It’s Aries Season..

Happy Birthday Aries!

Today the Sun leaves the passive and observant sign of Pisces and enters the passionate and courageous sign of Aries.  Aries is a fire sign and is represented by the Ram.  Rams like to move, and move fast- under the Aries influence, there is this feeling of needing to get things done and the drive to be more assertive.  Perfect after the past few months we have been having astrologically!


Aries is a Cardinal sign-cardinal sign meaning that is an introductory sign to the new season upon us.  *There are four Cardinal signs, one for each element.  Aries is the cardinal sign for the element of fire.  ( Cancer for Water, Libra for Air, and we end with Capricorn for Earth).

Aries begins the Solar Season of Spring.  As a Cardinal Sign, Aries sets things in motion!  Aries is bold,  Aries is brave,  and Aries is a leader.  Most Aries tend to just fall into the role of initiating.  They like to get things done, and have hearts of gold although they are tough as steel and you don’t ever want to cross them!  They are RAMS after all! Ruled by the fiery planet of Mars, they are all about action and are very bold and determined.  Under the time of Aries, action is in store.  The ground shakes beneath us as we find our footing and charge towards our goals.  This meme below is perfect.

aries yep

                                      In the Tarot, Aries Rules The Emperor 


The Emperor is all about controlling his environment, controlling his thoughts, and controlling his emotions.  (The Emperor can also , and often does represent a Woman in a tarot spread.)  *Positive traits of the Emperor are that he is a leader and can always be relied on.  He knows what needs to be done and does so with complete precision. Extremely detail oriented, he tends to be overly critical of even the slightest mess.  On the negative side, The Emperor (and Aries) can appear too bossy and domineering.  It’s “my way or the highway ” with this guy and there may not be a middle ground.  One thing is for certain: you know where you stand!  As a “4”, the Emperor represents foundations and stability.

The time of Aries is all about getting out of your head and moving.  It’s time to initiate all of the new.  Just like Aries, be bold , be brave and be kind.  

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