Tarot Card For The Week Ahead 11/8-11/15 AND Some Cool News

Happy Sunday & warm wishes for the week ahead!

First, I’d like to mention that tonight I will be doing a small segment on the radio called “Two Minute Tarot”!

The show is called “Above & Beyond With Laura Smith” and it’s on 770 WABC Sunday evenings at 10PM EST.  Be sure to tune in to hear the fabulous Psychic Medium Thomas John, and yours truly will have a spot in there as well :)  The number to call in if you’d like to get a reading is 1- 800-848-WABC.

This picture below is from my first appearance on “Above & Beyond” which was May 10, 2015.


Onto the card for the upcoming week…..

Seven of Wands


Keywords: challenge, competition, perseverance

Flipside: overwhelmed, overprotective, giving up

The number seven in the tarot  indicates the wait for something we imagine. This number also represents a coming delivery of what we were waiting for — even if it is not quite what we thought it was.

Look above at the card.  The man is laying a foundation.  We see a look of frustration on his face yet he’s determined.  He already has six sticks placed into position and we can see the spot where the seventh stick should fit.  However, if we look closely we also see that it will take some maneuvering to get that stick in the proper position.  Of course the seven of wands is not necessarily speaking to us about laying sticks.  It is up to you to apply this to your unique situation.

How does this card speak to you today?

I particularly feel this energy as I am trying to make all of the pieces of the puzzle fit lately!  It takes hard work, perseverance and the willingness to realize that while we may not always get things exactly as we want them, they will materialize with some hard work and in their own time & way.

So keep up the hard work.  Eventually you will be rewarded.

Love & Light,



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