Happy Pisces Season!

Pisces season is from 2/19-3/20

As of yesterday 2/19,  the Sun officially left it’s perch in the sign of curious and detached Aquarius, and entered the sign of the dreamy and sensitive Pisces.  We go from the mental plane to the emotional plane with this shift as we leave the element of Air (mental) and shift into the element of Water (emotional).

As Pisces is the 12th and final sign in the zodiac wheel, it marks the end of a cycle- right before the spring equinox.   We wrap up loose ends and release that which no longer serves us and our growth during this time.  We set expectations and lay down plans for the upcoming cycle.  Expect to feel more emotional and ready for change.


Pisces is a Water Sign and as such, people born under the time of Pisces are typically quite sensitive and impressionable.  (This also holds true for those that are Pisces rising, and/or Pisces Moon.)  Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac and are typically quite artistic and intuitive, empathetic and compassionate, tender hearted and super-sensitive. Very spiritual and truly wanting to make the world a better place.   These are all positive Piscean traits.

The less positive side of Pisces is the tendency to escape reality when the going gets tough, addictive tendencies towards destructive habits (alcohol/drugs), and not seeing the forest through the trees!  Pisces can be very overly sensitive and extremely indecisive. 

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which is the planet of illusion and boundaries and rules the 12th house of the subconscious in ones birth chart. Pisces can often see things/people/situations through the lens of rose colored glasses, and when they come down to reality it’s often very hurtful.  Pisces are also romantic and love-love.  (If you are a Pisces and you feel a lot of this does not describe you, that’s because you must take into account your rising sign and moon).

The Tarot Card that rules Pisces is the Moon


Emotional and changeable, along with intuitive awareness and intense psychic impressions, the Moon rules Pisces.  As the moon is a little wild and unpredictable changing with the tides, so are Pisces!  Pisces can be verrryyy moody due to their extreme sensitivity.  (Trust me my Moon is in the sign of Pisces so I speak from experience). If you expect them to be happy about something, they may surprise you and burst into tears.  If you expect them to be upset about something, they may look at you and laugh uncontrollably.  That is Pisces.  (I do love Pisces energy though- most Pisces I know feel super safe and calming.)   

Some of the crystals that represent Pisces are Amethyst (which is also the birthstone for February), bloodstone, Jade, aquamarine (March birthstone) and one of my favorites, Nuumi.

During the time of Pisces AND with the fact that we have a SOLAR ECLIPSE /NEW MOON in Pisces on the 26th of this month, we can expect to feel a heightened sense of awareness along with extreme sensitivity.  This time allows us to naturally have a psychic and more compassionate view of the world.  At this time it is very important to listen to your intuition as it will be loud and trying to get your attention.  Be careful though that you do not deceive yourself in the process.  Things are not always as they seem and at this time you have to look underneath the layers of your emotions to get to the crux of what is really going on. We always know somewhere inside us what the best road to take will be, but do we listen? 

*Sidenote- as I mentioned in last weeks blog, this solar eclipse/new moon on the 26th is quite a powerful one.  It will take place at 7:10 AM EST and the energy is most intense up to eight (8) hours of the Solar Eclipse time and is very intense so when manifesting please keep your intentions as clear and pure as possible!  You may get just what you wish for and then some, so manifest wisely!  Stay in your light.

Stay strong and instead of reacting- try and understand!  Pisces is the one sign of the zodiac that can empathize with anyone, so during this time stay compassionate for yourself and for others.  We are all doing the best we can under these intense and emotionally charged times!

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