Tarot Card Of The Week! 12/20-12/27

Happy Sunday & Warm Wishes For The Upcoming Week,

I hope this week finds everyone well.  With all of the running around right before the holidays, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and run down.  Make sure to slow down & take some down time.  :)

Onto our card of the week.

This morning, I have pulled the Ten Of Cups


Keywords: Happiness, Completion, Harmony, Alignment

Flipside:  Broken Home, Disharmony, Unhappy Children

Look at this card. A man and woman stand holding each other while two happy children dance around.  They are looking out to the horizon, happy with all that they have, feeling a sense of harmony & completion.  Their souls are in alignment & content at this time. It definitely took some work and patience to get here, but they are there!  This , I often refer to, as “The Happy Home ” card.

Cups are represented by the element of Water, which governs our emotions  This card is also number Ten (10) of the Minor Arcana, in the suit of cups. Tens in Tarot (10’s) always represent completion.  The Number 10 is seen as the end and also the beginning. The Number 10 has gone full circle and thus returns to the original state of 1 or in the case of Tarot, The Ace.  So when we see the Ten of Cups pop up in our reading, we can rest assured that we are, or soon will be, in a happy place where our soul will be content. We have completed our journey from the Ace all the way through to the 10. :)

For the week ahead let’s remember to count our blessings, and look at how far we have come.  Let’s look ahead to the New Year with a renewed sense of hope & optimism. Perhaps you feel as though your house has not sold quickly enough….or your child did not do as well in school as you had hoped.  But you have a home and you have healthy children :), and that’s what truly counts.  Maybe that promotion you were hoping for has not happened as of yet.  Guess what?  With the Ten of Cups here, it’s time to look at this a little differently.  Look at the blessings you do have.  In the New year, good things are in store. 

As always, I must touch upon a potential negative aspect to this card.  I do this because it is hard to remain objective if reading Tarot for yourself. (Sidenote: I rarely, if ever read for myself.  It’s just too damn easy to spin a reading to our benefit, particularly in a trying situation and nothing is ever black & white).

So you are doing a love reading for your friend/client and she is asking what she needs to look out for in her new relationship.  She goes on to tell you that she feels that her man is lying to her, hiding something, and she feels it is something big.  Also, he never invites her over, and has yet to introduce her to anyone.  It’s been eight months and things seems to be going well otherwise. So you do a quick spread and all cards seem to be “negative”, but then right in the middle is the Ten Of Cups.  You scratch your head because this card screams “happy” right?  Well, yes & no. The man in question was very happily married to someone else & had two children with her! So, you see how multi-faceted the Tarot is?  This is why I love it!  I hope that scenario gives you an idea of how all cards mean multiple things in regards to multiple people.

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