Full Moon In Sensitive Pisces Today….


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Today, we have a watery Full Moon in the sign of Pisces.

This occurs at 3:02 AM EST.  So technically tomorrow.

We are all highly sensitive under the influence of this Full Moon.

We are more emotional, more weepy than normal, dreams are prophetic, psychic experiences enhanced.

*If you are a Pisces, a Pisces rising, or especially, a Pisces Moon expect to really feel the ripples of this Full Moon.


Neptune is also conjunct this Full Moon in Pisces, really confusing an already confusing time!

Remember- Neptune rules Pisces, the underworld.  Intuition, illusion, boundaries and confusion.  This is Neptune.


With a Full Moon in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, we receive a double-dose of mysticism, of magic.

Our compassionate nature is enhanced.  We develop our spiritual gifts (or at least the desire is there to do so).

We release, we surrender.

We are also still coming off the throes of the Solar Eclipse that occurred on 8/21, lets not forget.  Everything is heightened.  The energy is still quite intense.

We are all exhausted.

Do not feel dejected if after the Solar Eclipse nothing has seemed to shift for you.  These shifts are often gradual, and you may not see them for awhile.  The Solar Eclipse was also a New Moon, a time to make plans for the future.

Emotions run high.  Intuition is sharp but with Neptune so prominent, be careful of intuition vs. paranoia, as it it will be very easy to switch over to the dark side due to fear.

Neptune and this Full Moon shine a light on our vices.  How we cope (or do not cope ) with our emotions and our issues.  Do you drink your problems away?  Drown your sorrows in a bag of Oreo cookies?  Smoke a pack of cigarettes?  

Really look at this.  If something needs to be corrected, now is the time to get started. Any unhealthy vice under Neptune’s influence can quickly become a problem so take care.

There is a lot of illusion going on right now.  It is time to cut through that and discern the wheat from the chafe in your life.  Make adjustments accordingly.

Saturn, the planet we refer to as the ‘Father’ has his hand in this watery Full Moon as well.  There is no room for escapism while Saturn is present.  He demands we do our karmic work no matter how difficult or frustrating.

Pisces (and Neptune) are all about the intangible, the underworld.  Opposing energy is at work here.

Saturn needs evidence while Neptune relies on hunches.

Saturn says ‘show me’.  Neptune says ‘trust me’.

We feel it, we sense it, but yet we cannot see it.  Trusting your own intuition is key.  That is what this Full Moon in Pisces is all about.  The dreams that we possess in our own heart and soul and taking ownership of our own abilities to find the truth.

The Sun in Virgo is asking us to show up and figure out the ways we wish to be of service.  Mr. serious Saturn right alongside does not let up , as we struggle between all of this opposing energy.

Especially if you are not used to just trusting your own instincts to lead you where you need to go.  

The most important thing to remember at this time is to listen to your heart.  To trust yourself.  To really go deep and figure out where you wish to be and how you wish to feel.  Pisces feels.  Honor your soul and your feelings. 

Full Moons are a time for release.  Release what is no longer working for you.  Emotions, people, places, situations.


Be sure to work with this magical Full Moon Energy.

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Love & Light,



It’s Virgo Season! Happy Birthday To The Virgins Of The Zodiac….

Today the Sun shifts from the warm fire of Leo into the sign of practicality and analytics- Virgo.

As the Sun shifts from Leo into Virgo, the celestial tone changes considerably, and there’s a slight calming effect.

Coming off the heat and passion of Leo (doesn’t it seem that Leo season was never ending?), we are ever-so-ready for the wise and practical energy of Virgo.

Where Leo pushes for intensity, Virgo says: “stop, slow down, analyze and maybe just maybe after we’ve analyzed everything to the end of the earth, we might take some action.”   These are our Virgo’s!

virgo 3

Virgo’s are introverts at heart.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to be a Virgo to embody the essence of this sign. Anyplace in your chart where Virgo falls, you will likely possess this energy.  Your rising sign and Moon being the top two, but anywhere else as well.  

*For example- I am not a Virgo, but my Mars , Jupiter and Saturn all fall in Virgo- giving me quite a bit of this energy, and I definitely feel this energy in those areas of my chart!

Virgo falls under the element of Earth and is our second sign of the Earth signs. Therefore, Virgo’s are very grounded, but can be so grounded that fun gets pushed to the back burner!

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind.

This sign is intelligent with a sharp and inquisitive mind.

Virgo’s can be super sensitive but it takes a lot for them to truly feel and express their emotions, as they often intellectualize and analyze them frontwards and backwards before they will honor them.

Notice the word analyze comes up a a lot with this sign?

They are problem solvers.  They love a good mental challenge.  They are always willing to help others.

In fact Virgo’s typically feel the most useful when they are helping others with their own challenges, as it gives them a break from their own internal dialogue that never stops!

At their most positive, Virgo’s are wise, witty and well-spoken.  They are intelligent, practical and reliable. Very detail oriented and meticulous, they are great organizers. Virgo’s are very hard workers and are typically very accomplished.  They expect nothing less than the best from others and this goes for themselves as well.

At their most negative, they can be over-analytical, picky, and critical.  They can be obsessive as well to the point where it becomes a real problem and causes physical ailments, such as anxiety and heart palpitations!

Because they expect nothing but the best from themselves, they expect the same from others and often have too high of expectations.  They can also be cold, detached and aloof due to their analytical and earthy way of approaching emotions.

In the Tarot, our Virgo card is none other than, The Hermit– card number Nine (9) of The Major Arcana.

In numerology, ‘9’ is the number of the loner.  It is a solitary number, and as such often walks the path to enlightenment on it’s own.  Much like our Hermit, below.

*This card is from the Morgan Greer tarot deck*


Under the time of Virgo, much like our Hermit, it’s time to walk our path.  Go within and ask yourself : “Am I living in my truth”?

Also, this is a time to get philisophical and rid ourselves of outdated patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us.

If you have wanted to cultivate a spiritual practice, now is the time.  Meditate, pray, purify your Chakras.

 Be still, be present and listen to your intuition.

The Hermit knows what it feels like to walk the path to true enlightenment and lights his own torch along the way.

The path may twist and turn but ultimately, it will take us where we need to go.

Don’t be afraid to go deep and do your soul work.  This is the perfect time under Virgo(Hermit) season– plus we are still under several retrogrades including Virgo’s ruler- Mercury!

Due to the potent connection of this Mercury Retrograde to Mondays fateful eclipse, this Mercury cycle will give you great insights into what is standing in the way from the path to your purpose.

So this is a great time to be a ‘Hermit’, literally!

Don’t be afraid to go within.

Be still, be present, listen to your intuition.

Honor what you feel.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, but choose your thoughts and your words wisely.

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Mercury Is Retrograde Along With Saturn, Pluto, Uranus And More! Reading For The Next Few Days…

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s midweek, and I am finally getting this post out!  I have been having some technical difficulties-thank you Mercury Retrograde 😉

I meant to get this out Saturday, and then Monday, then  yesterday, but alas….I finally got it.

Hope you all are staying sane throughout this cosmic craziness!

The energy is wild right now, and this Mercury Retrograde is primed to be a surprising and wacky one.

Mercury turned retrograde this past Saturday, the 12th,  and stays this way for 23 days- stationing direct again on 9/5.

The effects of the retrograde are felt a bit longer as there are what we call ‘shadow’ days before and after the actual retrograde.

As long as you are aware (this is key) of the energy and how it affects us ‘down here’,  I truly feel it can take you to your most authentic place.

Let’s break this down a little further.

Mercury rules the mind.  The Sun rules the essence, the soul.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun when it’s direct- when it stations retrograde, it gets even closer to the Sun.

Mercury and the Sun have a very close relationship.

The way we talk to ourselves, the truths that live in our mind (Mercury)  become our reality (Sun) under the retrograde period!  Use your words and your thoughts wisely and keep them positive.

What we think is what we become.

Mind over matter.

Mercury purple

As I always say, use the Retrograde time to Reassess, Release, and Realign.

This is key- and expect the unexpected!

Pay attention to how and what you are communicating.  Slow down.

Keep in mind, Mercury is retrograde along with Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. That is five planets backwards at the same time!  Five!  This is really slowing things down so have patience, this is key.

Let’s not forget the intense energy from the Solar Eclipse that passed on 8/7 and the Total Solar Eclipse that is to occur on 8/21.  We are right in between two very energetic and rare energetic flares, plus all of these retrogrades at the same time!

As above so below.  We feel this, make no mistake.

Important to mention- because Mercury is an inner Planet,  (along with Saturn as well ) we feel the affects on a more conscious level, more deeply.  As inner planets they move quickly and create quite a stir.

With Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, these are outer planets that move very slowly throughout the sky.

The effects of the outer planets are much more subtle.  They are still felt, but on a much more subconscious level.

Please watch the video below for more insight for the coming few days.  (I recorded this on Monday).

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Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius Tomorrow…What This Means For Us

Happy Sunday!

The Lunar Eclipse happens tomorrow at 11:50 AM, in the sign of the independent and eccentric humanitarian- Aquarius.

Eclipses are not negative.

Regardless of what you hear, see and/or read, let me repeat: Eclipses are not negative and they always come in pairs.  There will always be a Solar Eclipse two weeks before or after a Lunar Eclipse.

*There’s a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo on 8/21.

This eclipse tomorrow is a Lunar Eclipse- meaning-the Moon basically moves into the shadow of the earth.


Eclipses can seem scary because they tend to bring that which is hidden out into the light, and it might not always be positive.

Eclipses represent change, plain and simple.  Endings and beginnings take place at this time, and change is often resisted, but ultimately, it is inevitable and needed.

This a highly emotional time.  Energetic.  Intense.  Potent.

Don’t we all seem a little edgy, and well, cuckoo lately?  It’s this energy!

Venus, the planet that rules how and what we love and value, is in Cancer until 8/26. People are very emotional, and besides that, we are feeling and absorbing others emotions as well.

Eclipses tend to bring in a clean sweep and often with a turn of events we may not be expecting.  That can seem scary but remember: Uranus is retrograde as well as of 8/3, so expect the unexpected but also remember: Uranus will always leave you better than you are found!

One of my favorite sayings as of late is :

When something goes wrong in your life,  just yell “Plot Twist”!  And move on

This definitely defines the next couple of weeks!

The key to Eclipses is to note that they are typically indicative of turning points in our lives.  This can be both on an internal and external level.

A sense of fate surrounds eclipse energy and we really need to be as present and as centered as possible in order to work with this energy constructively.

A lot of important events in our lives take place on, around, or in between eclipses.

It is also important to mention that the signs the Eclipses happen in make a huge difference as well.

The Lunar Eclipse tomorrow is highlighting opposite signs- Leo and Aquarius.

The Sun is in Leo for this Eclipse while the Moon is opposing in Aquarius.

Leo loves to shine and be in the limelight- the word ‘royalty’ comes to mind with the sign of Leo.  Leo has the need to be seen and heard at all costs.

The Sun shines brightest in Leo-this sign is creative and this will highlight all of your unique talents and what makes you ‘you’.  We want to leave a legacy with Leo- we desire to be known for our gifts.

How will you handle this energy?  Will you show up and show off?  Allow your light to shine? 

The Sun does not shine so bright in the opposite sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is more detached and more concerned with the collective rather than individual needs.  Leo is the North Node (where we are going) while Aquarius is the South Node (where we have been, the familiar, the past).

Aquarius likes to stick to the facts, that which makes sense.  Aquarius falls under the element of Air, meaning, the mind- everything must be intellectualized before it is expressed.

Will you stick with the tried and true, rationalize the emotion away?  Stick to the facts and not go into your heart and soul?

Obviously, these are two very different energies but the trick is to combine them both to get you to your most authentic self.

It will be very easy and comfortable to stay in the past, to feel the need to break free from the ties that bind yet feeling it might be easier and more beneficial to stay with the familiar.  This is the challenge under Eclipse energy: Where we have been (South Node) Vs. Where we are going  or where we desire to go (North Node).

At this time we should all be reevaluating our place in this world.  Where we fit in, where we feel we don’t fit in, our sense of purpose.  A lot of soul-searching at this time.

How we connect or disconnect with and from other people, places and groups.

There may be a disconnect between head and heart- again , emphasizing the Leo (fire & heart)/Aquarius (Air/Mind) polarity.

I suspect we will be hearing quite a bit over the next few weeks in regards to those of royalty and politics-(Leo).  It’s important to stay connected to that which is important, the heart center.   Controlling what goes on within because lets face it: we can’t really control what is going on without and under the Eclipse energy this will really be emphasized.

Tomorrow I will have a reading for the week ahead, so stay tuned.

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Reading For The Week Ahead! 7/10-7/16 …Full Moon in Capricorn Energy….

Happy Sunday And Full Moon Blessings,

FYI I recorded this read first thing this morning, but due to technical difficulties, I’m just getting it out now. 😉

This Full Moon in Capricorn is a big one on the energetic plane.

We are edgy, ready for action yet feeling stuck, re-evaluating and really wanting to make changes.  Lots of push/pull and start/stop going on here!

This is due to this Moon being opposite Mars, our most active planet.  The need to transform and shake things up with intensity is due to planet Pluto conjunct this Full Moon.

Stay calm and walk away from arguments with others even if you know you stand to be ‘right’.  Let’s not forget that Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ in astrology is also retrograde as of 7/1 and will stay there until 12/4, exacerbating all of our deepest wounds.

Keep doing your soul work and you will be fine.  You can only control what goes on within, not outside of you and most certainly not with others!  Do not get roped into any nonsense with others, as people are more likely to take their s^&* out on other people at this time.

Those that do not do their own soul work are always going to throw their crap onto others .Stay in your light and don’t allow that to happen to you, but more importantly, do not be that person!  Take the opportunity to go within and look at your trigger points rather than pointing your finger elsewhere.

It’s also a great time to transform into that which we know we are capable of.  Focus on your goals and stay determined.  Tell those closest to you how much you care.  Use this Full Moon energy to bestow your good thoughts onto others as well as onto yourself!

Enjoy the read below!  Bright and Happy Full Moon Blessings To All!

I’m off to do readings at a Full Moon gathering for some kick-ass women tonight :)

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Calm And Cozy New Moon In Cancer Today….

Happy Friday!

Today’s New Moon in Cancer is at 10:31 PM EST.

This new moon falls right at home in the healing and sensitive sign of the crab, Cancer. The moon is exalted here (meaning right in its natural element) and there is a calm and nurturing vibe to the energy right now.


We feel warm, cozy and protected under this new moon.  It’s time to look at what, and how we nurture.  How we love, who we love, and what we can do to better ourselves and make things better for those in our environment.

At this time, we are asked to go within.  To pay attention to how we love and nurture ourselves and those we care about.  That is what is most important right now.  Cancer is our ‘mommy’ of the zodiac.  Mothers like to tend to their young, to take care of their nests.

We take stock of what we have and what we still wish to accomplish.  This extends much farther than personal possessions, and is much more about the riches we possess within our selves, our souls.  The abundance inside of all of us, the golden nuggets that make us who we are.  We also look at the golden nuggets inside others as well, and point these things out to them.  This is what we all need right  now, what we all crave. Acceptance.  Praise. Love.

This is a time to go deep within and get ready for new beginnings.  This is a beautiful new moon with a soothing energy attached.  We feel more relaxed right now, perhaps even a bit lazy and tired.  Honor this feeling and listen to your body.  Dreams are more vivid as well, and you may wake up feeling more tired as a result.

*Both Mars and Mercury are also sitting in the sign of Cancer right alongside this new moon today, further enhancing our emotional juices.  Sensitivity is paramount right now, and some of us are much more poetic and weepy than usual. * Cough 😉

There is just something so natural about the moon when it’s in Cancer.  We feel alive, we feel more centered.  We are more in touch with our emotional sides, yes, but at the same time we are able to process more freely.  There’s less fear of judgment.

We crave togetherness, community.  Explore this, nurture this, tend to this.  Get your plans ready, as the next few months will not harness this bright and beautiful energy in the same way.


Under this New Moon, it is time to heal.

It is a wonderful time to do some inner-work.  To heal from the inside out.  Get in touch with your intuition as you should be feeling way more in tune at this time.  Cancer is no stranger to psychic impressions and that which is beneath the surface, the unconscious.  Use this time to really check-in with your higher self.  Are you expressing yourself authentically?  Are you honoring your needs?  Are you working towards your goals?  A goal?  Are you pleased with where you are?  

Remember, the sign of Cancer can be very defensive so other things to ask yourself at this time are: do I express my emotions in a healthy way so that others can understand me?  Or am I too defensive, perhaps explosive?  Really go within here, as again, this is where the real treasures reside.

Many of you write to me asking questions about how/which stones to work with, so I’ve included some below.  You’re welcome 😉

Some of my favorite stones to work with at this time of the Cancer New Moon are:

Calcite- for relaxation.  This stone is a pretty pale orange/yellow color, and helps to soothe our emotions, putting us in a more meditative state.  Hold it in the palm of your hand to truly feel the vibrations of this calming stone.

Crocoite- for creativity and passion.  This stone is typically a vibrant orange/red, also representative of our Sacral Chakra-the energy centre responsible for our sexuality, creative life force.  Use this stone to move towards your goals with renewed passion.

Citrine- (one of my staples, I love this stone).  This is a yellow/orange, sometimes gold-ish colored crystal.  This one is all about abundance and manifestation.  Always to be used under New Moon energy.

Azurite- this one is a multi-colored mineral looking ‘stone’- it’s several shades of deep blues and greens.  This one is representative of our intuition, deepening our psychic awareness.  This helps us get more in touch with our inner-compass, helping us to connect more to our heart centre and make decisions that are more in alignment with our true purpose.

*I also always recommend Clear Quartz for protection and purification, and Selenite for angelic protection and closer connection to spirt.   These two are standard*

Stay tuned, as throughout the rest of the summer, the lunar cycle is a little chaotic-consisting of intense and energetic eclipses and Mercury Retrograde just to name a few aspects.  As a result, there will not be this ‘chill’ feeling that we are experiencing right now believe me, so please, pay attention and seriously, enjoy this energy.  Bask in it, revel in it, and get those dreams ready!  Manifest and manifest extra-wisely under this new moon.

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Happy Summer Solstice And Happy Birthday Cancer!

Happy Birthday Cancer!  It’s also ‘Officially’ Summer Today- So Happy Summer Solstice!

The Solstice happens today at 12:24 AM, EST.  This is our longest day of the year, and it’s the time when the Sun shines its brightest and moves right into the sign of Cancer.  The Summer Solstice represents a time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

This is a time of transformation.  Deep transformation- stepping into your truth and becoming your true, authentic self.  This does not always feel comfortable, so even though at this time we may be feeling ‘ready’ in several different areas, there still may be a level of fear attached.  We are all being asked to let go and trust.


Today, 6/21, the Sun shifts from charismatic and lively Gemini into the warm and relaxing sign of Cancer.  The Sun will stay in Cancer until 7/22 .  This shift brings with it a sense of completion. Closing one chapter and finally being ready to write the next one.

*If your rising sign falls in Cancer, this bodes true for you as well.  If your Moon sign is Cancer, this is especially  for you as the moon is our heart and emotion in our chart, and Cancer is ruled by the moon- making you ultra sensitive!  You can find the rest of your chart by using a free service such as www.Astro.com.

The sign of  Cancer falls under the element of water.  The water signs of the zodiac are quite sensitive and mysterious, much like the ocean itself.  These signs are deep-they can either be refreshing, or they can drown you in their depths!  Security is very important to the water signs.  (Pisces and Scorpio are our other two Water signs).

Cancer is the sign of our soul and our emotional well-being.  These people feel more than they think, often leaving them feeling misunderstood.  Emotion rules logic most times with this sign.  As such, at this time of the year, we are likely feeling much more emotional and compassionate.

Cancer is warm, perceptive, protective and wait- oh yeah- sensitive!  Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac.  They care fiercely about their ‘people’ and are very careful of others feelings, but are even more careful and protective of their own feelings.  When they are angry or feel slighted, this Crab retreats right back into its shell, likely not without striking you first though!

Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning it’s the introductory sign to its season.  Summer.  The feeling under this zodiac sign is typically warm, calm and inviting.  We feel ‘chill’ under this sign and at home.  You may find yourself in fact, wanting to be nesting more under the sign of cancer than any other time of the year!

The Crab represents the sign of Cancer, and as such,  Cancers can be quite, well, crabby! They cannot really help this as they are ruled by the moon, after all!

Cancer is ruled by the Moon with its ever changing tides.  As the moon shifts into a different sign every two 1/2 days, so do a Cancers moods!  Yes, the crabs can be, and typically are, ever-so- moody.  Often vacillating from happy, to sad, to angry- all within moments!  They can get hurt very easily as well due to their hyper-sensitivity so tread lightly with the crabs in your life.


Strengths of this sign:  persuasive, imaginative, loyal, emotional, intuitive, sympathetic, artistic

Weaknesses of this sign: moody, pessimistic, insecure, manipulative (usually harmless to get their way), suspicious

Much like the sign of Cancer, under the time of Cancer we are forced to confront what does not work, and try to let go.  This is a difficult feat for most crabs, but necessary.

When the crab does get to the place where ‘enough is enough’, they are very done.  That is how we will feel under this Cancerian influence!  It’s time to clean house with those projects (this can include people) in our lives that we feel are no longer bearing fruit.  As hard as this can be, it is ever so necessary.  As we are all feeling more sensitive and in tune under the sign of cancer as well, (and lets not forget neptune retrograde) it’s important to remain as empathetic as possible not only to others, but most importantly, to ourselves!  Nurture yourself, as you cannot pour from an empty cup.

         In the Tarot, Cancer  rules our Major Arcana card- Number 7- ‘The Chariot’


Number Seven , also representative of our seventh month, July.  The time of Cancer.

The Chariot is moving, but moving at a controlled pace.  The Chariot knows that slow and steady wins the race.  In order to achieve full progress, you must not go full steam ahead at this time.  Take the time to move slowly, assess your surroundings, and be careful not to make any rash moves.  The end of a cycle is near, and a new turning point is about to begin.  Take the time to absorb everything while making big decisions and changes.  See the big picture as the universe is truly supporting you and wants you to succeed.

You are that much closer to achieving your goal(s), to getting what you want.  There might be a bit of a struggle to get there, you may have to fall down a few times, but you will get there!  Victory after some strife, uncertainties will lift.  Emotionally, all is well under the time of cancer- surrender and acceptance are the name of the game.

We are under some heavy times energetically, and a lot of you have been writing to me about how you are feeling, trying to process it all.  Just know that you are not losing it! There is a lot going on ‘out there’ and guess what?  It will and it does affect you on the soul level.  The more sensitive you are the more you will feel this!  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel you need another ‘tune-up’ or if you have questions.

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Neptune- The Planet Of Intuition, The Mystical- She Goes Retrograde (Backwards) Today! What You Need To Know…

Good Morning My Friends,

Neptune will be retrograde from today, 6/16-11/22/17.  That’s a pretty decent amount of time (half the year): what you need to know….


Ah, Neptune- the planet of ‘the mystic’.  Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and is inspirational, spiritual, psychically receptive, highly sensitive- subtle energies, what’s beneath the surface. However, there’s a lot of illusion and confusion with Neptune and it can feel quite still and ‘odd’ under this influence.

Important to mention:  most artists of all kinds and highly sensitive,  psychic people have prominent Neptune in their charts.  Neptune also rules the 12th house in astrology- the hidden house, the karmic house.  Mystical and magical- these people are visionaries and always possess some sort of artistic gift whether physically (i.e drawing, acting, painting) or psychically (tarot, astrology, reiki, spiritual counseling).

When Neptune is moving at it’s typical pace throughout the cosmos, we tend to see more clearly in most areas of life.  While there will be intervals where Neptune and her illusions are felt more strongly, for the most part, we are all functioning under some sort of reality (while it’s direct).  Now, when Neptune begins its retrograde (backwards) trek?  Think again.  We are under the spell beginning today!

We are all more open to the realm of intuition at this time.  Our psychic impressions are likely to be much more intense, dreams more vivid.  The more sensitive and empathic you are, the more you will notice this.  Keep a notebook next to your bed.  Write down all of your dreams during the retrograde period, as you will see in time when you look back, you were having premonitions.  Very common under Neptune Retrograde.  I could write a book on my dreams!

As Neptune rules the mystical side of life, that which cannot necessarily be seen but will always be felt, it is extremely important to pay close attention to all of the ‘signs’ that come across your path.  You will be receiving a lot of spiritual downloads,  a lot of synchronicity.   It’s a time to trust the information you are receiving.  A time to go within.  To Reflect.  To connect with spirit, pray, meditate.  Most importantly, trust the information you receive psychically.  It can and will feel ‘otherworldly’ at this time. Again, those that connect naturally will enjoy this energy as psychic energy is ramped up big-time with Neptune in this position.

During this time as our perceptions are more acute, meditation and grounding are essential so that you can stay rooted in your body and see the big picture- and see it clearly.  It’s extremely important to listen more to the ‘inner-voice’, the guidance of your soul (intuition) during this time.  Talk about what you are feeling, sensing and absorbing because this aspect of Neptune can really give already sensitive souls severe psychic overload.  

Remember heightened sensitivity can be both an asset and a liability!  

*Important to mention: if you feel you cannot talk about what you are experiencing with certain people for fear of judgement, than you are with the wrong people and it’s time to get real with yourself.

                               Our friend , ‘The Hanged Man’, is ruled by Neptune. 


Another ‘symptom’ (HA 😉 ) of Neptune Retro is heightened paranoia.  When this happens, recognize you are likely over stimulated from the energy you are picking up, and that it’s time to go inward and recharge.  Make sure you are paying close attention to your intuitive downloads and impressions, but make sure you sit with and process everything before making any unfair assumptions!  Just being aware of the energy helps.  I have several hard neptune aspects in my personal chart so I am quite familiar with Neptunian energy, and owning it and working with it?  That is where the real magic begins.  Point being: work with this energy and not against it my friends.  

Neptune has a tendency to keep the rose-colored glasses on.  Don’t get led down a flowery path of promises and whispers- stick to the facts and again trust that inner compass!  It should be easier as our intuition is at an all time high.  During this time it is more natural to pick up that which is subtle and normally illusive.  This can be a gift, as long as you are awake and aware.  Keep your mind and your heart open, but also stay logical as it will be much easier to feel ‘duped’ under the Neptune Retrograde period.

One last thing: avoid all chemicals and addictive substances as much as possible under the Neptune Retrograde period.  Neptune rules addictions and boundary issues of all kinds, so pay close attention to these areas of your life now.  Connect to your spirituality.

As we are talking about boundaries and addictions that might be unhealthy, this also includes people!  If you are around very addictive personalities you are more likely to absorb and pick up their energies as well. Carry around some Black Tourmaline crystal pieces to keep your psychic boundaries protected.  (I always keep tourmaline on me)!  If someone(s) makes you feel bad, dims your light and lowers your energy, that is spirits way of letting you know it is time to pull back!  Listen and trust.  Neptune Retrograde is a bit of a weird time, and all we can really do is listen and trust.  

Stay calm, stay centered and stay true- stay in your light.

Neptune is retrograde from today 6/16 until 11/22/2017.  Almost a full five months-  please know we are all affected by this!


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Happy Birthday Gemini!

Happy Saturday!

It’s Gemini time! (Party time!)

Today 5/20 the Sun leaves slow, steady and stable Taurus and moves into fun, creative and stimulating Gemini!  Energy feels high right now under the influence of this sign, and we are more ready to get out there and have some lighthearted fun.  *Special shout-out to my brother Joe who turns 40 today!  He’s a double Gemini, Sun and Moon- Yikes!   Just kidding about the yikes, well, kind of, HA!  He’s one of my favorite people and I wish him the most wonderful day and year ahead <3


Gemini energy is vivacious. Geminis are smart, Geminis are witty, Geminis are savvy and convincing- they are fun and typically the life of the party!  Many sales people and comedians fall under this sign.

They are great conversationalists as they are ruled by the planet Mercury which is the planet of communication.

Gemini falls under the element of Air- meaning that they are quite intellectual and if you are trying to seduce a Gemini, then you need to seduce their mind first!

Some people mistake Gemini for being flighty, but they are not, it’s just that they are young at heart and have a very restless spirit.  Gemini does not stay in one place for very long! They are quite chatty and love to make people laugh-at a party, that man or women with a circle around them slapping their knees in hysterics?  They are likely a Gemini!

The zodiac symbol for this sign is that of the twins. Two.  It is said that Geminis can appear to have a ‘split’ personality.  While this is true, it is not necessarily a bad thing. They can’t help it after all!

*If your moon or rising sign fall in Gemini, you will embody a lot of these traits as well. You can obtain your placements for free by going to Astro.com.  If you would like to go more in depth about your chart, placements, planets and how they shape you, schedule a session.  Also important to note that not all Geminis will fit the description of a true Gemini. The whole birth chart needs to be taken into account, along with the planetary aspects and angles*.

Gemini is what we consider a mutable sign in astrology, meaning,they pretty much go with the flow at all times, and can appear non-phased when things go awry. (Other mutable signs are Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Just when you think you have a Gemini figured out, they switch it up leaving you wondering if they are a magician!   Again, they cannot help this and the key to truly understanding the Gemini (or Geminis) in your life is to understand that they are easy going and they tend to change who they are from one day to the next!  Although they love to be of assistance to others, on the negative side Gemini can talk out of both sides of their face, promising much then delivering little.  While this is not typically done out of malice, it can be one of the Gemini downfalls.

The mind of the Air Sign Gemini is always going, restless energy.  Sports are a great outlet for all of that energy!  *It has also been proven by studies done that a lot of ADHD childhood cases fall under this sign more than any other sign!  So if you have a strongly influenced Gemini child, take comfort in the fact that they are super intelligent and because of all of that mental energy, their focus is often scattered*.

Gemini’s are masters at having two things going at once, and in fact, function better when there is a lot of variety!  Boredom of any kind is the kiss of death to this sign!

In the Tarot, Gemini rules card number XI (6) – The Lovers 


This card portrays Adam & Eve, the true lovers.  Eve was created from Adam’s rib after all- talk about fated and feeling connected !  The number ‘6’ is the number of harmony, soul contracts, partnerships.  It’s no wonder it rules the ‘Lovers” card in the tarot, and that this card is represented by Gemini (the twins), as well!  Tarot, astrology and numerology- see how they are all connected? 

As much as the Lovers is representative of what else- love- it is just as much about choice.  Sure , that puppy staring at you through the glass window is adorable, and you really want to take him home.  But once you take him home, you have to walk him, bathe him, feed him-basically, invest in him.  You may realllly want that puppy, but are you psychologically and psychically ready for it?  The Lovers card is much like this.  Adam & Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit- forever altering their life path.  

Take the example of a male or female of interest you meet. You know and sense on a soul level (6) (the number of soulmate connections) that this person has the potential to change your life in the best way possible.  You know that if you leave them behind you will definitely regret it, yet if you take them with you, your life path is altered forever. What do you do?  This is the Lovers card.  So yes, it’s love but with a choice attached. Soul, spirit, sixth sense.  That’s all wrapped up in the energy of this card.

Over the next month as we are under the Gemini influence, expect to feel ‘spellbound’ by someone or some-thing!  You may meet a person that completely throws you for a loop, or something unexpected may come to you (with the potential for something great, but it will require you to make some major changes).  This will require you to make a choice.  Do you move forward into the unknown with hope and possibility?  Or do you stay rooted in your comfort zone?  Neither way brings a guarantee, remember that!  Also remember to get out and have some fun!  The way this energy has been lately, it’s way too easy to be a homebody (well, at least for me)!

Also, we have a high- energy new moon in Gemini coming up at the end of this week!  If you are ultra sensitive and have Gemini placements in your birth chart, you are likely already feeling the energetic build up!  More about that later on…..

Have a great weekend and stay well!

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Love & Light


Full Moon In Intense & Passionate Scorpio Today!

Hi All,

Today 5/10 as of 3:42 PM EST, we have a Full Moon in passionate and intense Scorpio. So what does this mean for all of us?

“A Full Moon in Scorpio can be an experience of emotional catharsis…facing the truth, we confront the shadow of our grudges, compulsions, obsessions, and, ultimately reclaim our darkness as part of who we are. We reclaim our wholeness through loss. We take back our power”.  -Christine, Zodiac Poetry

For years Full Moons have been tracked and talked about, and within good reason! When the Moon is Full, the tides roar, oceans surge, and energies collide. It is no coincidence that people tend to act more “cuckoo” under Full Moons! Farmers still tend to their crops in accordance to Moon phases- so why would this affect humans any differently? As the Moon moves through a different sign every 2 & 1/2 days, so do our emotions and reactions!

Storm on the sea. Composition of nature.

The Moon rules our emotions, our instincts, who we are at our core.  Astrologically speaking, when the Moon is in Scorpio, it is considered to be in its ‘detriment’- meaning, not very comfortable.  This is because Scorpio emotions are very intense, and often times difficult to understand and express in a healthy manner.  Scorpio is under the element of Water, the heart and the guts of the psyche.  

Have you been more emotional lately? More sensitive? It is definitely due to the extreme and karmic energy of the Scorpio Full Moon!  Letting go becomes essential at this time, but this will not feel comfortable!

The planet Pluto rules Scorpio- Pluto is transformation, security, our shadow side. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. This is not necessarily physical death, it’s more of a metaphorical meaning. The death of the old self, shedding the skin to make room for the growth of something more, something more workable, better.

Pluto likes to take out the ‘garbage’.  Pluto wants to transform from the inside out and won’t let up until successful. Emotional pain is often part of the process before the healing.  You cannot heal what goes unacknowledged and unexpressed.  

In the Tarot, the card that Scorpio rules is ‘Death’ card number XIII (13)


This is a card that when people see, they shudder in fear.  Death.  Sounds so ominous, doesn’t it?  I actually like to see this card as it shows a deep transformation.  Like I said above, it’s metaphorical, not physical.  Look at the imagery on the card: death comes in sweeping away the old, stomping it out to make way for the new.

Scorpio is deep, Scorpio is passionate, and Scorpio loves intensity.  In fact, without depth and without passion, Scorpio cannot relate. Interesting it is, that whatever Scorpio rules seems to always be hidden- just beneath the surface. If you look for it, you can see it, you can feel it. But you have to be willing to succumb to the energy, and not many are prepared.

That is what this Full Moon is all about. Succumbing to our shadow side, releasing and realigning with what we desire.  Everyone is feeling this particularly in the areas of finance and relationships!

Most important to remember: there is a treasure on the other side of our pain. Most times we tend to ignore the parts of us that we perceive as ‘dark’, the parts that are not pretty, the parts we might not like or even admit to ourselves. But they are a part of us nonetheless, and need to be embraced.

Remember: Full Moons are a time of release.  Sit in silence for a moment- be honest with yourself.  What beliefs, people, emotions, habits are really not healthy for you?  Are not serving your growth?   What about others irritates us?  Remember: it always stems from inside of us, it’s never about anybody else.  That which aggravates us is actually here to teach us!  Do not suppress these emotions.  Relax, release and realign.

*I like to manifest under Full Moon energy as well.  So while it’s great to release what is no longer working, it’s also a great idea to put out to the universe that which you would like to receive*

Full Moon energy is magical!

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Love & Light,


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