It’s A Solar Eclipse/New Moon In Pisces – With A Message For The Week Ahead

Happy Sunday My Friends,

We may our find ourselves shaking our heads in disbelief over the upcoming weeks, and we have likely felt this way for the past several weeks.  We have been under eclipse influence for quite a bit- and believe me, it affects everyone!  The energy is intense!  Expect the unexpected now more than ever.  The universe will be throwing us all some cosmic curveballs!


This Solar Eclipse /New Moon today falls in the sign of Pisces, the psychic dreamer.   Pisces is all about the inner world and spirituality, our intuition and our hopes and fears. There is a lot of intensity at this time, so expect the unexpected.  As this Solar Eclipse is about the inner world being shaken up, don’t necasarily expect a huge epiphany in your outer world although that can happen as well.  It can be subtle internally, but you can expect some massive shifts to follow.  Remember- our higher self, our guides and our angels only want us to grow and move towards our soul purpose so when we resist growth and change, the universe will typically step in and show us who’s boss. Also remember that there is always divine order to the madness so stay positive!

   I’ve done an Angel Tarot card for the week ahead, with a message for all


Isn’t that a beautiful looking card?  This card is from the Doreen Virtue Guardian Angel Tarot- currently my deck of choice.  This card is number “0”- in traditional tarot this is knows as The Fool.  

As this card is a Major Arcana card, expect some karmic situations to either release and close themselves out this week, or karmic rebounds can and will occur! Something/someone from the past will come back out of the blue and zap you back to a place that you long had forgotten- so you thought!  The universe has other plans for you, and it’s time to learn the lesson and close the chapter once and for all. You cannot move forward if you keep on looking backwards is the message for this week.  Again, I’m sorry to be a broken record but expect the unexpected at this time.  The Fool is also ruled by the planet Uranus, which is all about unexpected change that catapults us to a different place!  We might not end up where we want to be- but rest assured, it’s where we need to be.  This card is oh-so-fitting for the time of a Solar Eclipse right?

It is a time for beautiful beginnings as we release what no longer serves us. Remember- this can be at the soul level so perhaps it’s an addiction that you have or a behavior you wish to release.  Let it all go- it’s time.

Keep going full steam ahead with your plans, and know that the universe is truly supporting new beginnings and new adventures.  This beginning may even feel forced upon some, but necessary at the same time.  Keep your sense of humor.  Stay in your light.  Most importantly- remember that we are in some very sensitive times energetically, and if you are particularly empathic, you will be feeling a lot of anxiety as you are picking up the energy of the collective.  Make sure you are taking good care of yourself.

Don’t forget to set your intentions and manifest under this powerful Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces!  

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