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Good Morning Everyone,

Today I would like to briefly touch upon self love and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve our growth.

I read for a LOT of people, a lot of amazing, magnificent women/men alike that tend to minimize their greatness.  This happens in life for several different reasons.  Perhaps as a child they were never told they were wonderful and now they have a hard time accepting a compliment.  Perhaps they were not the “smart” child, when in all reality they are now the successful CEO of their company, and yet they still suffer from feelings of unworthiness.  Or the beautiful woman that had a rough upbringing and never feels good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.  Whatever the case may be, drop that baggage!  Let it go!  It’s a New Year, New You, no exceptions.  2016 is the year to shine!  So don’t worry about what anyone thinks EXCEPT YOU & ACCEPT YOU , Get it ?  :)  Shine on….



Also, the holidays are right upon us, and what better time of year then to give the gift of insight?

Right in time for the New Year, and for the month of December only, when you purchase two readings you will get the third one for free!  All you need to do is click on the “Purchase A Reading” tab at the top of the website and purchase two readings separately, but at the same time.  Then we will be in touch.  It’s that simple!

Also, right on Christmas Day we will be experiencing a Full Moon in Cancer!  This will make for an extra interesting Holiday :)  But more on that next week….

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Love & Light,


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