The 7 Chakras- What Are They And Why They Are So Important

What are Chakras?

I love talking about Chakras.  I have read many books on this topic and have also had mine worked on by some gifted people in an effort to remove some blockages at certain times.

Chakras are, in very basic terms, seven energetic centres which our energy flows through. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these centres become blocked which can manifest as illness or aches and pains in the body, so it’s important to know which centres are which and how we can balance them.


Refer to the above picture.  We work our way from the bottom up.

The 1st Chakra is our Root Chakrathis is our foundation.  When we feel rooted & grounded, this chakra is in balance 

Emotions linked to this chakra-   financial, emotional & family stability, survival instincts

Location: base of the spine/tailbone area

The 2nd Chakra is our Sacral Chakra- this represents creativity, sex and the ability to allow & open up to new situations & relationships in our lives 

Emotions linked to this Chakra- sense of pleasure, enjoyment, abundance & sexuality

Location: lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel

The 3rd Chakra is our Solar Plexus Chakra  –  in order to keep this Chakra clear, we must exercise trying to maintain a positive mental attitutde, particularly in regards to ourselves 

Emotions linked to this chakra- confidence, thoughts & feelings, our ability to be in control of our lives

Location: upper abdomen/stomach area

(Ok so how many of you are reading this and feeling better about stomach issues you may be experiencing at the present moment?  Because really, how often do we feel we are in total control?)

The 4th Chakra is our Heart Chakra–  this represents our ability to love and to be loved, and also to truly enjoy what/who we love

Emotions linked to this chakra- joy, love, compassion & inner peace

Location: centre of the chest, just above the heart

Side note: I recently read for a friend I had not seen in awhile.  As I was speaking, she stopped me to tell me that she was feeling strange sensations in her chest area, but that she wasn’t nervous.  I explained to her that her heart chakra was opening, allowing her to feel some emotions she had been blocking.  I tapped in and together we released.  Pretty cool, huh?

The 5th Chakra is our Throat Chakra-  this is our voice, our ability to commnuicate clearly & to speak our truth

Emotions linked to this chakra- communication, self-expression, expressing your truth, creativity

Location: the throat

Side note: this was my one chakra that tended to get blocked the most often. Notice I speak in the past tense here.  It really works to have our Chakras worked on to clear up blockages.  I feel so much more able to communicate clearly & express my truth over the past few years.

The 6th Chakra is our Third Eye Chakraour inner vision resides here.  Our ability to see the big picture, inner knowing & insight 

Location- on your forehead in between your eyes

Emotions linked to this chakra- ability to think clearly, intuition, wisdom, imagination

The 7th Chakra is our Crown Chakra- our ability to connect with our spiritual selves, our “higher” self

Location- at the crown of your head (the top)

Side note: how many of you often get chills at the top of your head out of nowhere? This is your higher self trying to catch your attention, so LISTEN

Emotions linked to this chakra- bliss, inner & outer beauty, our connection to our own spirituality, divine wisdom

Now that we know which chakras are which, let’s talk about why they are so important.  In order for our bodies to function optimally, all 7  of our chakras need to be balanced and allowing energy to flow smoothly through our bodies.   If one energy centre is not functioning well, then the others will not function as well as they should. Some of them can even work too much or too hard.  ( Example being the third eye chakra, which is often overthinking).  This sends our bodies and our emotions into a free fall.

So how do we keep our chakras in balance?  Meditate!  Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s time to start.  Take ten minutes a day.  I prefer first thing in the morning.  So create a nook for yourself somewhere, even if it is in your garage.  Set the mood however you like!  Light a candle, diffuse some essential oils, whatever works for you but just do it.  I could never quiet my mind until the past two years….now I am an avid meditator.  It’s essential for your well being.  Mind, body & soul & it keeps those chakras in check.

Drink lemon water first thing in the morning.  Warm water preferable.  This ensures that everything gets moving & flowing before you add caffeine or anything else to the system.

Eat those fruits & veggies!  Diet is SO important in keeping those chakras (never mind everything else) in check.

These are my suggestions for keeping our energy centers functioning optimally!  I’m sure everyone has their own methods but this is what works for me.

I hope you find this helpful!

Love & Light,







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