The universe has a way of placing us where we need to be (Or displacing us)

Ever have this happen?

You have a situation in your life you have been avoiding.  A big change that you know needs to be made whether internal or external.  But you keep chugging along, ignoring the subtle signs & whispers from the universe that the time to act is now.

So some time goes by…..little “coincidences” keep happening.  You keep feeling “off”.   You feel stuck, helpless, unsure & scared.  So you continue to avoid the very thing that you need to face.

It’s like this:  take your car for example: one day you notice a slight gurgling noise in your engine.  You think to yourself “I better get that checked soon”.  But you’re busy and you keep figuring tomorrow you will do it.  So tomorrow comes and goes, the gurgling noise gets louder, but hey, you’re busy & besides, you can’t afford to fix it right now.  Another weeks goes by and you are on the highway when you smell smoke.  The engine is now on fire & you have a much BIGGER problem & expense.  You see?  Do not avoid the things that need to be attended to .  Remember this my friends , from our wise friend Oprah:

” A lesson will keep repeating itself until it is learned.  Life will first send the lesson to you in  the size of a pebble; if you ignore the pebble,  life will send you a brick ; if you ignore the brick, then life will send you a brick wall ; if you ignore the brick wall, life will send you a demolition truck”. 


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