The 11:11 Phenomenon

Are you familiar with 11:11? Read on….

11:11 is very well known in the spiritual world.  You may have heard your co worker after looking at the clock exclaim “it’s 11:11, make a wish”!…..there is some basis to that.

11:11 is most often a sign from spirit.   It might be our angels or our guides trying to get us a subtle message…..

Just last week I was feeling stuck & upset.  Not sure what my next move should be,  I asked the universe to please send some clear cut signs.  (I’m not always the best at acknowledging the subtle signs).  I then proceeded with my day and later on that night, and  I ordered hand made candles from a friend in Washington.

Yesterday, I received the package from her and she always adds a little goodie with my order.  This time, in a small white envelope there was a pretty little black stone inscribed in gold…guess what the inscription was ?  11:11!  This pleases me immensely as it lets me know that my guides have heard me and are trying to communicate with me.  Talk about a sign...Since that day last week that I received my 11:11 stone, I have seen this sequence several times and at unexpected times, always stopping me in my tracks in awe.

Most people who are having the 11:11 synchronicity are suprised to discover that thousands of other people from all over the world are experiencing the exact same phenomenon. There are many theories as to the meaning of the 11:11 experience but it is also a very personal experience and it means something different for everyone. No matter what the meaning or cause of the 11:11 phenomenon there is definitely some similarities that can be found among the individuals who are seeing it in such a synchronistic and meaningful way.

Every 11:11 experience is unique for everyone and it may mean something different or personal to each person experiencing it. But the various meanings, feelings, thoughts and the very significance of the experiences themselves tend to be very similar and intuitive.

The Eleven Eleven phenomenon happens more frequently when one is on a spiritual path of self discovery. Many people are beginning to awaken to their own higher selves and to the true nature of reality. The 11:11 experience is a Synchronicity that occurs when one begins to become more conscious of the connection between the physical world outside of them and the spiritual world within them.

The number 11 is a very powerful number by itself. In Numerology,the number 11 is a  master number and represents inspiration, illumination, and spiritual enlightenment. There are also some strange synchronicities involving the number eleven that are connected to some major historical events.

The mysterious thing about the 11’s is that when certain people see these numbers, no matter where they show up, they get a feeling that they are seeing it for a reason. Your not going crazy, your not alone, and it’s not just a coincidence.

Once you understand what an 11:11 experience is, and why it’s happening to you, you may wonder what it means, or what the invisible forces behind it are trying to tell you. Here are a few general explanations for what the 11:11 experiences might mean, and why it’s so meaningful to so many people.

Those who first start seeing or searching for the meaning of the 11:11 are awakening to the changes around them. It’s happening now. The world around us, and even our reality is starting to change. All things including numbers have specific vibrations/frequencies. The eleven is a very spiritual and powerful number. And just like the other numbers and symbols around us, the 11:11 is part of the collective consciousness.

Sometimes the numbers 1111, 111 or 11 seem to follow you everywhere you go, popping up several times a day, every day, for weeks at a time. Then suddenly you stop noticing them as much as you did before, or the synchronicities stop altogether. It may feel like losing an old friend!

The 11:11 syncronicity often appears in the lives of starseeds when during times of transition or when they are about to awaken spiritual to their purpose and mission on earth. A starseed is human with a soul that did not originate on earth.

So tell me, do you have any experience with this phenomenon?  If so, please leave a comment  & trust in the universe that you are waking up to your lifes purpose.

Love & Light,

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