s time (cardinal).

Trust that this Full Moon will guide you in the right direction, as long as you follow the whispers of your soul.

Along with this Full Supermoon, we have a grand-trine (meaning, fortunate and auspicious) aspect with Neptune, Mars and Jupiter.  This all points to abundance and good will- nice!

Despite the particular situation- the light of the Moon will shine down some positive rays of light and opportunity for everyone.  

Due to the Neptune aspects with this Moon and the already intuitive sign of Cancer- psychic impressions are off. the. chart.

Dreams are much more vivid and prophetic.  Telepathy and ESP is enhanced, even for the non-believers out there.

We all have telepathy on some level, but not everyone taps into it- remember, we are all simply energy.

Keep in mind that Mercury, our planet of communication-  has just gone direct and due to some not-so-cozy aspects between this Moon and Mercury  I would still be cautious when communicating with those nearest and dearest.  Remember- emotions are super high right now and the potential to be misunderstood is great!

Make sure to reflect upon your part in any relationship/issue whether it be romantic, business, family, etc.  Think before you speak.  Check yourself.  Sometimes we are the problem!  

Under this energy, you may also find yourself wanting to declutter, to purge. Perfection!  What better time than now- the kick-off to a new year?  Clean out your closets, throw away or donate those items you are not using, clean out your vehicle, do a dietary cleanse, detox.  You will feel so much lighter!

11:11 And Its Importance With This Full Moon

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, in numerology 2018 is a Universal ’11’ year- 11 being a master number.

The themes of 2018 are spirituality, magical and transcendental learning & growth.

11 is magic.1111

Also important to mention is that this Full Supermoon occurs at 11 degrees of Cancer, and also opposite of the Sun which is at 11 degrees of  Capricorn.  11:11 yet again!

Yes, the energy and magic of ’11’ will be ever- so -present this year.

What does this all mean?  That overall, 2018 is primed to be a year of magic and tremendous growth.  But not without using our powers of creation.

You cannot sit back and just ‘expect’ abundance to come your way.  You have to be an active participant in this game we call life.  You have to co-create your own reality, manifest.

Enjoy the magic of this SUPERMOON in Cancer.

Tap into your intuitive juices and go within.  Get creative and use this time to truly release what no longer serves you, and to create the magic you desire for 2018.  This supermoon sets the tone for the year ahead and is really all about ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Go ahead and release all which is not constructive to you and your growth.  People, patterns, behaviors and habits that no longer serve you.  Drop the rubbish.  Leave 2017 behind and manifest what you desire for 2018.

Live by this mantra going forward:

If it don’t evolve me it don’t involve me

Here’s a little Full Moon release to get you started.  Add your own to it, and also be sure to add that which you wish to manifest!

full moon

Happy New Year!  May it be filled with nothing but peace, love, light, magic and growth.

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Love & Light,



Today Is Our Last New Moon Of The Year- Along With The Energy For The Next Few Weeks…

We have quite a few things going on energetically right now- and throughout the end of the year.

As we know as above so below,  and forewarned is forearmed.

Whatever is happening with the planets tends to go hand-in hand with how we are feeling energetically.

Every reading that I do, tends to have a theme at specific times and this is no coincidence, which is why I am so passionate and fascinated with astrology and tarot.

Most important to mention is that Saturn , the teacher, the task master, the serious planet of karma- is about to switch signs.

This happens once every 2 & 1/2 years so it’s a big deal. 

Saturn is about to move from Sagittarius into Capricorn on 12/19, right before the Winter Solstice.

A major marking for new beginnings.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so it feels very natural here, a sigh of relief.

As you can imagine, this is a cozy placement for this cold and lonely planet and there will be a lot of maturity and positive transformation as a result.

*If you would like to see which area of your life will be lit up by Saturn for the next 2 & 1/2 years, you will need to look at the transits of your birth chart.  I can do this for you, just mention it when you book your session so I know in advance.

When it comes to nature and women’s rights,  I suspect we will see a lot of serious change.  Women will continue to stand up for themselves, claiming their true ‘Goddess Power’.  It’s about time!

Mercury, our planet that rules communication, is retrograde until12/22.  I’m not sure about you guys, but this one has been kicking.my.butt!   I have been so beyond exhausted and agitated.  Lots going on at the cellular level for all of us.

Today, 12/18 as of 1:30 AM EST,  we have our last New Moon of 2017 in the sign of  Sagittarius! 


This is a magical New Moon with major manifestation powers, although we may have to dig deep to create the magic right now.  Goals and intentions set at this time have extreme luck connected due to all of the planetary alignments and the fact that we are right at the heels of the Winter Solstice- 12/21.

The Winter Solstice is also known as midwinter, and is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.

This should be a high-spirited time of year, although intense, as long as we can face and acknowledge where we are at on our present journey.

Everything that has happened up until this point seems fated, scripted.

Well, because it is!

It is time to take ownership for where we are right now.  If something needs to shift, needs to change, it is up to us to implement these changes.

We just may need to take a leap of faith and trust.

Due to the powerful energy of Saturn moving into Capricorn, the New Moon and the Winter Solstice, this is truly the best time to manifest and get things moving.

The energy is primed for magic and new beginnings.  Projects that begin under this influence stand a very good chance to really take off in the right direction- but not without the hard work that Saturn always requires we put in.

Why not plant the seeds?  What have you got to lose?

This New Moon has us reflecting back on what has occurred over 2017.

We look back at what we have learned about ourselves, how much we have grown.  We also look forward with hope and plans for even more growth.

This New Moon takes off the mask, it removes the veil.  We begin to see things for how they truly are, for how we truly are.  We are no longer content living a false reality.

We face the music in one or more areas of life.

As positive as this New Moon can be, it is crucial to remember that nothing happens overnight, and patience is required.

Saturn right along with this New Moon leaves us no choice but to have patience as he teaches us our karmic lessons, our most impactful stretches of growth.

Recognition for hard work, a job well done, is quite possible.

2018 should be a year of concrete footing appearing beneath our feet, building a stronger foundation-getting us ready for the next eight years….

Even if you do not normally partake in New Moon manifestations, this would be the best time to start!

new moon

Peace, Love & Light,


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It’s Scorpio Season!

Today, 10/23, the Sun shifts from light and balanced Libra into the intense and introspective waters of Scorpio, where it stays until 11/24.

Scorpio falls under the element of Water, and therefore, is quite an emotional sign.  Very sensitive.

This sign is very intuitive whether they acknowledge it our not, and can be downright-psychic, depending on what else is going on in their chart.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign (other signs that are fixed are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius).

Fixed = stubborn, determined and unwavering in their convictions.  Downright immovable at times, particularly when they know, or feel, that they are right.

Fixed Signs understand that steadiness is the key. Those influenced by this quality are happy to forge ahead with their projects, calmly working away until they have achieved their goals.

Hard work is not a foreign concept to Scorpios.  They know that in order to get what they want, they must keep their unwavering eye on the prize- and they have the determination and see-through to do so!


At this time, it feels more still as we go deep within and get introspective.

Scorpio asks us to go inward, towards the soul.

To investigate, find what makes us tick, where we need to transform.

At their most positive, Scorpios are : deep, loyal, emotional, truth-seeking, passionate, determined and sensitive.

At their worst they can be manipulative, very secretive, intensely jealous, possessive, vindictive when crossed, and moody.  Don’t piss off a Scorpio- seriously!

Remember: Scorpions can sting.

If you are lucky enough to have a Scorpio or two by your side- they are ‘ride or die’ for those they love.  Very loyal and faithful and you can feel that from them.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio- two ‘D’ words come right to mind.  DEPTH and DEATH.  The death part is not physical, rather metaphorical.

Scorpio is deep and gets under the surface.

Think about what Halloween represents: a time when the spirit world is more pronounced.  The veil between the two worlds is much thinner and more easily permeated.

Scorpio time is mystical.  We seek more information and confirmation of the afterlife under the time of Scorpio – more so than any other.

We also seek to transform inside and out.

Go deep and get to the bottom of issues, of others and their issues as well.

Scorpio investigates and uncovers, seeks truth, finds answers.

      In the Tarot, the card that Scorpio rules is number XIII (13) Death


Many of times, I have watched someone shudder when this card appears.  But shudder not- I happen to love this card.

Can it represent physical death?  Sure, sometimes.  But rarely do I see this come up for physical death.

Death here is metaphorical.  New beginnings are imminent behind the death of the old way.

Change is good, although it might not feel that way at first.


Under the time of Scorpio, there will be a lot of endings.  Some of these endings will be forced upon us, while other endings seem more natural.

Still, they are endings nonetheless.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which also rules the 8th house in astrology.

Keywords: transformation and permanence.

Death is transformation and Pluto is permanence.  Think of it this way: death is permanent.

Where this card is involved, you cannot go back.  When Pluto decides it’s over, it’s over!

Something has ended, a clean sweep.

This makes way for new beginnings.

Shedding of the old skin, transforming from the inside out.  This is Scorpio.

The eighth (8th) house issues are likely where the transformation occurs.

Death, sex, rebirth, money and resources, intimacy and sharing.

Under the time of Scorpio- go within, get deep.

Do not be afraid to ask the difficult questions, to investigate that which you seek answers to.

Also- feel everything, even when painful.  Transformation can only occur with our acknowledgement.

After acknowledgement, comes enlighenment.

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

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Happy October! The Energy Of The Month Ahead…

Happy October & Rabbit Rabbit !

*’Rabbit Rabbit’ is supposedly an auspicious thing to say on the 1st of each month.  It is said to bring in good luck.  Hey, why not? 

October is my favorite month of the year, by far.  The weather, the change in the air, the smell of burnt leaves, Halloween, pumpkin and apple everything.  What’s not to love?

May October bring in blessings big and small, for all.


Tonight, at 7:30 PM on 1460 AM WVOX Radio, be sure to tune in to my radio show- ‘Get Grounded With Lisa’.  We are talking about the current energy and how it is affecting us all on the emotional, physical and spiritual level.

With me tonight is seven-time author and psychologist/transformational coach, Dr. William Jason O’Mara.  Together we will discuss the current cosmic craziness as well as grounding techniques to assist everyone at this time of intense change.  It will be an interesting show- you can listen live by using this link https://tunein.com/radio/WVOX-1460-s23608/

In a nutshell-October is a month where we review our past, leave it behind, and begin to move forward.

A few biggies that will impact us all- Jupiter, our planet of abundance and growth, of observation, leaves the sign of Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio.  Jupiter changes signs only once per year.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, the underworld,  turns direct- finally.  This happens every six months, where Pluto changes directions.

Venus , the planet of love and money, will conjunct Mars , the planet of action and passion- right alongside a fiery Full Moon in Aries, and much much more….stay tuned to how all of this ‘up there’, will affect us ‘down here’.

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Love & Light,



Reading For The Week Ahead

Happy Monday,

Hope everyone had a lovely and somewhat relaxing weekend.

* This Thursday, 9/21, I am facilitating another “Journey Into The Tarot”, workshop in Eastchester, NY.  There are still some spots left!  If you are interested , please go here for more info. These workshops are a lot of fun, interactive and quite informative!

This weeks read is brought to you by Sandra Ann Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Deck’- intuited by yours truly.

Today I felt like avoiding the tarot and using an energy deck instead, but the messages carry just as much weight.

I’ve meditated, prayed and shuffled over these cards.

I have pulled: Caring Connections, The Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra)- Archangel Gabriel, and Hostilities.


This week is all about getting in touch, and staying in touch with those closest to our hearts.

This includes getting in touch, and checking in with , ourselves!

What are we doing ?  Where are we going?  Are we happy with our story line?  

If not, it’s time to re-write the current script.

With so many planets in Virgo right now, we are feeling very analytical and quite serious about putting our lives back in, or in, working order.  

Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Do not be afraid to ask those you care about for some assistance where you may need it.

Everyone is feeling a bit on edge.  It is easy to go into hermit mode under the energy this week, but in reality, there is safety to be found in numbers.  Stick with those you trust and you know have your back.

The week begins with the best of intentions.  We are coming off of some highly charged, energetic times, and we seek comfort in the familiar.

We feel ready for action, ready to get things moving.

As the week progresses, around Wednesday, our jovial spirits quickly spiral back to that which irritates us.

That which we wish we could avoid.

Tempers flare as we seek to tear apart anything or anyone that challenges us.  We are all on our own mission at this time, and some will have a personal agenda that they do not want challenged.

There is also a New Moon the 19th/20th, which has some emotional contradictions surfacing in all of us, adding to this energy.

Be mindful of challenging others beliefs this week as it can turn from love to hostility, quite quickly.

As we are under the influence of Virgo which is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, words and communication- this will be displayed through our words.

Virgo can be blunt.  Virgo can cut like a sword with its words.

Be mindful mid-week about how you are verbalizing your thoughts as something you say can quckly bring about some animosity from someone in your camp.

Also be careful about what you put in writing, particularly having to do with emails, and especially email addresses that belong to another source- such as , a company email.

On the positive side, communication is ever so present.

Thursday/ Friday brings in a lot of  fluid communication, perhaps even clearing the air where needed.

Try to avoid being vague in your communication, yet at the same time be sure to articulate your words in a way that cannot be misconstrued into what others wish to hear.

In other words, be clear and truthful, but kind as well.  

Speak the truth but keep others level of emotional comprehension in mind.

We all accept and perceive information differently.

If there are things you need to say, or anything that needs to be put in writing, thursday/friday are good days for this.  These two days will have the throat chakra (communication) protected and a much more clear way of communicating will be present.

Less of a chance for misinterpretation as well.

While expressing yourselves this week, pay careful attention to the way in which you use your words.  Doing so can avoid uneccesary drama, particularly at work or your place of service.

Those signing any kind of document- wednesday-friday seems best for that.

All in all this week seems a little edgy but conducive for verbal communication.  Written communication will have more of a chance of miscommunication, so pay more attention to that.

Be present and be mindful and all should be well.

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Love & Light To All,


How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Us Physically And Emotionally

Everything is connected- I always say this.

I woke up pulled to write about this as I’ve noticed a lot of people that I have been working with and am in contact with, are experiencing physical, spiritual and emotional bursts of energy – and they are confused as to what is going on.

*Disclaimer- always see a medical professional before you assume what you are experiencing is not in fact, a medical issue.

We are in the mist of intense Solar Flares.  September 4th (last monday) is when we had the first burst.

What are Solar Flares?

From Wikipedia

A solar flare is a sudden flash of brightness observed near the Sun’s surface. It involves a very broad spectrum of emissions, requiring an energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy  (roughly the equivalent of 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT… Flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection. The flare ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the corona of the sun into space. These clouds typically reach Earth a day or two after the event.

We have just experienced the strongest Solar Flare in twelve (12) years!


How do these Solar Flares Affect Us?

This space weather phenomenon can affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Children and pets are very affected as well so please pay close attention to these little people and realize how much more sensitive and receptive they are to energy!  They don’t have any bias, they are simply pure and perfect.

Solar Flares when they occur (again, they began on 9/4 and as of 9/8 we were still experiencing bursts), can really affect us biologically.  As a result, we may feel as if we have lost our ability to cope as we keep spinning our wheels, rotating on our axis.

Just like the earth.

*Keep in mind, the affects are not always felt immediately, yet gradually and can intensify over a span of time potentially up to two months after the flares!

Our central nervous system can be affected, messing with our equilibrium.  We may feel off center, not right.

Our behavior may seem different as well.

What’s really happening is that from the higher-consciousness level, these flares serve to transform us on a cellular level.  We are energy, remember that!

As we shift and realign, we are compelled to break old patterns and make changes in our lives that will impact us profoundly for years to come.

If you follow astrology at all, then you know that along with all the planetary energy we have been experiencing, change is the name of the game.

Often this is felt more on the sub -conscious level, making it more of an internal shift. This can have our deepest fears coming up to the surface.

Below are some common symptoms that you may experience during a period of solar storm activity:

* A lot of these symptoms mimic the ascension A.K.A- ‘Spiritual Awakening’- process.   I will be posting about that again soon. 

  • feeling off’ kilter – not centered
  • feeling very overwhelmed, difficulty coping
  • dizzy spells/vertigo
  • headaches/migraines/pressure in head & face
  • high pitched ringing in ears
  • visual disturbances
  • increased sensitivity
  • heart flutters/palpitations
  • pressure in chest
  • anxiety and feeling jittery
  • nausea and stomach upset
  • hot flashes
  • sleep issues such as interrupted sleep, very little sleep
  • exhausted and lethargic
  • depressed and an overall feeling of despair
  • elevated blood pressure
  • stressed out & worried
  • vivid dreams, often stressful
  • brain fog
  • technology issues become more obvious as well

It is a process like anything else and the more you understand it, hopefully it will help you to cope.

So how to we deal with the potential human impact of the Solar Flares? 

Below are some suggestions to help you cope.

  • honor your body- rest when you need to
  • take salt baths
  • exercise- or whatever helps relieve your anxiety, do it
  • drink a lot of water- pure, filtered water preferably
  • eat healthy foods that nourish
  • watch your alcohol intake
  • get outside-nature is medicine
  • limit your time with negative people and avoid drama
  • spend time with people that make you laugh
  • trust that this is a real process and respect it-and yourself

I hope that this post has given you a sense of peace and understanding.

Please feel free to write me with any questions or comments.

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Full Moon In Sensitive Pisces Today….


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Today, we have a watery Full Moon in the sign of Pisces.

This occurs at 3:02 AM EST.  So technically tomorrow.

We are all highly sensitive under the influence of this Full Moon.

We are more emotional, more weepy than normal, dreams are prophetic, psychic experiences enhanced.

*If you are a Pisces, a Pisces rising, or especially, a Pisces Moon expect to really feel the ripples of this Full Moon.


Neptune is also conjunct this Full Moon in Pisces, really confusing an already confusing time!

Remember- Neptune rules Pisces, the underworld.  Intuition, illusion, boundaries and confusion.  This is Neptune.


With a Full Moon in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, we receive a double-dose of mysticism, of magic.

Our compassionate nature is enhanced.  We develop our spiritual gifts (or at least the desire is there to do so).

We release, we surrender.

We are also still coming off the throes of the Solar Eclipse that occurred on 8/21, lets not forget.  Everything is heightened.  The energy is still quite intense.

We are all exhausted.

Do not feel dejected if after the Solar Eclipse nothing has seemed to shift for you.  These shifts are often gradual, and you may not see them for awhile.  The Solar Eclipse was also a New Moon, a time to make plans for the future.

Emotions run high.  Intuition is sharp but with Neptune so prominent, be careful of intuition vs. paranoia, as it it will be very easy to switch over to the dark side due to fear.

Neptune and this Full Moon shine a light on our vices.  How we cope (or do not cope ) with our emotions and our issues.  Do you drink your problems away?  Drown your sorrows in a bag of Oreo cookies?  Smoke a pack of cigarettes?  

Really look at this.  If something needs to be corrected, now is the time to get started. Any unhealthy vice under Neptune’s influence can quickly become a problem so take care.

There is a lot of illusion going on right now.  It is time to cut through that and discern the wheat from the chafe in your life.  Make adjustments accordingly.

Saturn, the planet we refer to as the ‘Father’ has his hand in this watery Full Moon as well.  There is no room for escapism while Saturn is present.  He demands we do our karmic work no matter how difficult or frustrating.

Pisces (and Neptune) are all about the intangible, the underworld.  Opposing energy is at work here.

Saturn needs evidence while Neptune relies on hunches.

Saturn says ‘show me’.  Neptune says ‘trust me’.

We feel it, we sense it, but yet we cannot see it.  Trusting your own intuition is key.  That is what this Full Moon in Pisces is all about.  The dreams that we possess in our own heart and soul and taking ownership of our own abilities to find the truth.

The Sun in Virgo is asking us to show up and figure out the ways we wish to be of service.  Mr. serious Saturn right alongside does not let up , as we struggle between all of this opposing energy.

Especially if you are not used to just trusting your own instincts to lead you where you need to go.  

The most important thing to remember at this time is to listen to your heart.  To trust yourself.  To really go deep and figure out where you wish to be and how you wish to feel.  Pisces feels.  Honor your soul and your feelings. 

Full Moons are a time for release.  Release what is no longer working for you.  Emotions, people, places, situations.


Be sure to work with this magical Full Moon Energy.

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Love & Light,



It’s Virgo Season! Happy Birthday To The Virgins Of The Zodiac….

Today the Sun shifts from the warm fire of Leo into the sign of practicality and analytics- Virgo.

As the Sun shifts from Leo into Virgo, the celestial tone changes considerably, and there’s a slight calming effect.

Coming off the heat and passion of Leo (doesn’t it seem that Leo season was never ending?), we are ever-so-ready for the wise and practical energy of Virgo.

Where Leo pushes for intensity, Virgo says: “stop, slow down, analyze and maybe just maybe after we’ve analyzed everything to the end of the earth, we might take some action.”   These are our Virgo’s!

virgo 3

Virgo’s are introverts at heart.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be a Virgo to embody the essence of this sign. Anyplace in your chart where Virgo falls, you will likely possess this energy.  Your rising sign and Moon being the top two, but anywhere else as well.  

*For example- I am not a Virgo, but my Mars , Jupiter and Saturn all fall in Virgo- giving me quite a bit of this energy, and I definitely feel this energy in those areas of my chart!

Virgo falls under the element of Earth and is our second sign of the Earth signs. Therefore, Virgo’s are very grounded, but can be so grounded that fun gets pushed to the back burner!

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind.

This sign is intelligent with a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Virgo’s can be super sensitive but it takes a lot for them to truly feel and express their emotions, as they often intellectualize and analyze them frontwards and backwards before they will honor them.

Notice the word analyze comes up a a lot with this sign?

They are problem solvers.  They love a good mental challenge.  They are always willing to help others.

In fact Virgo’s typically feel the most useful when they are helping others with their own challenges, as it gives them a break from their own internal dialogue that never stops!

At their most positive, Virgo’s are wise, witty and well-spoken.  They are intelligent, practical and reliable. Very detail oriented and meticulous, they are great organizers. Virgo’s are very hard workers and are typically very accomplished.  They expect nothing less than the best from others and this goes for themselves as well.

At their most negative, they can be over-analytical, picky, and critical.  They can be obsessive as well to the point where it becomes a real problem and causes physical ailments, such as anxiety and heart palpitations!

Because they expect nothing but the best from themselves, they expect the same from others and often have too high of expectations.  They can also be cold, detached and aloof due to their analytical and earthy way of approaching emotions.

In the Tarot, our Virgo card is none other than, The Hermit– card number Nine (9) of The Major Arcana.

In numerology, ‘9’ is the number of the loner.  It is a solitary number, and as such often walks the path to enlightenment on it’s own.  Much like our Hermit, below.

*This card is from the Morgan Greer tarot deck*


Under the time of Virgo, much like our Hermit, it’s time to walk our path.  Go within and ask yourself : “Am I living in my truth”?

Also, this is a time to get philisophical and rid ourselves of outdated patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us.

If you have wanted to cultivate a spiritual practice, now is the time.  Meditate, pray, purify your Chakras.

 Be still, be present and listen to your intuition.

The Hermit knows what it feels like to walk the path to true enlightenment and lights his own torch along the way.

The path may twist and turn but ultimately, it will take us where we need to go.

Don’t be afraid to go deep and do your soul work.  This is the perfect time under Virgo(Hermit) season– plus we are still under several retrogrades including Virgo’s ruler- Mercury!

Due to the potent connection of this Mercury Retrograde to Mondays fateful eclipse, this Mercury cycle will give you great insights into what is standing in the way from the path to your purpose.

So this is a great time to be a ‘Hermit’, literally!

Don’t be afraid to go within.

Be still, be present, listen to your intuition.

Honor what you feel.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, but choose your thoughts and your words wisely.

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Mercury Is Retrograde Along With Saturn, Pluto, Uranus And More! Reading For The Next Few Days…

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s midweek, and I am finally getting this post out!  I have been having some technical difficulties-thank you Mercury Retrograde 😉

I meant to get this out Saturday, and then Monday, then  yesterday, but alas….I finally got it.

Hope you all are staying sane throughout this cosmic craziness!

The energy is wild right now, and this Mercury Retrograde is primed to be a surprising and wacky one.

Mercury turned retrograde this past Saturday, the 12th,  and stays this way for 23 days- stationing direct again on 9/5.

The effects of the retrograde are felt a bit longer as there are what we call ‘shadow’ days before and after the actual retrograde.

As long as you are aware (this is key) of the energy and how it affects us ‘down here’,  I truly feel it can take you to your most authentic place.

Let’s break this down a little further.

Mercury rules the mind.  The Sun rules the essence, the soul.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun when it’s direct- when it stations retrograde, it gets even closer to the Sun.

Mercury and the Sun have a very close relationship.

The way we talk to ourselves, the truths that live in our mind (Mercury)  become our reality (Sun) under the retrograde period!  Use your words and your thoughts wisely and keep them positive.

What we think is what we become.

Mind over matter.

Mercury purple

As I always say, use the Retrograde time to Reassess, Release, and Realign.

This is key- and expect the unexpected!

Pay attention to how and what you are communicating.  Slow down.

Keep in mind, Mercury is retrograde along with Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. That is five planets backwards at the same time!  Five!  This is really slowing things down so have patience, this is key.

Let’s not forget the intense energy from the Solar Eclipse that passed on 8/7 and the Total Solar Eclipse that is to occur on 8/21.  We are right in between two very energetic and rare energetic flares, plus all of these retrogrades at the same time!

As above so below.  We feel this, make no mistake.

Important to mention- because Mercury is an inner Planet,  (along with Saturn as well ) we feel the affects on a more conscious level, more deeply.  As inner planets they move quickly and create quite a stir.

With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, these are outer planets that move very slowly throughout the sky.

The effects of the outer planets are much more subtle.  They are still felt, but on a much more subconscious level.

Please watch the video below for more insight for the coming few days.  (I recorded this on Monday).

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Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius Tomorrow…What This Means For Us

Happy Sunday!

The Lunar Eclipse happens tomorrow at 11:50 AM, in the sign of the independent and eccentric humanitarian- Aquarius.

Eclipses are not negative.

Regardless of what you hear, see and/or read, let me repeat: Eclipses are not negative and they always come in pairs.  There will always be a Solar Eclipse two weeks before or after a Lunar Eclipse.

*There’s a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo on 8/21.

This eclipse tomorrow is a Lunar Eclipse- meaning-the Moon basically moves into the shadow of the earth.


Eclipses can seem scary because they tend to bring that which is hidden out into the light, and it might not always be positive.

Eclipses represent change, plain and simple.  Endings and beginnings take place at this time, and change is often resisted, but ultimately, it is inevitable and needed.

This a highly emotional time.  Energetic.  Intense.  Potent.

Don’t we all seem a little edgy, and well, cuckoo lately?  It’s this energy!

Venus, the planet that rules how and what we love and value, is in Cancer until 8/26. People are very emotional, and besides that, we are feeling and absorbing others emotions as well.

Eclipses tend to bring in a clean sweep and often with a turn of events we may not be expecting.  That can seem scary but remember: Uranus is retrograde as well as of 8/3, so expect the unexpected but also remember: Uranus will always leave you better than you are found!

One of my favorite sayings as of late is :

When something goes wrong in your life,  just yell “Plot Twist”!  And move on

This definitely defines the next couple of weeks!

The key to Eclipses is to note that they are typically indicative of turning points in our lives.  This can be both on an internal and external level.

A sense of fate surrounds eclipse energy and we really need to be as present and as centered as possible in order to work with this energy constructively.

A lot of important events in our lives take place on, around, or in between eclipses.

It is also important to mention that the signs the Eclipses happen in make a huge difference as well.

The Lunar Eclipse tomorrow is highlighting opposite signs- Leo and Aquarius.

The Sun is in Leo for this Eclipse while the Moon is opposing in Aquarius.

Leo loves to shine and be in the limelight- the word ‘royalty’ comes to mind with the sign of Leo.  Leo has the need to be seen and heard at all costs.

The Sun shines brightest in Leo-this sign is creative and this will highlight all of your unique talents and what makes you ‘you’.  We want to leave a legacy with Leo- we desire to be known for our gifts.

How will you handle this energy?  Will you show up and show off?  Allow your light to shine? 

The Sun does not shine so bright in the opposite sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is more detached and more concerned with the collective rather than individual needs.  Leo is the North Node (where we are going) while Aquarius is the South Node (where we have been, the familiar, the past).

Aquarius likes to stick to the facts, that which makes sense.  Aquarius falls under the element of Air, meaning, the mind- everything must be intellectualized before it is expressed.

Will you stick with the tried and true, rationalize the emotion away?  Stick to the facts and not go into your heart and soul?

Obviously, these are two very different energies but the trick is to combine them both to get you to your most authentic self.

It will be very easy and comfortable to stay in the past, to feel the need to break free from the ties that bind yet feeling it might be easier and more beneficial to stay with the familiar.  This is the challenge under Eclipse energy: Where we have been (South Node) Vs. Where we are going  or where we desire to go (North Node).

At this time we should all be reevaluating our place in this world.  Where we fit in, where we feel we don’t fit in, our sense of purpose.  A lot of soul-searching at this time.

How we connect or disconnect with and from other people, places and groups.

There may be a disconnect between head and heart- again , emphasizing the Leo (fire & heart)/Aquarius (Air/Mind) polarity.

I suspect we will be hearing quite a bit over the next few weeks in regards to those of royalty and politics-(Leo).  It’s important to stay connected to that which is important, the heart center.   Controlling what goes on within because lets face it: we can’t really control what is going on without and under the Eclipse energy this will really be emphasized.

Tomorrow I will have a reading for the week ahead, so stay tuned.

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