Tarot Card Of The Week 11/22-11/29

Happy Sunday!

Another week has flown by.  Is it me, or is time completely speeding up lately?!  I was under the impression we were actually one week behind and I still cannot believe that this week is thanksgiving!!

Anyway :)

Onto our card for the upcoming week.  I have pulled the Page of Swords


The pages in tarot typically come to give us messages.  Since we have pulled a page & not a knight, king or queen, the message still carries clout, but is almost child like in it’s delivery.  We can still change the course when we see the Page of Swords.  I refer to the Page of  Swords as “swift delivery”.  You see that sword?  It cuts right through the BS.

Sidenote: the full moon is coming up on 11/25. It is a full moon in Gemini.  Gemini is all about communication.  A lot of my clients have called recently and during their session have explained to me that they have felt a lot of anxiety.  Also, a lot of messages are in wait, a lot of people are waiting to hear back about jobs they have interviewed for.  So it is very fitting to me to see a swords card here, and a messenger card to boot!

Swords in tarot are all about the mental , the element of air.  Gemini is also an air sign.  You see how there is such a science to all of this?

I also see the Page of Swords as my social media card.  So if someone asks me if they are going to hear from that employer, my answer would be “yes but more than likely through email or social media”.  I also would go on to say that the message would be somewhat abrupt.  Like a simple “yes” or “no”.

As a person, the page of swords would represent someone a bit younger, and/or perhaps very immature particularly in the way of communicating.  They are not truly gifted in that department.  Think of this as your blunt younger brother.  Furthermore, I see this as a person that is very technology savvy and spends much time on social media, preferring to communicate that way.  This is a mental person. (Not mentally ill, there is a difference!)

For the upcoming week ahead, expect some communication.  If you are waiting to hear back from that employer, this will be the week.  If you are wondering if you are going to hear from your ex, this will be the week and I will even go as far as to say:  if you have suspicions that you are being media stalked, you are right, so get your settings on private!

Also,  we are moving towards a full moon so everything is heightened.  Both the good & the not so good.  The moon is all about Lunacy after all.  Try and stay grounded with all of the electric energy swirling around.

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Keep in mind, I will need your exact time of birth to cast your chart.  Between this and some plain old psychic tarot, you will love this type of reading :) 

Love & Light,


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