Let’s Talk About February And The Sensitive Times We Are In! Lunar Eclipse AND Solar Eclipse Back To Back!

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You may or may not have noticed but I did not put out a post for the Lunar Eclipse in Leo that passed through on 2/10.  I just could not muster up the energy and the mental capacity to sit down and type out my thoughts.  In my own personal chart, this eclipse is hitting sensitive points in my 4th house (home), my North Node (life purpose) and my 10th house (career), so I have a lot of energy swirling around in these areas.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks on my end to say the least (it’s all good though)  and I have been trying to take it easier than normal (well, I think I have but I’m still not really taking it easy). 😉

Sidenote: if you are interested in looking at your personal chart and how these Eclipses may or may not impact you, reach out to me and I will give you the info of some of my favorite astrologers to work with!  I do know a LOT of astrology and am constantly learning and growing in this area, but I’m no expert!


The Lunar Eclipse we experienced back on 2/10 was in the sign of bold and courageous Leo. (Photo I took to the right).  Leo has a big, passionate heart and also, a big, fiery temper!  When you get to close to the fire well-you can get burned!  That’s how this last eclipse was likely experienced for most people.  A true rollercoaster of emotion(s), a feeling that the time is ripe to GO!  But where to? That’s for your soul to guide you towards.  

If at this time you feel like you are floating through life, well this month will DEFINITELY highlight the areas that could stand some improvement.  You will not be able to avoid the clean-up this time around.  Overall you will feel VERY energetic and ready for action OR  lethargic and confused, perhaps conflicted and defeated.  These were the energies surrounding this past Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon.  Relationships of all kinds tend to really be a focus under Eclipse energy, and as it’s a very sensitive time especially in between Eclipses (where we are right now) – we should all be extra sensitive to others and to ourselves.  As issues come up, make sure to take the time to breathe before reacting. Very important as the tendency to overreact is high right now! 


Our next Eclipse happens on 2/26 in the watery and dreamy sign of Pisces.  Solar Eclipses are even more intense and more powerful than Lunar Eclipses in the way that, the Raja-Tama (which is an Indian term for state of mind) is most definitely increased during a Solar Eclipse. Long story short: I give this to you from the spiritual perspective as opposed to the scientific explanation. Scientifically speaking the Solar (Sun) Eclipse is much more impactful than the Lunar (Moon) Eclipse is.  The fact that these two are back to back like this?  Well, think about that.  Major energy storm!

From the spiritual perspective those with a very heightened “sixth-sense” will be quite prone to feeling the changes under the influence of both Eclipses and the in between time (so basically now).   You may feel edgy, anxious, uncomfortable, indecisive, lost and confused.  On the flip side you may find that you feel clarity and you are ready to take action.  If you are feeling ready to take action, I advise you to wait until at least 2/28 for astrological reasons!  You will feel more clear as the energy of the New Moon in Pisces which is a Solar Eclipse, begins to clear away after the 26th.

With this upcoming Solar Eclipse in Pisces on 2/26- most will feel extra sensitive and extra tuned in.  Your awareness and inner knowing will be amplified so this is definitely time to try and stay as clear and pure as possible.  Since Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is the planet of illusion, deception and boundaries, you will want to stay in a healthy spiritual space.  The tendency to see everything through rose colored glasses is aroused and you don’t want to hit the ground HARD when the illusions are broken.  Remember: eclipses can and often will bring in the unexpected!

Am I telling you to hide out?  No.  But I am telling you to keep a close watch on your feelings at this time and stay vigilant.  Take stock and take pride in all that you have accomplished but do not get arrogant.  Eclipses are a time of major power, and also major changes that are sometimes very unexpected and often needed.  It’s best to not get to comfortable.  Also if you or others have been actively involved in shady or less than stellar happenings, under Eclipse time it’s way more likely to come out into the light.  Again, keep your intentions and motivations as pure as possible and stay in your light and all will be well.

Let’s also be grateful that the upcoming Solar Eclipse is not happening during Mercury Retrograde- silver lining! 😉 macaulay

*It is also important to note that Eclipses operate much differently than the average Full/New Moons,  therefore it is wise to not partake in any manifestations.  I  do not charge my crystals under this moon energy either. While you certainly can, why would you want to?  The energy is crazzyy!

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