Tarot Card Of The Week 11/1-11/8

Happy Halloween Weekend & Happy Sunday!

Can you believe it is NOVEMBER already?!  Scary.  I am constantly intrigued at the intuitive pulls I am getting when I choose the card of the week.  This morning is no different.  I have pulled the Death card.


Why is this so fitting?  Well, for starters it’s Halloween weekend and a spooky time. This card looks spooky, but in reality it is not.  This is not about physical death (although it can be).  This card is all about transformation.

Keywords: Endings, beginnings,transformation & transition

Flipside: Resistant to change, negative outlook, refusal to let go

Death is card number 13 in the Tarot & a major Card.  It is ruled by the astrological sign of Scorpio which is ruled by the planet Pluto, which is the planet of transformation.

(If you want to get real scientific & nerdy, Pluto has been disregarded as a planet as of August 2006, Yep, more Death)  You can read that article here if you care to.  

You see how this all fits?  Pretty neat huh?

Around this time of year , like it or not Halloween is sometimes referred to as “The time of the dead”.

Much like Halloween, Death is bringing in a clean sweep.  Look at the image on the card. We see a skeleton soldier riding in on a horse.  The horse is White, representing purity, lessening the impact of Deaths blow.

Notice that the horse is trampling over what is in its way.  This is what Death is here to tell us this week.  Out with the old & in with the new.  Stop fighting the changes.  If we don’t accept the change and go with it, the universe will step in and take care of it for us.

This week , ask yourself “what am I holding on to”?  It might be an ex lover, friend, or even just a belief system that you must learn to let go of.  Some of us are starting new jobs ,new relationships, or moving. Maybe getting married or getting divorced. All major changes and scary!   Transitions are imminent when we see this card.

I will go one step further as I truly love the Death card. ( After all , we are here on this planet to change & grow.  Without growth, our souls will suffer).

Death, as I mentioned, is ruled by Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto.  Pluto is also the planet of transformation.  In one’s birth chart, if Pluto is transiting their sign, you can bet that they are feeling some major shifts going on both in their internal & external world.  Personal transformation.

So look at this card positively and apply that energy for the week ahead.  Let’s make those changes that promote our growth regardless of how scary.




Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Love & Light,


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