Tarot Card Of The Week 11/15-11/22

Happy Sunday Friends,

I first need to address the senseless tragedy that occurred in Paris this past weekend. Words cannot express the heaviness I (and everyone) are feeling in their hearts.  I will continue to pray for Paris and for all of our safety.

Our card for the upcoming week: Nine Of Cups


Positive side: Wishes fulfilled, abundance, relaxing, good times

Potential negatives: Over abundance, selfishness, gluttony

Sidenote: I always give you the potential negative side to the cards because as I have mentioned, all cards mean all different things to all different readers.  They also take on different interpretations depending on the querent (the person having the reading).

I love the nines in the tarot.  The number nine is indicative of coming full circle, attainment & completion.  The completion of a cycle on our way to the ten’s in tarot, but knowing that with the number nine, comes a time for renewal as well.

I love the nine of cups.  To me, this card always grants our wishes.  If you are looking to know if you are going to get that new job, and we pull the nine of cups, more than likely your wishes are to be fulfilled.  However, is it your true wish to get this job?  Or are you simply taking it to appease someone else?  In that case, your subconscious takes over.  Your higher self does not really want that job, therefore, the nine of cups is saying you won’t get that job.  Pretty interesting huh?  Remember, the tarot explores our higher self.  Often, we do not realize what truly resides in our heart & soul.

On the flip side:  a client comes to me in regards to their recent weight gain and asks “what am I doing wrong”?  I pull this card and automatically I see that this person is drinking & eating in excess and they do not realize it.  Too much of a good thing can be bad!!

(When I teach my workshops I always say “the tarot is only 20% cards.  It’s 80% intuition”.  This is most definitely true.  The cards will speak to you in a special way as you go along.)

For the week ahead, I urge you to look within and ask yourself “what am I really hoping for”?

Ask that question and know that your wish will be granted.  Right now, I am wishing for world peace.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Love & Light,


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